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So Well Made Review: Himalayan Salt Lamps and Pink Joy

Darling readers, Today I want to present something very special. Those in the know, know that Himalayan salt is something to both eat and keep around regularly. Himalayan salt is usually pink in color and is sometimes known as pink salt, Himalayan crystal salt, or Himalayan pink salt. Himalayan salt is normally in the crystal form and you can bet…

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Best Motivational Books Ever Written: Must- Reads for Wellbeing and to Unlock True Success

Hey friends, I absolutely love making lists like these because I feel a bit like Sherlock or Poirot. I scour list after list and hundreds of products and see which clues continue to come to light. For this particular list I went over 50+ best motivational book lists and book reviews and surveyed nearly 200 books to give you the best motivational…

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How to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality With 3 Fun Steps

Hello friends, Hope your day is going really amazing! Right now I want to give you everything necessary to create the reality that you truly want. It’s really simple and achievable in three easy steps: Identify what you want Imagine/ focus on your wants Wait for (and expect) the universe to deliver That’s it! First step: Identify What you Want Ok…

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