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Plopping Curly Hair- You So Need to Try This if You Have Curly Hair!

Hey handboookers! Let us begin with a moment of sheer exultation, and why? Because it’s Natural Hair Friday that’s why!! So wooo yeah yeah and hooray for today! NHF’s are a weekly reminder for all of us to honor those amazing fibers that grow from our head and isn’t it amazing to learn new/valuable ways to treat our curly whirlies?…

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Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Products Because Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Them

Hey darlings! Wait shhh can you hear that? Its the NHF fairies come to remind us that today is all about our healthy natural hair! Blow them a kiss, wish them good fortune and lets dive right in! We all know that there are bad ingredients out there, lurking in our favorite and most cherished beauty products. We know that…

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The Truth on why Your Hair is Breaking off and the Easy Ways to Reverse it

Bonjour beauties! Happy Natural Hair Friday to all you fabulous healthy hair lovers! Today we shall traverse down the meaning of hair breakage and the steps that we can take to prevent them. Hair breakage is very different from hair shedding and the two should never be confused. Shedding of hair is a natural occurrence that happens daily and is…

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Eco Styler Gel Review- All you Need to Know +Video

Hey beauties! Happy happy Natural Hair Friday! Oh yes Friday’s just got better because every single Friday we celebrate and honor those beautiful fibers atop our head by talking natural hair and nothing but. On my natural hair journey, I have learned to embrace my curly hair with the aid of botanical conditioners and curly friendly products. It helped me intensely…

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