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A Bare Minerals ‘Warmth’ Review- My Skin After Five Years

Hola chicadees! Greetings from sunny Ireland (insert the most sarcastic-looking face one can muster). The truth is, I’m a Cali girl through and through! I love the sun and what it does to my skin. Unfortunately, I’ve spent many years living in sun-shy places like London, Liverpool, and Dublin and it doesn’t make my skin very happy, glowy, nor radiant.…

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Top 6 Natural Makeup Brands That Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Hello darlings! Let’s get down to business! Makeup business! We have all become very aware of the necessity to look after our largest organ, and have also become increasingly aware of makeup brands who do not seem to consider or care about the health of our skin… pfft. This why we have to go with the companies who make it…

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bareMinerals Foundation Review- barePro, bareSkin or the Original?

Hola chicas! (and my makeup men) Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You are in the market for a new foundation from the bareMinerals line. BareMinerals is your brand of choice because you know how committed the makers of this product are to healthy skincare and the lengths they go in creating pure, nourishing cosmetics that benefit our skin…

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