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Indian Aztec Healing Clay for Your Face: The Mud to Solve all Skin Problems!

Beautiful’s! You ready for this one? I hope so because it is the first in a series dedicated to the remarkable bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is basically mud, but don’t let the category fool you, this mud is powerful on a goddess level. Though I will be covering in detail the health benefits of Aztec’s health and beauty secret in…

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The 6 Best Natural Body Washes- With Ingredient Breakdown

Hey friends, Today I want to give you the top 6 all natural/organic body washes for your cleansing pleasure! These 6 body washes crop up in list after list from beauty experts and are rated high from happy customers. So bring on the natural washes! Is it Really Natural/Organic/Safe? First let me remind you that for something to be certified organic…

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How to Care for the Scalp with 4 Natural Ingredients- This will Grow your Hair too!

Hey my precious ones, I am very happy to be writing about such an important topic: looking after our scalp, naturally. It all starts with the scalp! If we want healthier hair, longer hair, flake- free hair, moisturized hair, thicker hair, less oily hair, (you get the picture) then we need to start with the scalp. The best way to…

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Great Natural Home Remedy for Eczema: Itch Relief + Calms the Flare Ups

Hi friends, Its been a little while since I posted about skincare and I wanted to reenter the large topic by discussing something that has afflicted my skin for as long as I can remember: eczema. What the Heck is Eczema?! Simply put, eczema is a general term for a chronic skin condition caused by inflammation. Clear enough? Don’t worry it…

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