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Indian Aztec Healing Clay for Your Face: The Mud to Solve all Skin Problems!

Beautiful’s! You ready for this one? I hope so because it is the first in a series dedicated to the remarkable bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is basically mud, but don’t let the category fool you, this mud is powerful on a goddess level. Though I will be covering in detail the health benefits of Aztec’s health and beauty secret in…

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Forks Over Knives The Cookbook Review- The Health Lover’s Favorite Cooking Guide!

People people people! Now is the time for celebration! Why you ask? Because Forks Over Knives has our back with some (if my Spanish still serves me right) delicioso recipes in this follow up to their best selling book, “Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health.” When authors Del Sroufe and Isa Chandra Moskowitz first came out with the…

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The Truth on why Your Hair is Breaking off and the Easy Ways to Reverse it

Bonjour beauties! Happy Natural Hair Friday to all you fabulous healthy hair lovers! Today we shall traverse down the meaning of hair breakage and the steps that we can take to prevent them. Hair breakage is very different from hair shedding and the two should never be confused. Shedding of hair is a natural occurrence that happens daily and is…

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Benefits of Daily Fasting- Why you Should be Fasting Every Single Day

Hey handbookers, I bet you think I’m pretty crazy in suggesting that you should be fasting every day. The word “fast” likely makes you think about not eating, right? And not eating on a daily basis seems unhealthy and downright dangerous, right? Well, while not eating on a daily basis will certainly be the cause of your inevitable death, not…

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Top 6 Natural Makeup Brands That Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Hello darlings! Let’s get down to business! Makeup business! We have all become very aware of the necessity to look after our largest organ, and have also become increasingly aware of makeup brands who do not seem to consider or care about the health of our skin… pfft. This why we have to go with the companies who make it…

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The 6 Best Natural Body Washes- With Ingredient Breakdown

Hey friends, Today I want to give you the top 6 all natural/organic body washes for your cleansing pleasure!┬áThese 6 body washes crop up in list after list from beauty experts and are rated high from happy customers. So bring on the natural washes! Is it Really Natural/Organic/Safe? First let me remind you that for something to be certified organic…

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