About Manika- Nia

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

The simplicity in Einstein’s words help me to remember why I am so passionate about natural living and just how important nature’s gifts truly are. My natural living journey began over seven years ago but continues with every new day.

My Story
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There was a time, when I wished that I could have long, flowing, silky hair and clear, glowing skin but could not understand how to attain it. I saw celebrities, models and tons of strangers with healthy skin and hair and wanted nothing more than to have the same.

I needed better makeup and higher costing products, I told myself. So I tried out so many things! My hair broke off from over- treatment, my skin was often dry, and spots loved to creep onto my face every so often; I wasn’t impressed or happy. It wasn’t until the year 2009 that Mother Nature had her say.

I’d read an article online about the benefits of using eggs in ones hair as a treatment for brittleness and dryness. It seemed bizarre, but I didn’t have much to lose so I got to trying. After three weeks of a weekly egg, olive oil, and honey treatment, my hair had never looked better; I was amazed.

The Natural World

This opened a door for a whole new world to me, and since then I have traversed into the natural world and reaped the wonderful benefits. Not only did I learn about beneficial natural ingredients for the hair and skin, I was also introduced to a surplus of natural products dedicated to giving women amazing results, naturally!

My Gift to You

This is what I want to share with all of you here: Natural ingredients and products that will give you the hair and skin you’ve always wanted. I find that the more natural something is, the greater I feel when I use it, because it is closer  to my body’s natural state, which ultimately leads the way to an incredible outcome!

I am still learning and experimenting, but like the great bloggers before me, want to help anyone out there who desires amazing skin and hair without harsh chemicals, unnatural ingredients, and harmful eco effects.

I am also all about feeling inspired and motivated, so from time to time you’ll find inspirational posts in the mix because this site is dedicated to women’s mind, body, and spirit.

If ever you need any assistance, have comments or want to run anything by me feel free to reach out! Natural living is a community and we learn and teach alike!