After 8-Weeks with the New Growth Program + My Current Breast Enhancement Routine

Hi dears,

Happy today to you! Here we are with another NBE special and another update with the New Growth program.

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After Week 5

When I reached week five I had high hopes for getting to my ultimate goal of 43″. However, my breasts decreased to 38.75″ in the bust. My breasts still had a bit of eczema at this point. My moon time began 12 days after measurements… Normally within this time frame my breasts would swell in anticipation of my flow, however this time I did not have tender breasts nor any extra swelling.

Bust 38.75″

Right (ZoraAnabelle) 10.5″

Left (Zena) 10″

Over bust 35.5″

Under bust 33.5″

After Week 6

On the Sunday after week 6 I decreased even further in bust size going down to 38.5″ ?. My eczema began to clear up more which was great. Though my bust size was smaller than week 4 I could see really nice definition in between the girls. I noticed that Zena was still lacking near the bottom part. Even though this was 5 days before my moon-time I did not have any swelling nor tenderness.

Bust 38.5″

Right (ZoraAnabelle) 10.5″

Left (Zena) 10″

Over bust 35.5″

Under bust 33.5″

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After Week 7

The eczema fully cleared up by this point but the boobs really stayed the same from week 6 to 7 in bust size. One thing that I did notice was that Zena looked a lot smaller during this weigh in. A highlight was that the breasts still did have definition and lines of cleavage which was pretty cool.

Bust 38.5″

Right (ZoraAnabelle) 10.5″

Left (Zena) 10″

Over bust 35″

Under bust 33.5″

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After Week 8

Week 8 is when I was expecting to see a dramatic change! I was really hoping for something extraordinary like 40″! But because of the previous weeks I wasn’t sure that my hopes were very valid at all. I measured on camera and there I was at 38.5″, down from my 4-week update and down even from the 5-week measuring point.

Though I was disappointed in not seeing any growth and also at not seeing more symmetry, I could not help but notice how great my breasts looked in my tank top dress.

I hadn’t put that dress on since my travels in South East Asia and I don’t remember them ever looking quite as plump in that dress as they did when I filmed my 8-week update.

Bra Size Calculator

What’s more is that when I input my data into a bra size calculator it said that I was a D-cup! I input my measurements in Victoria Secret’s bra size calculator, Linda’s , and Bra Size and they all came back as a D-cup.

I’m not sure if this is accurate or not and because I never measured band size before a few months ago and also because I don’t wear bras, I cannot say for sure what my bra size is.

What I do know is that the last time that I inserted my measurements into a bra size calculator I was a 36C and currently, allegedly, I am a 34D. I will seek out a professional bra measurement to be sure!

Bust 38.5″

Right (ZoraAnabelle) 10.5″

Left (Zena) 10.5″

Over bust 35.5″

Under bust 33.5″

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My Thoughts So Far

I really do like seeing the definition in my breasts. Even days where I don’t feel like pumping, the definition is there and it looks great to look at myself bare and think ‘woah you never had that line there before!

By this point, though I was really hoping for more growth and really wanting to see Zena look more full in the same areas that ZoraAnabelle is.

I still have quite a point to my breasts, more like triangles than circles and I am still hoping that the program can help me out there. I will continue to measure each week and hope that by the time I am back for the 12-week update, my girls will have a big surprise for us all!

My Current Routine

At the moment I have switched tactics ever-so-slightly. Like most, my energy is best in the morning! By the time I get home from work, I still have either a video to edit or a blog post to work on ie by the time I get home from work I still have more work ie I be too tired for my routines!

Because of this I have taken to doing a big portion of my breast enhancement in the morning before work rather than later in the day as I used to.

The Steps:

  1. In the morning when I wake up, while I am giving thanks and flowing energy I pump both girls with my Bosom Beauty for 30 minutes
  2. Once that is complete I rise for the day and have my Noogleberry sealed onto Zena while I do my morning chores
  3. I have my capsule, homeopathic spray, and if it is the last 13 days of my cycle, also use a pea size amount of the progesterone cream on my wrists
  4. I shower, do my skincare routine which OMG wait until I tell you about it, it is fireeeeeee!, then use the therapeutic laser
  5. Then I massage my breasts with shea butter first! This ensures that I have a base around my skin to protect it from the serum and prevent any more eczema
  6. After I body butter my entire body (except for the girls) I go in with my massage oil/cream/serum hybrid
  7. After the massage I practice slap therapy on my girls, which wakes up the cells, encourages growth, and helps the serum to penetrate more
  8. When I come home from work I take my capsule and spray straight away
  9. If I am not tired after finishing my other work for the day then I do a second massage, if I am too tired I wait until it is close to bed time then use my Bosom Beauty while the hypnosis is on
  10. I sleep with this on until the suction is lost or until the conscious part of me breaks suction and pulls it off!

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See the Vid!

Final Thoughts

I believe in my girls. Even though the results are not quite there yet, I am not giving up on their natural enhancement! I am super proud of what I see in them now and know that if I keep showering them with love they will continue to be their best selves. I am still gunning for that next boobie breakthrough, though, and do still believe that New Growth will help me get there. Here’s to the next milestone!

  • What are your thoughts on my progress thus far? How is your experience with the program? Let us know below!
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  • Take care of your girls, girls! Their health and beauty depends on you 🙂
  • Love ya’s ?

6 comments on “After 8-Weeks with the New Growth Program + My Current Breast Enhancement Routine

  1. Hi
    Many many thanks for your great videos 🙂 I am also on the new growth program and I ordered noogleberry because I wanted to combine the two methods like you but I am confused now because Eric says that it is better that I wait to see the results with NG alone and after I can try the NB .. for him the results of pumping don t last that is why he stopped using this himself on his patients but when I see you and other girls on the forum of NB I really want to try !! Many thanks. Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah dear!, well I say finish out the NG program first if that is what he advises and see how you get on. The NB is always here after if you want to go further with your journey. He is more the expert, but I know it has worked for me :). Please let me know how you get on!


  2. hello! i purchased the noogleberry, and I was wondering if the process w/ the pumping would still work in increasing my breasts without the NG program

    1. Hi, the noogleberry (NB) on its own is the first product that I tried and I had great results so you might have the same without the new growth (NG) program. Does that answer your Q ok?

  3. Hi There! I’d like to know which capsules you are taking twice a day? And you look great btw!! Also, is there a diet I should follow?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lali, the supplements are those that come with the New Growth (NG) program, if you want to know exact breakdown I would recommend contacting the creator of NG, let me know if you need his contact details. Thank you so much dear! Can I ask are you an omnivore?

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