As I Am Product Review- The Truth About the Coil Defining Jelly

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I am so very excited for the this post! You know I had to come back again with another hair product review, this beauty right here!


As I Am Coil Defining Jelly

Price: $13+ (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon $10

Size: 227g/ 8oz

My Rating: 10 out of 10

I am absolutely crazy for this product and stunned with the results that I have using this jelly practically on its own (meaning I only have my leave- in conditioner in and do not need a cream… whaaaaat!)

You can find in- depth instructions on how I do a wash n’ go using the curly girl method here. I won’t repeat any information on this post (to save from boring you) but I will give a full review of this product and show some video footage of how it pairs with my own curls.


Check the website here for the full ingredient list.. It isn’t long (which we love!)


The instructions  say to start with clean wet detangled hair. (Cleanse with As I Am curl clarity shampoo, cleansing pudding+ or coconut cowash). Distribute As I am Leave- In Conditioner liberally from root to ends. Leave hair wet. DO NOT TOWEL BLOT. Apply Coil Defining Jelly to small sections from root to tip. Define coils by rotating your fingertip near the ends as you smooth on the jelly. Spray hair with water if it begins to dry before you’re done. To define, you may also finger rake or finger coil. Air drying is recommended. You may use a hood dryer on the low setting if time or weather is an issue. Fluff, separate or arrange your coils to style, only after hair is completely dry.

My Thoughts

I love how thorough the directions are. So many curlies already know this stuff because we watch wash ‘n go tutorials and read post after post about how to style our curly hair, but for newcomers to the natural curly world this product gives the lowdown on what we should and should not be doing, and I find that to be real special. I have not used any other As I Am product except for the Coil Defining Jelly, but once all my other curly girl products have run their course, my plan is to solely use the As I Am line for a while. I’ll update once I do.

Who It Is For

This product is marketed for “type 4 natural hair textures (tightly coiled)”. If you fall in this category then I think this product can be the one for you! If you need to check where your hair falls (you can be a 3b and 3c at the same time) read my post that references curl patterns. Although this product is made with type 4 hair in mind, this type 3 girl has spectacular results with it. It is one of my favorite products of all the curly girl products that I have tried. Therefore, in my opinion, this product is for any curly girl.

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  • First off, the container! All of those who know me well know that one of my favorite things in all of the world are trees. On every As I Am product is a lovely tree and the caption “beautiful coils and curls… naturally” ahhh that’s my type of product!
  • The smell. Does not have a chemically smell or too strong to where my sensitive nose would be bothered with in my hair all week.
  • The feel. Some gels are so sticky on your hands! It makes application uncomfortable, but this baby has none of that. It is a smooth glide.
  • Longevity. My loyal readers know how important this is to me. What is the point of buying a product that isn’t going to last for a while? I am not the one to waste… including my moolah! I don’t feel that I need to put too much of this product on to get the job done, so it lasts me quite a long time.
  • Definition. It helps to lock in my natural curl pattern. J’ adore!
  • Prevents frizz. I can literally do my wash ‘n go on Friday, pineapple and sleep on my satin pillow case and with this my hair lasts pretty much until the following Friday without me having to do much to refresh it or control unruly fizz.
  • Soft. After the cast disperses (by day 2) my hair is so soft and sweet! My favorite part of beautiful curls is softness and this product gives me it, and then some.
  • The Price. Some of my other favorite products can be a little hefty on my purse, but this one is about $10 here and it does a better job then some of the more expensive ones. So happy!
  • The ingredients. Check here for a full list. This product has aloe vera, amla extract, shikakai extract, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E. All super nourishing for the hair, and fabulous for curls.


  • Where I am, I have not seen this available in hair stores so I have to purchase online. (I realize this isn’t much of a negative but I am struggling to find a problem with this product)

What it does for me

This product gives me it all:

  1. voluminous hair
  2. frizz free hair
  3. defined curls
  4. soft curls

It is one of the only products that ticks all these boxes for me and this only with the jelly! Normally I use a curl cream before applying a gel or jelly to achieve maximum moisture but with this product I only leave my conditioner in my hair and then this does the rest.

Video Review

Second Day Hair Footage

Final Verdict

I think that it is pretty clear throughout this review how happy I am with this product. My final verdict is that this jelly is really special and certainly worth trying if you have curly hair, especially if your hair falls in the type 3 to 4 category. If you are a type 2 you might need something a bit lighter, but I still do not think it would hurt to give this a try 😉

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It’s been a pleasure, my natural beauties, I’ll be back real soon!

10 comments on “As I Am Product Review- The Truth About the Coil Defining Jelly

  1. My girlfriend has really curly hair so im going to bookmark this for later. I find I am more into these natural products as I get older, I really notice the difference quality makes.
    Anyway…I like your image of the geometry…I’m into it…golden ratios are cool.

    1. Hi Steven, thanks for bookmarking for your missus! 🙂 I hope she finds the site interesting, informative and helpful! I agree quality is what we strive for more and more as we mature and natural products are the right lane for some of us. Thanks for reading and commenting as well as for sharing!

  2. Hi Manika,

    You gave a very good review of the Coil Defining Jelly by showing how to use the product through video. This sounds like a good product for anyone with very curly hair. Could this product be used by men or boys? My grandson has very curly, wild hair and this would be a great product for him.

    Thank you for this post.

    1. It definitely can be used for men! Can I ask if your grandson is under 10? If so there is a brilliant line for kids that have a curly hair. If he is older than this As I Am can certainly work to tame his hair 🙂

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