Best Diffuser for Curly Hair- Top 3 Picks for Perfect Ringlets

One of my favorite days of the week is Friday and that’s because it is all about natural hair! So sit tight because today we are going to be delving into hair diffusers, what they are, why you should only use ones that are specially made for curly hair, and the top three diffusers there are out there for your curly swirly hair.

What are Diffusers

In their simplest forms they are mere attachments to a hair dryer. Diffusers allow the heat (air) to disperse over a large portion of hair. For women with curly hair this is handy because it hastens the drying process without disrupting the curl pattern or creating unwanted frizz. Drying your hair the conventional way blows your hair to and fro thus inevitably encouraging frizz and mess, and diffusers address this problem by focusing the airflow. Diffusers can usually fit onto any hair dryer and they are both super cheap and super durable. This tool is especially important for curly- women on the go because it ensures that you can dry your hair and fully style it before going about your day.

Why Does Curly/Natural Hair Need Specialized Diffusers?

If you have ever bought a hair dryer with a diffuser attached, you might find that they are traditionally suited for those with straight hair. This of course is like buying a pair of shoes that are three times too small (or 3x too large)- it won’t quite work because it isn’t the right fit. Women with wavy/curly/kinky/coily hair need a diffuser that is larger and formulated to distribute airflow evenly whilst keeping the curls in tact. To prevent heat damage its best diffusing on the lowest setting possible (I like to use low + a cool setting when I diffuse).

Top Three Curly- Friendly Diffusers

There are many of plenty of diffusers that you can choose from but the top rated attachments for your natural hair are the Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser, the Xtava Black Orchard Large Hair Diffuser, and the DevaCurl DevaFuser.

Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser

There is a reason that this one makes most of the lists for best diffusers around and its because its the business. Running under $20, fitting snugly on nearly every hair dryer, and collapsing on itself, this silicone- made beauty is perfect all- round. Its collapse-ability allows it to be taken on the go easily (no bulk). The reviews for this tool are very high and regular users boast of its perfect ringlet- forming ability.

The material means you should caution on using a high heat, but hey, upon curly girl commandments you shouldn’t be frying your hair anyhow!.. not even if you want your hair dry on the quick!


  • Cost- effective $15 on Amazon
  • Adaptable to most hair dryers
  • Said to prevent frizz better than other top brands
  • Light and easily stored
  • Collapsible


  • Must be more careful with the material and high heat

Xtava Black Orchard Large Hair Diffuser

Another under $20 attachment but this one has big natural hair in mind. The large face allows for, well.. a larger portion of hair to be dried and so speeds up the process. This is great for those with longer, more voluminous hair as it is made to hold more curls. The prongs allow for even distribution so each strand is catered to. There are holes through the fingers and coming from the base of the diffuser. Such impact with air accelerates the drying time. Can choose a white or black one. The best hair dryer to use with this is one with a 6″ barrel or else this ionic one from Xtava ($43 on Amazon).


  • $14 on Amazon
  • Airflow means quick drying time
  • Extra large face for big, voluminous hair
  • A slew of happy customers


  • Not compatible with all hair dryers so you might have to add to the one you already have
  • Works best for a 6″ barrel which limits the opportunity to work with what you have

DevaCurl DevaFuser

You all should be aware by now how much I love Deva Curl and the products that emerge from this line. It spells quality to me and the care that the makers of this line take in creating each product shows in the results and in the happy pappy customers. It doesn’t hurt that the hand that dries your hair is way cute and super unique. Curlies are meant to refrain from touching their hair when its drying, but with this you don’t need to use your own fingers when you have a helping green hand. It has a 360 degree airflow so you can be sure that the full head is being lightly blown to a dry state. This focuses on more than just the ends, drying from root to tip. You can get it for about $30 on Amazon. If in the mood for an all in one the hair dryer and diffuser work in tandem like popcorn and movies!


  • Unique
  • Fits on most hair dryers
  • 360 degree airflow
  • Dries from root to tip
  • Specifically specifically specifically for curly hair
  • Natural curl definition


  • More expensive than other diffuser attachments ($30)

Final Thoughts

I am a big fan of air drying when I am able but as that is not always a viable option, hair diffusers are the best way to go for a quick, damage- free, none- curl disrupting finish. They also give great lift and more volume, and since big hair is beautiful.. there is another notch in the hair diffuser’s belt. I used a diffuser made more for straight hair for a few months and that compared with one specially formulated for curly hair (that I eventually switched to) was more than enough to convince me to stay in my own hair lane. Curly- friendly only! Quality matters when it comes to our mane and with diffusers we can have top quality equipment for between $14-30.. Brilliant! It has been another live natural hair Friday! Don’t miss next week’s x

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12 comments on “Best Diffuser for Curly Hair- Top 3 Picks for Perfect Ringlets

  1. Being a bald man you might wonder why this would interest me. Well, I have four grandchildren who are girls. The texture of the resemble the one of the lady in this post. Their mother’s go through what seems like torture for the girls. I get the concept of it making hair more manageable. But could this product make my grandkids life a little easier when it comes to getting their hair done?

    1. Hi Maurice, it is so amazing of you to care about your granddaughter’s hair woes. You reminded me very much of my father with your post! Well if the girls have texture like the lady in the beginning of the post then they certainly need not go through torture when getting their hair styled (not for them or the stylist aka their mothers). The best thing to do is keep it conditioned, only finger comb it whilst conditioner is in it (never brush or comb otherwise), use curly friendly products and if they need a quicker dry to use a hair diffuser on low heat. Here is an earlier post where I describe the best way to look after curly hair and here is one about a revolutionary book for people with curly hair. I hope it helps! 🙂

  2. Great and comprehensive review! For the longest time I’ve been looking for a detailed and more personal approach to comparing hair diffusers.It’s about time I found one like yours. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s quite tricky to look for these in local stores, which is why this review is really helpful. 🙂

    1. Lily, you are so very welcome. I am glad that this post can be of assistance 🙂 good luck, I hope you find the best one for your purposes and let me know if you need any other kind of hair help x

  3. Thank you for this great review!! I was looking for this info.
    It’s funny when you look for a certain product and the internet ocean just take you to a better product you didn’t know exist 🙂

    Thanks also for taking me to Amazon, it’s indeed the cheapest place
    It’s fantastic!!

  4. I’m a big fan of my diffuser, but I don’t always remember to use it. One fun fact: as I’ve gotten older, my hair has gotten curlier! It was straight/wavy for most of my 20s but after 30, hello ringlets! Biology is a mystery. Thank goodness there are products out there for everyone 🙂

  5. Hi, I’m so glad I found this information. I transitioned to natural hair 3 years ago and have never used a diffuser because I didn’t see a real need for it. Mainly because I didn’t know what a diffuser could do for my hair. I usually use a blow drying comb and then flat iron my natural hair because I can never get my curls to look the way I want them to. I will be adding a diffuser to my arsenal of hair styling tools.

    1. Definitely! And if you are interested in transitioning from heat tools and looking after your natural curls, let me know and I can help you as best as I can. Ever since transitioning I have not been happier with my hair 🙂

  6. Thank you for this review those are the three exact diffusers I’ve been eye balling. If you would choose one which one?

    1. Hi Michelle, I can see why you’ve been eyeballing these three! If you do not plan on using high heat then the collapsible diffuser is the way to go but if you think you might need some heat to get the job done then I’d go for the deva curl diffuser. Both of these exceed expectations and I like the former for the way it is so easy to carry anywhere but the latter works perfectly. Hope that helps, let me know if you need any more help deciding!

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