Best DIY Beauty Products to Make at Home

Here’s a little something about me… I’m one of those people.

Oh yes, I’m one of those buy two of everything and go get another when one runs out types… just in case. Oh you know, when I do my weekly shop I buy a full bottle of extra virgin olive oil when there is already an untouched one at home. Before I open my newest supply of BareMinerals foundation, I’m out buying the next reserve, and when my conditioner is more than half way full I’m already ordering the next batch. Mmmhmm, one of those “be prepared types.”

Some might think its neurotic and completely unnecessary because, “live for today!” and all that… to be fair that’s an extremely valid point… but I just love being prepared and organized. It makes my life so much easier when I stay on top of things this way, because I always have just what I need when I need it.

Why I Love DIY

This compulsive little tendency I have is why I love DIY beauty so much, especially when it comes to beauty items. When I already have all the raw ingredients needed, I can always restock my inventory with only a little bit of mixing required- such fun!

I have made so many beauty products! I’ve made my own lip balm, body butter, body wash, toothpaste, face wash, hair mask, blush, lipstick, lip scrub, perfume, highlighter creme, contouring creme, mouthwash, and teeth whitener… to name a few. They weren’t all successful (slanty eyes at the lipstick, blush, and the highlight/contour creme) but they were all super fun to make and cost less than a fraction of their commercial counterparts in the long run.

Necessary Natural Ingredients

Before I get into my all time favorite beauty products to make, I think it’s necessary to include a list of the ingredients that are a must have at all times: coconut oil, honey, olive oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax, shea butter, sugar, lemon essential oil, avocado, and the mother of all, ACV! I couldn’t do what I do without them. Bless those natural superheroes!

You could make loads by mixing and matching these ingredients, but my favorite beauty products to make are those that:

  • I use regularly
  • last for what seems an eternity
  • work super well

My Favorite DIY Beauty Products to Make

Whipped Body butter- mmm so nice.

I adore having soft, nice- smelling skin, and I maintain my adoration by using a homemade body butter. Here’s what I do: I melt down some shea butter, coconut oil, tiny bit of almond oil or grapeseed oil, then add about 20 drops of lemon essential oil. The essential oil is optional (a must for me) but I’d highly recommend using an essential oil of your choice as it really makes the mix unique.

After the mix has cooled a little, I whip it to give it that light buttery texture. Best if you have a mixer because the results were more creamy when I tried it without one (still nice though). I keep this in a glass jar that’s not too narrow. I use this butter over my entire body, save for my face, and I feel extremely soft from head shoulders to toe.Related: Homemade Natural Deodorant

Perfect Lip Scrub- We so need this in the winter!

Actually all year round. The lips can get so dry and crusty! Especially if we are using harsh chemicals in our lip cosmetics. This is why we have to prep our lips to ensure they are soft and moisturized.

I love making this one! What I do is mix some olive oil (tiniest bit), vitamin e oil, rosehip oil, sugar, and honey together then use a soft bristle tooth brush and gently but firmly brush my lips with the mix. I rinse off with warm water then apply a mixture of rosehip oil and vitamin e oil and rub my lips together. This keeps them soft, hydrated and chap- free!

Natural Chappy- Speaking of chap.. You have to try this recipe!

Do you use lip balm? Of course you do! Because you know its so grand for our lips and protects them, especially during the colder months and ummm yes also during the hot ones. Dry lips= not cute, and since we don’t always want to be in gloss and lip stick, lip balm certainly fills the void.

Here’s my homemade method. I melt some shea butter, coconut oil, tiny bit of honey and beeswax together (I’m a stove girl and do not use microwaves).

I’m also not a measurer, but that’s ok! Because this, my friends, is DIY. We are the masters of our mixes and can go with our instinct to gauge if it is the right consistency. When it comes to lip balm I usually put equal parts shea butter and coco oil and just enough beeswax so it isn’t too runny, but not too much where it isn’t a smooth glide. Before it cools I pour it into its container. I made my last batch in May 2016 and it’s still going strong today in January 2017 (longevity baby, it’s what we like!).

Hydrating Hair Mask- At least once a month, treat your tresses.

A deep condition is so necessary on a consistent basis if we want to properly look after our mane. I could write an entire post, or 4, about hair masks (read a full one here). There are literally tons of crazy natural ingredients that we can put in our hair as a healthy treatment!

I won’t get into all of them now but here’s my own crazy recipe:

  • Avocado, yoghurt, olive oil, black Jamaican castor oil and honey. I put these all in a blender to get the consistency nice and creamy then encase my hair in it for about an hour. I usually wrap it all in cling film so it doesn’t drip and also aids in moisturizing on a deeper level.

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Homemade Body Wash- is there any other kind?

This is my favorite part about my shower! Feels so good, smells so good, lasts ages, and because its my creation I love it even more!

It’s super simple to make. I mix some sugar (for a scrub), raw honey (amazing for the skin as we know), tiniest bit of olive oil (I don’t care for the smell but it cleanses the body), liquid castille soap Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap – (Unscented, 8 oz) (really cleanses!), baking soda, essential oils (mine is mostly always lemon) and then I pour the mix into a container, I use glass, never plastic if I can help it. Clean, fresh, scrubbed, smelling great and the best part is, when I’m running low I just mix some more, pour into my container, and I’m good!


Sugar Face Scrub- Clean and Soft!

Although I’ve already covered this in an earlier post, I had to add this because it is one of my favorite beauty products to make! You can see my homemade face scrub ingredients and method here.

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Final Thoughts

The best DIY beauty products to make at home are both easy and fun to make, work incredibly well, save a pretty penny, and last a long time. What are your favorite homemade beauty products?

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6 comments on “Best DIY Beauty Products to Make at Home

  1. Omg I missed this one. Its Right up my alley. Ha!! I love natural DIY goodies for the skin. Have u ever tried a raw sugar and raw honey scrub? Leaves your skin glowing. Must try if not!!! Oh and coffee scrub?? Lol don’t get me started. Great post!!!

  2. Wonderful post! I tried to do my own soap a couple of times and I love it. But its from prepared soup vax of some kind and the beauty product you describe here sounds a lot healthier to use. I would definitely test to make at least the lip balm. I hope it’s not to difficult to make!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the lip balm is one of the easiest to make, literally just melt some shea butter, coconut oil, honey (optional), and beeswax then pour it into your container while still in liquid form or even wait until it forms and you can scoop it out and add it to your container. It lasts ages and I don’t think my lips could live without this! Please let me know how it goes when you make it 🙂

  3. Beauty products costs so much now-a-day’s. It’s great to know that I can make them at home. I have very dry skin and always in need of body butter. I would make this body butter you mentioned. Hope I can make it right.

  4. Oh wow, I never thought of making beauty products by myself! I am actually gonna borrow your DIY body butter recipe as my skin is so dry especially in winter and the ingredients you use are really great for moistening dry skin! I bet it will cost me less than buying similar product in a healthy store too!

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