Best Motivational Books Ever Written: Must- Reads for Wellbeing and to Unlock True Success

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I absolutely love making lists like these because I feel a bit like Sherlock or Poirot. I scour list after list and hundreds of products and see which clues continue to come to light. For this particular list I went over 50+ best motivational book lists and book reviews and surveyed nearly 200 books to give you the best motivational books ever written.

Self- help books are something special. Especially when they help readers reach a new level of creativity and evolve in life. It is said that the most successful people read these types of books and that is something that warrants attention! However, success has little to do with wealth (in my opinion) and all to do with happiness and reaching an important step in life. In short, it’s about reaching oneness with your mind, body and spirit.

This isn’t the easiest feat to achieve for most of us because we are wired in a way that hinders our ability to connect with what’s really important. Thankfully, though, if you are open to rewiring your brain and learning something to bring you all the joys of connecting with your life (mind, body, and spirit), then you are traversing down a path that will ultimately bring you happiness and success.

This is where these books come in handy. They were written by some phenomenal people who have stories to tell and wisdom to impart. They appear on list after list of the best motivational books, best self- help books, best positive books, and best books because many people have been led closer to their awakening with the aid of these powerful tools. Disclaimer: whether you are aware or not, you came to this list, today, for a reason…

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This book by author Steven R. Covey, is one of the most highly rated motivational books of all time. The book presents a specific approach for solving personal and professional problems. There are 7 habits that the late Covey reveals as habits to take on if great success is the goal. The main premise of this book is to understand a core set of values and use them to improve in life and solve any problem that rears itself. The book takes a philosophical approach and lovers of this read appreciate how to apply the principles in their life.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Of all the books on this list, this was the most consistent across all surveyed lists. Though it was written in 1936 this book is still heralded as one of the most significant self- help books of all time because of the wisdom it imparts. Dale Carnegie teaches 6 ways to get people to like you, 12 ways to win people over in thinking how you think, and 9 ways to change others without them resenting you. Seems like some powerful stuff to learn, doesn’t it! Really this is about key relationships of humans, and what readers glean from this book, they take with them on their journey through life. It might seem that many aspects would be quite dated (being 80 years old and all that…) but much of what is in this book is not common knowledge to everyone and it is beneficial to understand how to better connect on a human level.

Awaken the Giant Within

This uber famous book by Anthony Robbins is a bestseller for a reason. Robbins takes readers on a journey from life as a janitor on to a millionaire and describes the ways that everyone can attain success in life. He delves into pain and pleasure as the driving forces in everyone’s lives and his prowess in speaking (and writing) have helped many to connect with a part of themselves that opened the door to boundless opportunity. He encourages readers to believe in their capability and to attract great things in their life because of such faith.

As a Man Thinketh

Though the title seems to leave us women out of the mix (slanty eyes) I specifically like this book because it delves deep into the human mind for an understanding of life. The author, James Allen writes, “Out of a clean heart comes a clean life and a clean body,” and “out of a defiled mind proceeds a defiled life and a corrupt body,” which I think is simply beautiful and much of what I stand for. This book is great on a spiritual level and for more than a century readers have gained a lot through the words upon the pages of this book. Warning, though! This book is deep and explores how you attract what you are… meaning if you want success or happiness you must become success or happiness. This is one of my favorite’s on the list because of how it links with the spirit.

The Greatest Salesman in the World

This another book about habits and attitudes and though it was written in 1968, many elements within the book are still applicable today. Og Mandino wrote this short book with the story of a young man who was basically given the key to life via sacred scrolls (if this book interests you then it is definitely worth it to give Paulo Cohelo’s the Alchemist a try!). This book has a positive effect on thinking which (as we know) leads to a positive, fulfilling life.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life

Dr. Richard Carlson does a lovely thing by imparting ways to reduce stress in life. We all know how terrible it is to feel stressed or see a loved one stressed out and this book gives simple techniques on how eliminate stress, period. It may sound like a no brainer but most people literally live their lives on the edge because they do not understand how to deal with stress. I like this book because I find that a clear, calm mind makes for a peaceful, happy life. There are 100 ways within this book to not sweat the small stuff and they are great reminders and well worth the implementation on a daily basis.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale wrote this over 50 years ago and it is still regarded as one of the best books for motivation on living a happy and full life because its simple content reaffirms the simple ways to think your dreams into reality. The book is infused with biblical quotes and Peale ties in his beliefs with a deeper understanding of unlocking a happy life. Positive affirmations are key in this book and Peale explains why, with repetitive use, they can enact change in ones life.

The Four Agreements

1.Be Impeccable With Your Word, 2.Don’t Take Anything Personally, 3.Don’t Make Assumptions, 4.Always Do Your Best. Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, this book explores Toltec spiritualism and expertly takes readers through the four agreements and why they are important to follow. This is a very short book that certainly leaves readers in deep thought and wonderment in all that they took in. This is another deep one and I love it for how it connects to and resonates with the spirit.

The Magic of Thinking Big

This is another one about understanding that behavior and thoughts create your life, so think big and behave accordingly. This one is more practical than philosophical and Dr. David J. Schwartz makes sure to present a program that is easy for readers to follow. Successful people think bigger, the author concludes, so to attain the success you want you must get into the appropriate (large) mind space. Success is a choice..

The Road Less Traveled

Another doctor, M. Scott Peck links psychology with spirituality in this almost outdated self- help book. Self- discipline is a major premise within this book so if you are one who struggles with this, then this read might really help you put into perspective the reasoning for implementing more self- discipline in your life. This book has been life- changing for many and it made the Guinness world record for being on the NY Times best seller list for so long. That sure gives it some clout!

The Power of Now

I love the message in this one as it embodies the importance of living in the now. That, in Eckhart Tolle’s summation, is the true path to happiness and enlightenment. Being successful and attracting wealth is great in my opinion! But attracting enlightenment and joy is simply perfect. Many view this a spiritual guidebook, or manual as it helps to reach a level of consciousness they can hang on to. Most readers of this deem it an eye- opener and admit that they have read it more than once to soak up the wisdom that is imparted.

Outliers: The Story of Success

This book is really dope, and I am not being biased because the authors is a fellow curly head! Author Malcolm Gladwell explores exceptional people (like Bill Gates) who is so awesome in their particular field that they define their own category of success. This book is great to read to go inside the minds of truly successful individuals and it is a motivator for endeavoring to join the ranks. So, ok, you might never be the next Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, but understanding what makes them successful can only help in your success- endeavors.

You Can Heal Your Life

Written by one of the only ladies on the list (a big fat pair of slanty eyes) this book is deep. She explores illnesses in our lives and links them with the reality that we all create each day. I love how she details how to choose loving and happy thoughts to heal any dis- ease’s in life. This book is thought to be more than a self- help book as it revolutionizes the way we perceive our stead in life. Self- love is the important key in this book and that is always in fashion!

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Carol Dweck poses two types of mindsets in this book: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. I like how she explains the difference between both and also like how she writes that the difference between success and failure is which mindset people have. Being a psychologist, Dweck expertly surveys the human mind and readers of this book will be offered some invaluable insight on how they can fine- tune their mind for success.

Final Thoughts

These books have made this list (and tons of others) for a reason. After over 200 motivational and self help books and more than 50 lists, they continue to crop because they have made an impact on so many people’s lives. I must say, however, that there are books that (if this list were of my own making) need to be included.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, a couple of Deepak Chopra’s works, Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn, among them. Specifically the last book has been the most precious book that I have ever read and I would be remiss not to give a worthy mention to it. (I also must admit that it’s rather disproportionately lame that the most common and best motivational books include only 2 out of 14 people of color and 2 out of 14 women but tis the way in the literary world.. however, be sure to come back to the handbook to check out a list that is more representative coming soon!).

That is it my lovely people! These books are what a consistent amount of people are calling the best ever written and the beauty lies in what it does for people’s spirit and their happiness!

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6 comments on “Best Motivational Books Ever Written: Must- Reads for Wellbeing and to Unlock True Success

  1. What a great list of books to read (and keep in mind)! I have already have some of these and will put the others on my bucket list. Thanks for this!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m reading Science of the Mind right now then will start on The Flower of Life (both recommended by Spirit Science ?). Looks like I have a lot more to go!

    1. You are very welcome 🙂 please tell me what you think of Science of the Mind and Flower of Life, I am really interested on your take! Thanks for your comment… and don’t worry I have a lot more to go myself!

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for this list! I love to read, and these books are amazing. I will need to read some of them. Thank you for reminding me that I need to read some self-help books for a time to time. Lately, I read something different, but I love self-help books.
    I can’t remember the name of the book, but it was one of Paulo Coehlo books. I guess I read it at the right time. It changed something in me, and I started to meditate. But meditation healed me and changed my perception of the world. I absolutely agree that self-help books are amazing, and they are great for our well-being and success.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Linda, thanks so much for your wonderful comment!I love books that give us this newfound inspiration and I think it is beautiful that you began to meditate after reading one of Coehlo’s books. I agree as well that some self- help books are truly revolutionary for our well- being and success, and please let me know how you find any of the book’s on this list!

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