Best Noogleberry Add-on Everrrrrrr!

Hola faves,

We back again with another Noogleberry special, and oh how Noogleberry is so totes-special-amazing!

It is, quite literally, the first product that helped me see major results in my chesticles, and I am forever indebted to this top notch system.

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BUT if you are an OG noogler, you know all too well that while the cones, tubing, pump and customer service are of the highest quality, the cushions have always been problematic.

That is, of course… until now!

The Silicone Rings are the Best Add-ons Evaaaaa!

Now it is true that NB has some formidable add-ons — I see you removable airlock system! But, because the new silicone cushions double as both amahhhhzing and a solution to every nooglers age-old problem, they totally win in the best noogleberry add-ons evaaaa department!

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What we Love

These rings are just soooo good!

When the package arrived and I saw the soft + chunky silicone I was impressed.

BUT, when I used it on my girls for the entire night without any of the same issues that the foam nor the first prototype had, I fell in love!

Now, I am just in awe of these rings and honestly feel sooooo proud of them. They are my favorite comfort tool of any that I have ever tried for NBE! This is a big statement, I know!, but what I love is they:

  • Work brilliantly
  • Are soooo comfy
  • Can be used on original and contoured base
  • Are medical grade silicone
  • Feel gushy and amazing
  • Don’t really get dirty/are easy to clean
  • Sandwich in the cone securely
  • Are fun to play with– gushy gushy gushy!
  • Feel luxurious, darling!
  • Protect the skin
  • Are totally worth it for the cost
  • Can be used with other breast systems like BB
  • Are easy to put on and remove
  • Can be bought separately
  • Are sturdy and durable

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What we Don’t Love

To be honest I lovelove these rings, so what I don’t love is more like splitting hairs– not sorry ’bout it!

However, there are a couple things that might be considered not-so-nice and I would be remiss not to mention them here:

  • They are only for the Large and XL systems! Any nooglers with Small and Medium systems will have to wait until further production– which should be soon!
  • They seem to sell out quickly

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Where to Buy babay is the onliest place to get the good gear ?

What’s the Cost?

They currently are £22.99 ($30)

Is There a Discount?

Yes! If you click in through this link and type in NHL10 upon check out then you can get yo’ discount!

See it in Action

Final Thoughts

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times: the customer is always right!

Oh wait no that’s not it… (#Space Jam on the brain), what I’ll say a thousand times is: Natural Breast Enhancement is a journey! Most of us will continue on in NBE for years and years, trying as much as we can to reach our boobie goals. BUT that journey is made so much easier with innovative and practical tools that make our NBE time that much more comfortable! This is where these cushions totally answer the call! Noogleberry’s silicone rings are, quite literally, the best add-on everrrrr, and my skin is so much happier for them! ? Thanks NB!x

  • Did you know about the new rings already? Have you already received yours? Let us know down there ↓
  • Get your own NB system and rings here
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  • Take care of your vessel, massage, massage, massage!
  • Love ya’s 💋


2 comments on “Best Noogleberry Add-on Everrrrrrr!

  1. I just bought my Noogleberry & I am so excited!! I’ve been contemplating Natural Breast Enhancement for awhile but was unsure where to begin until I came across your blog the other day. I can’t wait until I can start! Curious if you know whether the silicone rings are out of stock & if so when they’ll be back in stock? I couldn’t find them on the site when I ordered. Worried I’ll chicken out if the plastic from the cups is too uncomfortable.

    1. Hi dear! Welcome to NBE it is a very exciting journey albeit long and with no sure answers haha but please know you can come here for any qs and also share your updates with us! I checked with Lucy of NB and I believe they are in production but with corona not sure when they will actually be back up for purchase! Hopefully soon as they are soooo good!

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