Best Oils to Have- 4 Oils You Should Not be Living Without!

Right my dears.. let’s talk oils! Those precious blends from plants, seeds, fruits and the like. Oils are an important part of a healthy, well- balanced, beautiful- skinned, fabulous- haired life. The right oils often feel like a godsend and today I am here to cover the 4 best oils that you should be using as regularly as you check your phone ;)… or as regularly as you eat if you aren’t a phone- in- your- hand all the time kind of person (which is very cool but extremely rare!)

Number 1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ok, so if you are not already using/eating this Mediterranean gold on a regular basis then start! First and foremost, a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil is extremely helpful in weight loss especially when compared with other cooking/food oils. It is known to be a diabetes deterrent and as part of a balanced diet it boosts our health from the inside out.

It has a substance within that makes it anti- inflammatory and is also an anti- aging serum that works wonders on the skin. It strengthens the immune system whilst also making food super yummy and it is on Dr. Sebi’s approved list of oils to eat (uncooked) and if it is on Sebi’s list you know its for the soul.

I consume olive oil daily, cook with it (sorry Dr. Sebi), and also use it on my hair as an ingredient in a hair mask, and in my DIY body wash. Extra virgin olive oil is the pure untouched stuff, and the less chemical processing is always the better quality. It might cost more than other oils and even more than regular or virgin olive oil, but with all those benefits, isn’t it worth it? It will never be difficult to find this precious serum, any grocery shop will carry it and so long as its extra virgin its all you need! I like this brand.

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Number 2: Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

We all know coconut oil. It is everywhere and most everyone (who is wise) is crazy for its versatile magic! It is one of the best fats that you can add to your diet and unlike other fats, when consumed it is converted to energy straight away… oh we love the coco! It is packed with fiber, minerals, vitamins and lauric acid which is a disease- kicking fatty acid… oh yeah!

Like olive oil, coconut oil is a good oil for weightloss, and a spoonful a day is an incredible aid for overall health. It boosts cell regeneration and when applied on the skin improves elasticity. When it comes to beauty.. forget about it! Great for the skin, hair, teeth, and nails, this oil is one to be applying or internally consuming every single day. Remember to opt for organic to ensure that your oil is free from inorganic compounds.

I apply coconut oil on my hair everyday when I am putting it in a pineapple before bed. The oil is not too much to where it stains my satin scarf or pillow either. I also use this oil as a makeup remover, a face moisturizer, and I mix a spoonful with a few drops of peppermint or spearmint essential oil to oil pull (swish in my mouth). This freshens and whitens at the same time. My favorite way to use coconut oil, however, is to pop stovetop organic white popcorn… omg best thing in the whole world and if you like popcorn you have to try it!!!

Unlike olive oil, extra virgin and virgin coconut oil are virtually the same thing, so as long as it says one of the two and is organic then you are good to go. There are a few brands that pass all the tests (with the countless ones out there) but my favorite of those chosen few is this one here. You can get coconut oil just about anywhere (same as olive oil) but just make sure it is as untouched as possible and make sure to get a big tub because you will both use and need it!

It is also super important to buy coconut oil that is housed in a glass container only. It saves money (because you can reuse the super cute jar), looks better than plastic, does not carry the inescapable toxic substances from plastic materials, and saves the planet! Stay away from plastic as much as possible and especially when it comes to the items that contain food that we eat (coconut oil is also on Dr. Sebi’s approved list!.. uncooked though lol).

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Number 3: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

If you have joined us on and our Natural Hair Friday’s then you will be well aware about the fantastic benefits of JBC. Jbc is black rather than the customary yellowish color of original castor oil because the nut is roasted. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and is powerful in hair care and skin care.

This dark serum has helped countless women (myself included) have longer, stronger hair as well as a dandruff- free scalp and longer lashes.. yeah baby! This version is a more organic, unprocessed oil and the components that make it.. it, benefits the skin as much as the hair. It tightens pores, clears spots like acne and blemishes, and can even diminish moles, treat warts and help clear up eczema. Sunny Isle is the most popular brand (straight from Jamaica) and I like to use this as a scalp treatment, moisturizer for my ends on cleanse day, and on my lashes to help them stay protected and to promote growth.

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Number 4 : 100% Pure Argan Oil

This final oil for the day makes up the word precious. Grown in the Argan forest in Morocco, the nut is so amazing that goats climb trees just to have a taste. The oil from the nut has been used for ages as a dietary supplement, to heal rashes and wounds, and has been especially useful for the nourishment of skin and hair.

It is rich in vitamins A and E, antioxidants, linoleic, and  omega- 6 fatty acids. Used on the skin and hair, hardly any oil can rival the advantages that it gives, and regular users of this see a youthful appearance plus stunning hair. This is a really expensive oil but I find that the best thing about it is that a little goes a long way and you will be very surprised at what a drop can do.

This is the kind of oil that you need to ensure is 100% pure and don’t be fooled by the many products that have 100% pure argan oil on the cover. Check the ingredients and make sure that the only ingredient is the oil! I like this oil for all around skin and nail care. I have a small bottle filled with the oil and each time I give myself a mani/pedi I paint the oil on to nourish my nails. I also use this as a toner for my face and apply a small amount to my hair when needed.  I also use it after shaving and I have not had a razor bump since I do not know when. You can get many reputable brands that sell 100% pure argan oil but my all time favorite is Josie Maran.

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Last Thoughts

Oils are our best friends! They help us from the inside out and are simply necessary for a beautiful and happy life. These 4 are formidable in the oil world and are wonderful serums for a natural living existence. Few can hold a candle to these and whether it is for internal health, or external beauty these 4 oils can answer the call (but don’t eat the JBC or Argan oil!). I find these to be my most precious oils and my skin, hair, nails, and all my insides thank them for what they continue to do. You mustn’t live without these 4 so if you haven’t already, go and get you some and share your thoughts as you do!

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10 comments on “Best Oils to Have- 4 Oils You Should Not be Living Without!

  1. thank for the informative article. The virgin coconut is indeed helpful for promoting hair growth for a woman after menopause. My wife after a tremendous hair loss visiting countless so called hair expert failed to regain her hair loss, after using the fresh organic guava leave, bring to boil, after washing with lukewarm water, applying the virgin coconut oils, after 6 months her hair restored to 80%.

  2. I always use extra virgin olive oil it has so many health after all the years I have been using it i would say one thing. Don’t go for the cheapest bottle you can find. If you are going to go for the cheapest it can be very low quality so you might as well not bother. Go for a high end repeatable brand and reap the reward of your health.

  3. Great article! As someone with natural hair I know oils are super important 🙂 I’ll definitely look into olive oil since I’m an avid user of JBCO already.

    1. That sounds awesome and yes I like olive oil for eating and for beauty and know how beneficial it has been for me over the years. Let us know how your oil ventures go! Thanks for reading.

  4. Hello there, I would like to try the oil pulling. How long do you swish the oil in your mouth? And how often?


    1. Hi Ham, I swish for 10-30 seconds and do it every morning after brushing and also repeat the process after eating. Get some spearmint or peppermint essential oil as well and add that onto the spoon that you use to freshen while whitening!

  5. Wow, I love the personal touch you have in every paragraph referring to your own experiences it really draws the reader in and brings a level of trust! Keep up the great work!

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