Bosom Beauty Review- Fast Way to Reach Natural Breast Enhancement

Hey NBE aficionados!

We’re back with another one! Ok sooooo…you are probably well aware by now of my appreciation for and devotion to the Noogleberry breast pump system ?. It seriously took my ladies to another level and I couldn’t be more overjoyed with the progress my breasts have made.

While I was happy enough pumping with my noogle every day, I was time and again asked by readers and viewers alike about the Bosom Beauty and my thoughts on the system. And therein lay the problem! I had never so much as seen the Bosom Beauty and thus it was difficult to give any genuine information without knowing the product firsthand.

So, I did what any responsible NBE lover would and bought the system for meself. And now that I have used the system for a good while, I can give you the T with everything you need to know about Bosom Beauty.

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What is Bosom Beauty?

Put simply, Bosom Beauty is a breast pump system meant to naturally enlarge breasts and, as Bosom Beauty says, they are “pioneers of non-surgical breast enlargement”

How Does it Work?

The system works by using computer-controlled pull and release suction.  The vacuum enlarges and releases the breasts, helping to stimulate blood flow. Much like the Noogleberry and Brava system, the expansion of the breast tissue creates space that allows for new cell growth. More cells=bigger breasts=The Goal!

How to Use the System

The system comes with two cones with tubing that connects to the computer (control unit), a charger for the control unit, cushions, and a bra. After ensuring that everything is all charged up we place the domes onto our breasts. Ensure that the holes which connect the tubing are facing one another as seen in the photo.

Turn the power button on. For 2 minutes the breasts will be prepped. Once 2 minutes is up they will be pumped and released on the setting we choose for 30 minutes then will stop automatically.

There are 9 levels total with 1 being the lowest setting and 9 being the highest. We can adjust the settings at any stage and can also press the power button at any time to stop the suction. The buttons include power (on/off), boost, and +, -, to higher or lower the suction. See video below for full how-to!

*You can also use the orange boost button which doubles the speed that you last selected for 5 minutes and it is recommended to do this only twice a day*

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Is It Painful?

I am tackling this early on because before purchasing the Bosom all I’d read about the product was that it was so painful– even on the lowest setting! Here’s the T… this is the reason it took me so very long to try the system. The thought of paining my precious skin and body was too much for me to bear.

BUT out of love for all the homies (my readers/viewers) who wanted an honest review, I put the fear behind and went straight in.

The day my Bosom came I made sure that it was on the lowest setting, fully expecting for the pain to be so searing that I would have to immediately press the off button and curse my poor choice of trialing the system just to help the homies out!

To my surprise though, not only did I feel no pain, level 1 was far too light. That being said, Bosom Beauty is not painful to me in the slightest! Some users do say, however, that the system is easier to use after first being a seasoned Noogler as our body and breasts are used to the sensation.

Also FYI, just like the Noogleberry this system is safe to use ;).

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What I Love About the Bosom Beauty

Bosom Beauty has been a handful of surprises for me. The biggest surprise being that I have fallen in love with this system (cue the googly eye heart-filled emoji??). What I love most is:

  1. The system is soothing. At first when putting the domes on, my breasts feel like they are getting a well-received massage. It makes me want to sleep it feels so nice
  2. It is automatic! There is nothing that I have to do once they are in place as the system automatically pumps/releases and also automatically shuts off when complete
  3. The cushions. The cushions simply work well. They do not get sucked in or bent out of shape due to the vacuum and do provide great comfort
  4. The bra. I think it is so class that the system comes with a super stretchy bra that rounds out the usability of the system
  5. The sideways setup. I love that the holes that connect the tubing to the cones points to the side rather than upwards like the Noogleberry. I can put a top over while I’m pumping without worrying about the tubing becoming disconnected from being tugged by my shirt and ruining the flow of my pumping

What I don’t Love

As is true for many buys there are some aspects that I do not love about the Bosom:

  1. During the middle of my second session (I do x3 a day for 30 minutes), my breasts become fatigued and there is almost a tingling sensation that is more annoying than not. By the third session I want it to be finished already so I can take them off and go to sleep!
  2. The noise! I’d be fibbing if I told you that this system is discreet. It isn’t terribly loud but you definitely will hear it! (See video below) It makes sleeping with it a challenge if you have a partner or are a light sleeper. It also irritates my chico Mick sometimes when we are watching tele (hehe)
  3. The sizing. The site recommended for me to get the large system as I was measuring at a C. Well the system is way too small for my breasts and after the first month of use my breasts were overfilling the cups and I now have to use my Noogleberry domes with the system instead.

Bosom Beauty Video Review

Can I Use the System with the Noogleberry?

One of the biggest questions I am asked is about using the system in tandem with Noogleberry. The short answer to the above is yes.

Currently I use the Bosom for both breasts, then use the Bosom control unit with my Noogleberry cup to pump my smaller breast and then sleep with the Noogleberry system only on my smaller breast.

I find that these two systems are sisters and using them together is bringing me closer to my goals fast and with so much ease. They are very compatible and I love pairing the two together; in fact I would not use one without the other.

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Where to Buy and How Much?

Currently the Bosom Beauty ships worldwide and you can get yours at and because you know I love ya long time, can use my code ManikaNia for a 10% discount.

The Rechargeable Boost version that I have and with all included goes for $150, cushioned cups on their own go for $60, and the control unit on its own goes for $120. You can also buy tubing for just one breast at $22.

Is it Worth It?

Overall, I think this system is well worth it with a huge stamp of approval from me. I can see my breasts expanding and releasing which is so cool!, it gives me a massage, and really does phenomenal work for me. What’s more is that it makes me feel that I am on the fast track to my ultimate #boobiegoals. I am very happy to have tried this and so happy that it is now an integral part of my Natural Breast Enhancement journey.

  • Now I want to hear from you! What is most important on your NBE journey? Evenness? Roundness? Cleavage? Firmness? Something Else? Let me know by commenting below!
  • Get your own Bosom Beauty here and don’t forget to claim your discount!
  • Massage your Boobies, Noobies!
  • Love you all and hope you are closer and closer to your boobie goals everyday!

22 comments on “Bosom Beauty Review- Fast Way to Reach Natural Breast Enhancement

  1. Hello,
    Just wondering if this is right but my breast size only lasts for 3 hours after I pumped both breasts and will go back to its normal size, I use the bosom beauty like 4hours a day every day. am l doing something wrong?

    1. Hi
      This is my week 4 using bossom beauty and I really like the way my breast grows bigger inside the vacuum, but goes back to the original size after few hours.
      I spend 3 to 4 hours every day on each breast and massages each time after usage.

  2. Hi there Manuka,
    I was inspired to give the bosom beauty a go as I liked the idea of being hands free. I haven’t tried the Noogleberry.
    I used it for 4 days starting on setting 1 and then increasing slowly up to setting 3 over the 4 days.
    I currently stopped using it because I have noticed a few fresh stretch marks and even a spider vain appeared on my lady’s. So yeah that was a bit concerning.
    I’d love to be able to give it a proper go just without the stretch marks as such.
    What would you suggest for a first timer to safely start this process without damaging the skin?

  3. I used the Bosom Beauty and the PAIN! First it was just uncomfortable, then withing a week I’d gradually increased the suction to 3 or 4 and My Boobs were sore for a week or so after. Yes I used cream, Yes I massaged. But that pain has made me too scared to try Noogle! Given I’m so small I don’t even fill an A cup, I feel at a loss……Herbs and Creams done zero, Bosom beauty scared me after the pain and bruising……..
    I’m not financially secure enough to get surgery…….. I would like to try Noogle…. I just guess I’m afraid of Pain and Failure to get any growth.

    1. Rachel, some users experience pain with the Bosom Beauty, this is why I suggest giving the Noogle a try first and foremost as similar stories are not shared when using Noogleberry. You are right on track in continuing to massage. I’ll be posting my massage technique soon and I hope it helps!

  4. Hey I was thinking of purchasing either a noogleberry or bosom beauty and not sure wich one to get. I am currently a small 32dd but used to be a 32ddd I’ve lost weight and they are now saggy. Im not sure wich system is better for that and which one will fit? Any help and advice would be great!

    1. Hi Joan, wow dd sounds like a dream lol. But when I comes to sagging I know that is an issue that many of us face. I always recommend starting with the Noogleberry as it enables us to be more in control. I also would recommend a great firming cream to use before and after pumping. Give your ladies the double trouble with BB and NB is a great idea if you want to firm and get your 3rd d back. At the moment I am pumping with my smaller breast with the BB then sleeping with the smaller one with the NB and I have a cream that really feels like it works wonders for firmness, would you like me to send you some of the links that I’ve been using?x

      1. Please what is the firming cream? I really have a problem with sagging and I’m scared to try either Noogleberry or BB without first finding something I can use to combat sagging. Also buying both systems is too pricey for me. Which system would you recommend for adding firmness or at least adding fullness to the top off the breast and also which firming cream?

  5. You have inspired me. I did not want to go the surgery route, and so in searching I found your reviews. I am sold. So, a few things. In one of your videos, you supplied a coupon code for NB. Do you have that still? Also, do we order directly from Noogleberry, or is there a US distributor?
    About the girls, is there a way to change the shape of the breast- where the nipple is located? You have great shape. I would like more tissue under my nipples. Do you know how to achieve that? I currently look like fat candy corn.
    Have you done the larger cups for a butt lift? Do you think it is possible? Just wondering if I can repurpose these after I adjust my breasts.
    Thanks ahead of time for your input.

    1. Hi dear,

      Yes the codes are still good for both BB and NB. Theyboth ship worldwide so you are fine in the states. I would recommend massage for that part of your breasts and really just speaking your love and intention to them, works magic. I haven’t used them for butt lift but I know NB does have a butt machine as well if that helps. Best of luck with your journey sis, welcome aboard and keep me posted!x

      1. Hi Manika,-nia i want to buy bosom beauty, but is it really good to start with compared to noogleberry, is also good to start with both? and another question is why it might be better to start pumping with noogleberry? And is really best to start your journey of pumping with noogleberry and not bosom beauty for every beginner? I also have completely saggy girls, is it good to start pumping with bosom beauty since it gives quick results?

        1. Hi my dear, it is completely up to you and your preference. They are both comparable systems. I personally started with noogleberry and I recommend it as a starter because it is cheaper and definitely worked for me but it very much depends on what you would like! In terms off sagginess, I do hope that it lifts for you! I have not had trouble with sagging as of yet so I do not know if it reverses it but I have been told and read about women who it did help! Please let me know if you need anything x

  6. I barely fit into an A cup. Will this work? With the results be permanent? Or is it something I will always need to do? Also, if i decide to purchase, where do I get it from?

    1. Hi dear, I would recommend going through the NBE playlist so you can see how these systems and programs worked for me. Is it Bosom Beauty you are thinking to try? I started off with the noogleberry which is the cheaper option but to be honest I love my Bosom Beauty as well. It all depends on how you would like to start your journey. Take a look at this link and then let me know if you have any questions!

  7. Hey I just wanted to know did the bosom Beauty permanently increase your breast. Brought several times and they weren’t permanent but I did reach a d cup but it went back down did it do that to you where you able to increase in size as a permanent place.

  8. Hey there! I am thinking about purchasing the bosom beauty system. I have tried noogling (with cheap Kangzhu cups from ebay), but haven’t had any long-term success with that. I was using the pump&hold method which I now read isn’t good for your breasts because the blood in your breasts goes stale and they constantly need new fresh oxygen (which this system provides). One of my breasts is significantly smaller than the other (like 2 cup sizes), so I obviously only want to pump my small breast. My small breast is like an AA, you say that the cups were too small for you. They offer domes for AA/A cups and then domes for women who are a small B cup. Do you think I should get the domes that are recommended for a small B cup? Thank you 🙂

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