Bounce Curl Review- Is it All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Hey peeps,

If you caught my last post then you are already primed and prepped for this Bounce Curl review.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

Overall Ranking: 6 out of 10

Price: $23-$30

Cheapest Place to buy: The actual website

Owner: Merian

Website: Bounce Curl

If you are an instagram-er then you’ve likely already seen this brand floating about for a while now, and know all about the hype that surrounds it.

It was created by a lady named Merian who has incredible, long, gorgeous curls. I didn’t know it at the time I recorded my video review (watch below), but the lady on the bottle is indeed the creator of this line.

So far it looks as though the only styling product available is the Light Creme Gel, but there is talk of a creme being produced to precede the application of the gel- which those of us with more curly/kinky hair might favor/need (*update there is a curling lotion as well which you can try out here*).

My Hair Goal

The goal for me and my hair is always to have:

  1. Frizz- free hair
  2. Defined curls
  3. Soft curls
  4. Voluminous hair

If a product can give me all of these things, then I am one happy lady!

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Instructions on the Bottle

The instructions on the bottle are easy enough to follow- 

  • Use on extremely wet hair. The product will soak some of the water once you apply it. Part hair in a couple sections, distribute it from the top to bottom. Scrunch your hair up and down. Water can be dripping down from your hands while you scrunch. This will help with frizz. Air dry or diffuse.

How it Went for me

I followed the instructions and used the Curly Girl Method to do so.

I tried the gel on its own with only my conditioner left in my hair after I cleansed it. We are meant to clump the hair (according to video tutorials) when applying the product to avoid frizz.

You can find these videos on youtube and on the actual Bounce Curl site, and they walk you through the application process (and their curls turn out really amazing!).

I followed the video instructions but was ultimately underwhelmed with the results of my curls.

The Frizzzzzz

I noticed frizz straight away and no amount of clumping, smoothing, or finger combing helped the situation. My hair also dried looking very wet/crunchy and I had a ton of gel in it. Even after I picked it out and scrunched, the gel caste stuck with me on the first day.

I diffused my hair until it was about 80% dry and then let it air dry for the rest of the day. Then I slept with my hair up in a pineapple and the next day there was more frizz, though the gel caste had subsided (whew!).

I tried to fix the frizzy lizzies but by day three I had to rinse it out and try again. When I use the Deva Curl or As I Am gel, my curls last a good few days while keeping the frizz at bay.. no jokes!

I rinsed and re- conditioned my hair and followed Bounce Curl instructions again, but this time I used coconut oil and grapeseed oil to seal my strands in the hope that it would prevent frizz. I then mixed a tiny bit of As I Am Coil Defining Jelly with the Bounce Curl gel and had better results.

Second day Bounce Curl hair with a bit of Coil Defining Jelly


  • I really like the smell of this product, which is really important to me
  • This product does NOT contain Mineral oils, PEG’s, Synthetic dyes, parabens, sulfates, & silicones- all yesses for this curly girl!
  • Bounce Curl is not tested on Animals, really important
  • Has some lovely “nourishing” ingredients
  • The bottle is really cute!
  • Gives good volume


  • The gel is really light and it felt that I had to use more of the product to fully coat my hair so not sure that the product is long- lasting
  • I noticed frizz straight away after following the instructions and it did not live up to expectations
  • curls lasted for about 3 days

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On the website, front and center is the caption: Where all Curls Matter. This product is marketed for wavy, kinky, curly hair types.. meaning all of us that don’t have straight hair. This product is said to be for every single curl type and can benefit hair from 2a types all the way to 4c. Check out my previous post to learn where your curl pattern falls.


The actual website says you can purchase an 8 oz bottle for $17.99 and with shipping (to the US) it is $5.94 for first class, $8.83 for priority, and $33.41 for express.

Not so bad for US customers! However, if outside of the US the price goes through the roof, I put in my UK address and the shipping fees quoted $23.38 as the cheapest. If outside the UK I’d recommend purchasing from here as it is only $30 total without shipping fees.

FINAL OPINION- Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

I am actually very willing to give this product another try, but think that I need to try it with the cream for better results.

This product obviously works for many curly ladies so it certainly might be worth a try if you have been considering purchasing this.

However, my two tries with the gel yielded ok results so it certainly was not all it was cracked up to be for my hair BUT if you are looking for a new product to try, I would recommend Deva Curl or As I Am lines as they are really special for curl care (read here for my reviews on each!).

Video Review

Better Lit Video!

What do you think, girls? Willing to give Bounce Curl a try?

>Try Bounce Curl for yourself with the styling lotion and light creme gel<

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10 comments on “Bounce Curl Review- Is it All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

  1. So, I have naturally curly hair and the frizz always drives me crazy. I have tried to find something like this for quite some time.. and this looks to be something that would work. You are so right about the “wet look”.. I think that’s something us curly-haired girls know all too well! I have tried almost everything but I might be convinced to give this one a shot… I think it would work for my type of hair. Thank you so much for your helpful review!

    1. Hi Jen, thanks so much for reading! I hope that it does work out for you, and you just let me know if you need any help. We can exchange curly hair notes because I am still working my own out, and have not achieved that curl pinnacle that I would like to be at! I’d be interested to know how Bounce Curl works for you 🙂 I also have another curly product review here that I find doesn’t give that wet gel look

  2. Thank you so much for your insight! I think I might give it a try and then let you know how it works out for me!!!

  3. Hello! So nice to see your pretty face (and hair!) in a video. Nice work.
    I am not a curly girl, but I do have crazy waves. I have so far not found a single product that gets rid of my frizz and judging from your results, this one probably wouldn’t either. Thanks for your honest review 🙂

    1. Hi Shirley, well any of us who do not have straight hair have that problem with unforgivable frizz, but there is a way to sort it all out whether you are wavy, curly, kinky or coily! Here’s my post about the method and book that helped me understand frizz and how to combat it, hope it helps! This product works so very well for many ladies, so could work a treat for your wavy hair, but it just didn’t work out for me!

  4. Hi,
    I have naturally straight have, but now my post- cancer hair is wavy weird and totally gray. The hair at the nape of my neck and around my ears is frizzy.
    Do you think there is a regime for me?

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