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Welcome to another #NoogleberrySpecial! Today we will go over ALL Noogleberry systems, how to find them, and which are best depending on needs and bust size.

How Many Systems are There?

For many nooglers, the first bout of confusion comes from determining which system to buy. This is only amplified by the fact that how many systems there are does not correspond with how many we see on…

While we can see the Airlock Contoured, Airlock, and Breast Enlargement (original) systems, there are actually FOUR SYSTEMS in total!

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System, Kit, Cups, Cones….Whaaaat!?

I know, I know, learning the language doesn’t come easily! So before we get into the systems lets dissect the jargon.


For all intents and purposes, system and kit are interchangeable. The systems/kits all come with cups/cones, a Y-connector, hand-pump, and a carrying case. Anytime a system or kit is discussed, all these components are inclusive!


Cups and cones are also interchangeable and represent the plastic part of the system that covers the breast, and where air is pumped to. Nooglers are able to buy cups/cones on their own when necessary and whenever we opt solely for cups they come separate from the full system.


Tubing refers to the silicone parts of the system that connect from the hand pump to the cones; also known as Y-connector. The tubing comes with the system but there is also an opportunity to buy airlock tubing for any cups or systems that do not already have the airlock mechanism integrated.

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What Size am I?

As per

To measure your cup size you’ll need the following:

  • – Your best fitting non-padded bra, preferably one that is less than a year old
  • – A tape measure
  • – A large mirror

To measure your band size:

  • – Wrap the tape measure firmly under your breasts, just below where your bra sits, making sure the tape is snug but not so tight that it causes discomfort.
  • – Take your measurement in inches.

To measure your bust size:

  • – Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust, which is normally over the nipples, making sure the tape measure is straight all the way around your body.
  • – Take your measurement in inches.

To calculate your cup size:

  • – Subtract your band size from your bust size, the difference between the two will give you your cup size which you can check on the chart [above].

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The Four Kits (Systems)

  1. The Original (Breast Enlargement System)
  2. The Contoured Kit
  3. The Airlock System
  4. The Airlock Contoured Kit

The Original

The original is… well just that. It’s the first of its kind and is a great starter kit for petite women as well as a suitable kit for women who are already quite large, but want some extra expansion. The original is the only system suited for both extremes of extra petite and extra busty.

Sizes available

  • Small
  • Extra Large
  • Extra EXTRA Large

*If you opt for the cups alone without the full system, Large is available

How to buy

To buy you visit>Breast Products>All Breast Products>Breast Enlargement System and then choose the size that suits you best.

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The Contoured Kit

The contoured kit is actually the one that I have and is also the one that is most elusive to aspiring nooglers! That’s because it is not visible within the site! To find and choose the contoured kit you must click in through the original, choose Large, and voila.

The contoured kit is different from the original in that it has a curved shape/style that contorts in a similar fashion as our bodies do. This enables a higher level of comfort.

Sizes available

  • Large ONLY

How to buy

Visit>Breast Products>All Breast Products>Breast Enlargement System and then choose Large. This will automatically become the contoured kit and it will be evidenced in the curved shape in the photo. The contoured systems do not sit flat on a surface as they are… well curved.

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The Airlock System

The airlock system is pretty similar to the original, only with the added feature of being able to lock air in. This means that re-pumping is less necessary. Airlock is great for nooglers who prefer to sleep with the cones in place as it can lock air in for a lengthy amount of time.

Sizes available

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

How to buy

Visit>Breast Products>All Breast Products>Airlock Breast Enlargement System and then choose your correct size.

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The Airlock Contoured Kit

Finally we have the Airlock Contoured Kit which pretty much ticks all boxes, if you fall within the correct sizing for it. It naturally has the airlock mechanism, naturally contours and so is System 2 + 3 all in 1!

Sizes available

  • Medium
  • Extra Large

How to buy

Visit>Breast Products>All Breast Products>Airlock Contoured Breast Enlargement System and then choose the size that fits your girls.

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Your Favorite Channel is on!

That’s the TEEEEEE

And that’s the tee sis! All 4 NB systems with their sizing in black and white for all the nooglers out there to take advantage of! I really hope that this has helped clear things up for all our NBE sisters out there and we at HNLH are sending you all the love our hearts can muster and rooting for you and your #boobiedreams!

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