Continuing The New Growth Program?

Hi dears!

As you read this, I am wishing you all the wellness your goddess-self can handle!

Now on the agenda today is an answer to a much asked Q: what parts of the New Growth (NG) program I’m still using long after the 16-weeks concluded.

So I will be letting you know the answer along with my reasoning for ditching some and keeping others.

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What’s Included Again?

In case you don’t already know what NG is, make sure that you watch and read the full NG series.

The NG program includes supplements, massage serum, electric therapy, progesterone cream, audio visualization, massage, flower extract, homeopathic spray, and a very specific diet.

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What I Use Currently

I am only using x4 + a new item that the company sent to me a couple months ago. Those 4 + 1 are:

  1. Progesterone
  2. Massage
  3. Flower extract
  4. Homeopathic spray
  5. Elixir that enables me to pump with Noogleberry (NB) and Bosom Beauty (BB)

Before we get into each of the 5 I want to let you know my reasoning for discontinuing the other 5 elements.

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What I Stopped Using

  • Supplements

The supplements I discontinued simply because… they ran out! I am taking other supplements which I will detail in a further post so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss my updated routine!

  • Massage Serum

The massage serum I still have about half of the bottle, but because it made my breasts breakout if I didn’t use shea butter first, I’ve moved on from using it as a daily massage ingredient.

  • The Electric Pen

The electric pen I totally SHOULD be using! I only stopped because, as my loyal day 1s know… I’m lazy!

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  • Audio Visualization

Audio visualization just like the pen is an element that I should definitely be continuing to do! But I’ve been finding that during quarantine I am just booked solid around the clock! Everything from my day job, to my content creation to my trials in beauty and self-care has made dedicating the time to hypnosis a major struggle!

  • The Diet

You know I wasn’t going to keep up with that diet! No grapes!!! No way! This is another something that I will be covering extensively down the line as what I’m learning is that successful NBE (natural breast enhancement) seems to be strongly rooted in dairy, pig placenta, bovine capsules and basically animal products!

Many programs include these foods and it makes it very difficult for the average veggie nbe-girl! But I’m trialing some alternatives so stay with ZenaandZoraAnabelle’s journey!

How I Use Them Now

Now let’s talk shop about the parts that have stuck with me!

  • Progesterone Cream

Progesterone is something that I believe to be a brilliant part of the program and I feel that because most of us are low in this hormone, it helps to maintain balance. I am all about the balance!

What I do now

Same as while I was on the 16-week program, I apply the cream on my wrists on the last 14 days of my cycle. I started a fresh NBE journal so I always know exactly what day I am on and when to apply the cream. I use this after shower during my skincare routine!

  • Massage

Massage is everything! A recent video about my techniques can be found right here so I won’t go over that too much in this post, but #massage will always be part of my routine and the NG-taught massage is one of my favorites to perform!

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  • Flower Extract

Flower extract is something that was added after I started the program. Eric of NG added it after I let him know the results I was having at each 4-week interval. The extract is to be added to water to be ingested daily.

What I do now

I’m definitely not as strict as I was on the program! Each vial is labelled with a day of the week and I am advised to use Thursday every day but the others solely on the day that they belong to.

BUT sometimes if I have water left over in my canteen from say Tuesday and then instead of pouring my water out on Wednesday I just add new water with Weds’ drops and so there is a high probability that some of the extracts get mixed up! I am not sure that this is advisable but it is just the T with me!

I do feel that the properties of the flowers keep my femininity just right and so I am happy to continue using the vials until they run their course!

  • Homeopathic Spray

I loved using this while on the program and still very much use it each day and surprisingly it is still lasting quite long!

What I do now

Instead of spraying twice a day I only do once!

  • New Elixir Serum

I don’t actually know what this is! But Eric sent it to me a couple months ago. He said he tested it even on himself and created it with the hope that us nooglers and bosom beauts can pump with breast pumps and still achieve balance, symmetry, and new growth!

What I do

I apply a few drops to my nipple/areola each day and then massage with a cream. Currently I am using Naturaful cream, and for the third tease of today, my review on the product is coming soon!

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Your Fave Show is On!

I Keep All the Helpful Tools!

And that, dears, is my current NG usage! I definitely keep any tool or technique that I find helpful on my journey and the above are testament to that.

They have stuck with me long after the 16-weeks ran its course and I imagine I will use them until they run out! Because my journey is ever-going, only time will tell if I can twin the girls and reach a bigger size!

I am hoping to become the Chiyomilk of the west. Send me all the luck!

Remember that here in our handbook we are all about celebrating and enhancing our goddessness so don’t forget to treat yo’ self henni’s!

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  • Take care of your girls as always
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  • Love ya’s ?

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