Crystal Deodorant Review- Is this Stuff Really Better Than Conventional Deodorants?

Hey Beauties,

Hope your day is going fab! Right now I want to discuss deodorant.. more specifically Crystal Essence Deodorant.

When I first heard of all the questionable things associated with the use of  conventional deodorants, my heart sank through the floor. I was annoyed that something I used every day could have such a negative impact on my body’s health and I said that’s it, no more of this crap for me! Time to go all natural, baby!

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The only problem with that was that I had tried natural deodorant on a few occasions before only to find that not only did they not work, they didn’t work times 10!

I tried both Nature’s Gate and Tom’s Maine and that was enough to convince me that natural deodorant was not prime for preventing odor :(. Then, one day, I happened across this purple- lidded deodorant as I was perusing the aisles of Walgreens, Crystal Essence was the name.

I was specifically steering clear of Propylene Glycol and other ingredients that I knew to either be harmful, toxic or unnatural. I looked at the ingredients on the back of the bottle and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.

Crystal Essence Lavender and White Tea Deodorant Ingredients

  1. purified water
  2. potassium alum (natural mineral salts)
  3. heptyl glucoside
  4. essential oils and extracts
  5. cellulose
  6. glycerin
  7. sodium bicarbonate
  8. benzoic acid
  9. zinc gluconate

Hmm I thought not bad, not bad at all! I did a quick web search on both the product and the ingredients that were listed and found it to be acceptable for use. So thus began my journey with the Crystal Essence line. Before I get further into this review let me explain, in more depth, why in my mind’s eye deodorant is NOT the business.

Conventional Deodorants are Filled with Unnecessary Things

So you’ve read a few of my posts and know that Manika- Nia is not down with the unnecessary toxins and harmful chemicals. And why? Because I find them to be completely unnecessary and harmful!

Ok, yeah well I suppose that’s pretty obvious, but the shameful part is that, considering the mass production and use of such products, it isn’t so obvious to the majority of consumers. And this, my friends, is why I do what I do! To spread some awareness and hopefully help others make more informed choices.

There was a massive scare some time ago (that ran rampant in the online world) about products such as deodorant being linked with breast cancer, Alzheimers, and other serious health problems.

Since that time many health professionals have come forward to say that there is no overwhelming evidence to support such claims. It is widely accepted that conventional deodorants pose no serious risk to users and that they are generally safe for everyday use.

Though this may be acceptable news to some, it doesn’t make me jump for joy. Generally safe is not the same thing as safe nor is it the same as good for us/ helpful to us.

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Many ingredients found in deodorants are the same offenders that are found in other beauty products and despite what is “generally accepted” they are only adding unnecessary compounds to our body which is silly when there are natural, safer alternatives available. Remember that everything we put on our bodies, eventually ends up inside our bodies.

Negative Ingredients in Traditional Deodorants

  • Aluminum Compounds- this clogs the pores thus preventing the body from clearing itself of toxins (this might also be found in Crystal deodorant)
  • Parabens- this is used in so many commercial products as a preservative and parabens can act as estrogen which disrupts hormones. Many studies demonstrate how parabens are linked to certain cancers and various other health issues
  • Triclosan- check out my post here about what it does to the body
  • Propylene Glycol- click here for my post about this lurker in various products
  • Steareths- additive that produces carcinogens and dioxanes
  • DEA- full description of this ingredient above (I write about the dangers of this and a few other ingredients all in one post that you can click on above to find out more!)
  • Artificial Flavors- any need?! Artificial flavors is a vague term and not fully disclosing what the artificial flavors are leaves consumers unaware of what is going on our skin

Regardless of if studies are conclusive or not, in my opinion, the risk that comes along with using deodorants with these ingredients, is not worth it. Why use deodorant with inessential ingredients that have the potential to cause harm when there are healthier alternatives?

Crystal Essence Deodorant

Price: $6-12

Cheapest Place to Buy: Ebay $6+ or Amazon $6+

Size: 2.25 fl. oz- 4.5 fl oz

My Rating: 8 out of 10

I have tried x3 of the deodorants on this line with my favorite being the pomegranate one.

The Good

It smells so sweet and would you believe it works like a charm! It is not an antiperspirant so does not prevent sweating but I am not a sweaty person so I did not have a problem with such (also antiperspirants prevent us from doing the very thing that is necessary for releasing toxins from our body, so its a good thing to sweat!).

This crystal gem does keep bad odor away and I only found that I would need to reapply when doing heavy physical activity, things outside of my normal day- to- day. The Pomegranate and Lavender White Tea scents are both roll on types and glide on very easily while the liquid within the vessel distributes on the pits.

For the crystal version (the original one), you must wet the deodorant with water before applying. Although it is scentless it stops any bad odor from occurring and I was stunned at how well this worked.

Between the three I felt that the original crystal one felt a bit more natural than the roll- on ones but still preferred the roll- on’s because of ease of application.

The Bad …and Possibly the Ugly Too

I used this deodorant religiously until about 2016, and only stopped my daily use because I am unsure about the processing of this product. The natural crystal that this product purports to be is translucent and odorless. The crystal is potassium alum and is found in Mother Earth’s crust and should look exactly as it does when it is extracted from her core.

The appearance of the crystal deodorant, however, is more of a white, opaque shade and shows that there might be some chemical processing involved.

I have read that this color change might be due to a manufacturing process that calls for synthetic ammonium alum, one made in a lab rather than extracted from Earth’s crust.

This might not be such an issue, especially considering the product’s are free from all of the no- no’s in the bulleted list above, however, such information was enough for me to lessen my use of the product.

All Natural DIY Alternative

I do, however, keep a bottle of this deodorant in my purse as a just in case measure, but now opt to make my own to wear on a daily basis.

For the most part I use a raw lime (sliced, I rub this on first) and then spray with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and lemon essential oil then finish off with a mixture of shea butter, honey, and coconut oil all melted together.

This may seem like a lengthy process, and I suppose it is compared to just spraying or rolling some deodorant on, but I’m used to it! It works well and helps me smell nice all day.

Still, Crystal Essence Deodorant remains in my purse for those times that I need it, for a reason- it is a very good deodorant in stopping BO in its tracks.

Final Thoughts

Overall I loved this product when I used it regularly and it was the very first natural deodorant that I tried that actually worked on the level of eliminating/preventing a bad odor. It lasts for hours and really smells superb, plus is free from the ingredients that I really endeavor to keep out of my life. If looking for a safer ingredient that really works, this DEO is a viable option. All in all, it is certainly better than conventional deodorants! You can choose from the Pomegranate, Original Unscented Crystal, Lavender and White Tea, Chamomile and Green Tea, Vanilla Jasmine or a spray in the same fragrances.

Choose your own Crystal Essence Deodorant by Clicking Here!

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18 comments on “Crystal Deodorant Review- Is this Stuff Really Better Than Conventional Deodorants?

  1. Yes yes yes PLEASE write a post on your home made deodorant! I’m trying out a few different recipes at the moment so I’m very interested to hear your take. Thanks!

  2. Hi MANIKA- NIA DIXON, Great information again, thanks. I also do not like to put chemicals on my body if I don’t have to. I use a Giffarine product, made in Thailand. I don’t know whether it is available near you.
    I wonder what you are up to with your own deo.
    Have a great day and let me know when you are ready.

    1. Hello thanks for the comment! So glad you are against the necessary no- no’s as well! I actually am in Thailand currently and am interested to know about this product. I might pick one up and review it! Is it an all natural deodorant? Thanks for the info!

  3. Great article! Does the Crystal Essence Deodorant come with different smells or do they only have the pomegranate smell? As is the smell very strong? I do like to have my deodorant with a light smell but not too strong 🙂

    1. Yes they have different fragrances, and they all smell quite refreshing, none smelling too strong or chemically which I really like. Here are some other fragrances that you can check out and a description of each is above 🙂

  4. Wow, I honestly had no idea that there were so many harmful components found in traditional deodorant! Especially the part where it has artificial flavoring, what the heck?!

    It seems like more and more of our products and foods are moving away from their natural, healthy versions to this manufactured and deprived version. I’m pretty aware of what I put IN my body, but I have to admit that I wasn’t giving great consideration to what I have been putting ON my body!

    Thanks for the great education on it! I will be looking into Crystal Essence for sure!

    1. Hi Nick, I love your comment, thanks. You are so right that so much of what we consume on a daily basis is far from quality unless we are conscious about the products that we choose. I like how you illuminated the fact that you eat well but are not always aware of your product usage because this is something that most of us face. It’s great to be aware of this because literally everything that goes on our body eventually ends up inside as well. It would be cool if you checked out Crystal Essence and let me know a male’s perspective. Thanks loads for your comment!

  5. Oh, wow, you really do have a DIY solution for everything! I would love a step-by-step recipe of your natural deodorant, too.

    I’ve tried many of the no-aluminum deodorants (after reading that aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s disease) and there are few that work to my satisfaction. I have NOT tried the crystal one, though, and will give it a shot. thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Penny! Thanks for reading again and for your comment! I certainly would like to have a DIY natural solution for everything, that’d just be so fun! lol. You are very welcome! This deodorant is really good. I know of a vegan one (expensive) that I am hearing a lot of buzz about recently but other than that I think this one is definitely up there!

      1. Yeah, I’ve been using a vegan one that’s WAY too pricey, and my husband I also go through it really fast…probably because we’re both big smelly people. But we REALLY don’t want Alzheimer’s later in life 🙂 I’ll definitely try this one out and let you know how it works for me 🙂

        1. Thanks Penny, your thoughts are super valuable! I wish I could get my mister to come over to the natural side but he’s still using axe 🙁 but your not wanting to get Alheimers later in life is the right move and choosing products as a preventative measure is the way we should all endeavor to go! Anyway, this Crystal really does stop BO so that’s a big plus and it’s only about $6.. joy!

  6. I would also be interested in your home-made deodorant.
    About 2 years ago, after decades of problem-free deodrant use, I suddenly developed an allergy and couldn’t use any. It took ages to find one that I can use, so I’m really interested in your natural version.
    Pretty please? 🙂

    1. Hi Derek, wow thanks so much for sharing! Which deodorant have you found works best for you? I had bad reactions to deodorant sticks in the past and so opted for spray- ons until I learned about certain compounds in them. I will write a post soon about the deodorant that I make for myself, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

  7. Hi Manika, this is great. I too have been trying to avoid aluminium containing deodorants. It appears there are other chemicals to watch out for. Thanks for sharing your DIY deodorant. I will be trying it out.

    1. You are very welcome, Cheri! Please let me know how it works for you, I’m still fiddling around to find the best recipe that works and once I can make one stick of a product that works I think that I’ll have it down packed!

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