Dangers of the Noogleberry Breast Pump- Read This First!+ Before and After Photos

Ok handbookers, the good news here is that copious amounts of research and testimonials from actual long-term users show that the Noogleberry breast pumps are safe and A-ok to use! So why the ominous words in the title? Well, my friends, the dangers of noogling lie in being a silly lady like I was.

Now if you have been handbooking as you know you should you are already aware of the exciting feeling that follows noogling and know that for the next few months you and I will be traversing down everything that is Noogleberry to see how the system works step-by-pumping-step!

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Remember, the Noogleberry is a natural, non-invasive, non-surgical way for breast enhancement. If you do a quick web search on it you will be bombarded with glowing stories of how the system has changed the lives of many, helped with confidence, and yielded sought after results (yeah you know I had to try it out!). If you type in dangers of breast pumps you’ll be happy to learn that (with the right company) they are both effective and safe, and long-term harm (or any kind of harm) is not something that you find with our Noogleberry. BUT you must be a smart user else you will run into some unwanted hitches.

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Not For Silly/Impatient Women!

After first receiving my pump and rearing it for action I was ecstatic. Like that over-the-moon lets get pumping lets make my dreams happen now kind of ecstatic. I barely read the instructions (because I had read tons of info leading up to actually trialing the system) and fervently plopped the cones on and pumped baby pumped.

I watched them expand and continued to pump, pump, pump. Yes I felt some pain and major discomfort but my determined personality entreated me to keep them on and shuffle through the pain. After about 25 minutes of having the cups on I picked up the detailed leaflet that comes with every purchase. On the front page are the words “you should continue to pump until the breast is engorged and enlarged enough without causing pain.” Oooops!

I released and let my girlies breathe and saw the damage that was done. Funnily enough, after causing myself unnecessary pain I remembered something from one of the noogling blogs that I had read before. Little red spots (popped blood vessels) or rings that do not go away in 10/15 minutes means that you are pumping too hard! Oooops!

So there I was with little red spots and a painful cut on my right breast where I simply, and unnecessarily pumped too hard. These, my handbooking friends are the dangers! Not paying attention, being hasty when you first set out on pumping, over-pumping, and being an impatient/silly lady.

You Need Patience for Noogling

What have I learned in this week? Patience! We do not need to over-pump to get desired results. The breasts will not get bigger/fuller/firmer faster and we will only do ourselves a disservice through such haste. I have a little mark (that is thankfully healing) from where I have over-pumped (it was way worse before) but the good news is I went through the pain so that you do not have to!

From a silly woman to the wise Noogler, use your patience! When used correctly the Noogleberry is not dangerous and the days that followed that first melt-up have given me no trouble.

*Like the pamphlet recommends using a cream or lotion is great for aiding the suction of the cup and I find that it also helps with moisturizing the skin. One of the best moisturizers of all time is unrefined shea butter and I would highly recommend using this as an accompaniment with your Noogle pumps.

My One-Week Update

I find the Noogleberry to be of supreme quality. Seriously! The pumps are what quality is made of and even has the word “Noogleberry” printed on it. That’s class! The pump is effortless and unlike the cheap version of a breast pump that I tried some time ago, the cups stay on with no problem. Many women have different techniques when noogling and a popular medium seems to be to keep the cups on for 30 minutes to an hour and apply a little pressure on the hand pump when necessary. I’ve read that many people find greater success when pumping and leaving on for 7 minutes, releasing for 2 (to stimulate blood flow) then carrying on that way for 30 minutes to one hour. I am a little too lazy for this method and leave the cups on for the duration without any release other than when I add the bigger boob to the mix. I pump both breasts at the same time but usually start solely with the left (the smaller, wonkier one) for fifteen minutes then add the the right one and carry on for 45 more minutes. After my hour is up I give them a light massage with shea butter then am solid until the next day!

One week of noogling, post-noogling (about 10 minutes after)

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The goal is for the left to catch up with the right and for them both to become the fuller entities I know they can be! Will they succeed? Only time will tell! So make sure you are here next week for the next update and more coverage of our Noogleberry friend!

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33 comments on “Dangers of the Noogleberry Breast Pump- Read This First!+ Before and After Photos

  1. Omg you make me want to try it. I’d love bigger boobs but don’t want implants lol. Seems worth a try. If I can just get cleavage I’ll be happy haha. Good luck to you. I’ll be watching your updates ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Ham! Yes keep on checking for those updates because if this system works for me I’m sure it will work for you too! I’d love some cleavage as well, and really really want them to be symmetrical and round! We shall see ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hello Belkis, there is no evidence to link this pump with encouraging any kind of cancer growth. The science behind it is pumping blood flow and stretching skin cells which over time increases breast size. A really brilliant place to go for more info/support/thoughts from other users is the Noogleberry forum. I love seeing what others have to say about this product and from the many of plenty of people who have used this long term (and continue to do so) there aren’t any reports of use encouraging breast cancer or any other form. But it is important that you ask those questions! I will be posting soon with another update of my progress. Recently I have stopped pumping both and just pumping the smaller one to see if I can truly see remarkable results. Be sure to check back for that one and let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Any more progress? I’ve looked everywhere online for some legit reviews and I really appreciate this post.

    1. Hello! The short answer is yes! The more exciting answer is I’ll actually be updating my progress by the third week of every month. I’ve been trying something new with the pump lately and oh do I have an update! My next post will be the 22nd of April 2018 by the latest and the 21st of April 2018 by the earliest. After that it will be by Saturday or Sunday the third week of each month :). Don’t forget to subscribe so that you get an alert in case you forget or miss it!

  3. Hey, I’ve been noogling for awhile and what happened is my nipples grew much larger, but unevenly, while I haven’t seen much breast growth. So that’s something to be aware of. There’s steps you can take, like buying rings to put around the nipples to keep them from enlarging. Something for nooglers to be aware of!

    1. Wow thanks Rebecca for sharing! How long have you been noogling as of now? I am so sorry that those are the results you’ve had so far. My nipples (or rather my areolas) are quite large so I defo do not want to see an expansion in them. For the nipples we should endeavor to cover with a band-aid or with nipple covers but for the areola some experience expansion, some don’t, and many do not notice but as it is part of this skin it is not always easy to get natural breast growth without areola growth. Also, I am not sure how long you have been using the system but I have heard of many women who now have curvy breasts who saw no results until after 5+ months so if you keep going, hopefully you can reach your boobie goals!

  4. Hi! I dont understand how this system works? Like are the instructions clear on everything like where to put the lotion and how to use the system?

    1. Hi Kiara,

      So what you do is put the cones on both breasts and pump until you see them expand and feel pressure without causing any pain. I have quite a few videos that you can check out and if you want I can do one showing you how its done?

      1. Yes please i would love to see that video. Got it thnk you sooooo soooo much for all your help!:) it means a lot.

  5. Hi! After looking at your review, im even more interested to try this! Do you think its necessary to get the Airlock kit or the gauged hand pump?

    1. Hi Evelyn, oooh welcome to the NoogleJourney! I use mine without the airlock and find it works brilliantly. However many users do really like the airlock kit so its up to you if you want to try it out. Hope it helps. Please let me know if you need anything!

  6. I am transgender. I have tried over the counter phyto estrogens and I have taken estradiol and Spinolactane (blocker) for a year and my breasts are stuck at an A cup size and yes I do daily message. I ordered my breast and butt pump enhancers with the silicone rings. My question is related to how many pumps? Note I got the gauged option for both units. Please correct if wrong, I have read that I should expect to pump every day for 4 months minimum. I have also heard some pump for 12-18 months. Unsure on this. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Dawn dear, I would recommend you checking out this playlist as it might answer some of your q’s. For the Noogleberry I have the large contoured system and I think that you will be able to use one pump for both systems but I am not too sure as I don’t have the butt one. Look through those vids when you can and if you still have more questions do let me know! Also let me know how things go for you sweetheart x

  7. Ok for a few minutes after pumping the breast look more bigger and firmer. But go away minutes after. Does anyone know how long before the results are permanent?

  8. Hello Manika!
    I’ve been using the breast enlargement vacuum pump since 2 months and I’ve seen enlargement in my breasts too which made me really happy. I’ve been pumping 2 or 3 hours a day. But today while i was pimping i noticed blood coming out of my nipple which made me scared to the core. I have not been using any nipples cover. What do you think might have happened? I think I might have over pumped. I want to share as i want to know of something like this has happened to any other lady or is it only me?

    1. Ramin, that does not sound good! Is it the noogleberry that you bought? Was blood coming out where milk might if you were pregnant? You’ve been using it for 2 months have you ever pained yourself before? Please let me know as it does sound worrying. You have my support, and know you will be ok but stop using anything on them and maybe have it checked out when you can.

  9. Please excuse my comment . I finally got it too work. I think any smaller would not be right fit . Sorry. I’m hanging in there I hope it works!!!!

  10. i have been using the system for 2 years now. i am a transgender the system allowed my breasts o go from a a cup to c cup yeah! i am totally happy with the system and the results are amazing

  11. Hello! So I saw a cheap breast enlargement pump for $16. Is it to be trusted? You said that the cheap one are not good right? There the ones that make the nipple bleed? How long do I pump it for? You said that it’s bad to keep pumping it for 10/15 minutes. So how long do I do it? Do I do it for breasts at the same time or individually? Thank you so, much!!!

  12. Hi Manika
    So lovely to see your blog and all thr effort you have made for others .
    I’m sure you are well aware that NBE I’m def a journey and a half .mostly mental I think.
    I just wanted to know what else are u doing apart from pumping.
    Like I have read protein is else till like 90 g
    Collagen. Breaat massage , fenugreek oil. Would love to know what else u have used that worked or didn’t work etc.
    Many thanks

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