Forks Over Knives The Cookbook Review- The Health Lover’s Favorite Cooking Guide!

People people people! Now is the time for celebration! Why you ask? Because Forks Over Knives has our back with some (if my Spanish still serves me right) delicioso recipes in this follow up to their best selling book, “Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health.”

When authors Del Sroufe and Isa Chandra Moskowitz first came out with the book and the documentary that followed, the world was both astonished and hooked by the message: you can save your life with a plant- based diet.

Seriously! Cutting out meat, fish, eggs, and dairy can do wonders for your body, your mind and your spirit… Just ask Dr. Sebi whose care and treatment facility cured many people of diseases like blindness caused by glaucoma, diabetes, HIV, and aids. What you never heard about this? Don’t take my word for it, look it up! Watch this video for the full scoop.

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Eating to Live

The reason behind many non- communicable diseases (heart disease, cancers, kidney disease, cataracts) is blood, starch, and refined/processed food. Our body is naturally on the alkaline side and eating alkaline foods help it to maintain its natural state, meaning that it can regenerate and heal itself of any ailments.

When our diet is more on the acidic side (sugar, dairy, meat, fish, sweetened beverages, processed foods) we leave ourselves open to all sorts of unfortunate health issues and are unable to do the thing our bodies are naturally equipped for: healing itself.

Most humans are naturally omnivores, and I understand this, but when you throw in unethical practices from the livestock industry and other food companies interested more in money than the wellbeing of their consumers, the result is people with severe health issues. This is why we have to be conscious and take steps to look after ourselves while we are here on this beautiful planet. We must eat to live!

The Hero of Plant-based Recipes

I have been a vegetarian since 2016, and was a pescetarian before that from 2012. I have hated cheese since I can remember and my intolerance to lactose has been pronounced since my early 20’s. That being said, I have had pure nightmares in eating out in restaurants, at different events including family functions, and have even had trouble spicing it up in my own kitchen because of my dietary requirements.

I find that those who do not understand plant- eaters think we should be content with something that involves cheese or else believe that a plate of lettuce should suffice, and this really grinds my gears! I like to eat scrumptious food and have a varied choice in doing so and this is where the cookbook has answered the call.


Forks Over Knives the Cookbook has made my life so much easier with nutritious delicious food recipes! There are over 300 recipes for a year’s worth of tasty foodies. The recipes are not always ones that make Dr. Sebi’s alkaline list (his is only of plant- based foods that are from the Earth, so unfortunately not even broccoli is on his approved list as it is technically man- made) but the pages of the cookbook are filled with plant- based recipes that, if followed, yield incredible health results.

My favorite part is that the recipes make for some super yummy eats! I am not a creative cook but love to eat great- tasting food that is also great for me. This book merges the two and I love to try out a brand new recipe that has me and my health in mind. I literally feel like this book is a God send 🙂

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What’s in The Book

Praise- testimonials from people who have had positive health changing effects on their lives.

Intro- introduces the first book and how this one differs in offering a complete guide with a recipe for every meal, every day of the week.

Basics- recipes for homemade stocks, pestos, sauces, broths, chutneys, guacamole, and broths

Breakfasts- a plant eaters guide to yummy breakfast with subdivisions that have different recipes within them (see below)

  • Fruits and smoothies
  • Granola and muesli
  • Hot cereals
  • Hearty breakfasts

Salads- many different kinds of salads with three different categories

  • Grain salads
  • Bean salads
  • Hearty vegetable salads with a kick

Soups- spoiled for choice with the variety of soups that spans over 113 pages

Stews and Chilies- 84 pages of a variety of stews and veggie chillies

Wraps and Spreads- 3 different categories within this main division

  • Lettuce wraps
  • Tortilla wraps
  • Spreads

Pasta and Noodles- 3 different categories within this main division

  • Pasta and noodle salads
  • Warm Pasta Dishes
  • Warm noodle dishes

Stir- Fried, Grilled and Hashed Vegetables- 58 pages with some of the tastiest recipes

Stuffed and Baked Vegetables- 73 pages worth of baked goods

The Amazing Bean- 74 pages of bean galore

Great Grains- 3 separate division of great grains

  • Rice dishes
  • Corn, polenta and millet dishes
  • Quinoa and other grain dishes

Casseroles- 76 pages worth of casserole recipes

Desserts- 31 different recipes for plant- based desserts!

Metric Conversion Charts- measurements for the food you eat

Who it’s For

Anyone who wants to eat healthier, wants an introduction and full coverage of  plant- based foods, isn’t very creative in the kitchen– but wants to be.

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The Price

$10-14 on amazon

Final Thoughts

I will say that I am not very happy with the inclusion of soy in some of the recipes as I am not for this crop. There are also some items that the late Dr. Sebi might have disapproved of (beans, corn, carrot, spinach, among others) and if you are following his wise cell foods list, then there are certain recipes within this book that are off limits. However, I am super happy with this cookbook and glad to have it as my go- to cook book. Definitely one of my favorite purchases. Whether you are an omnivore, pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan, this cook book has special recipes that we all can enjoy and that are beneficial to our overall health. Mind, body, and spirit food is always the food for us natural living lovers!

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4 comments on “Forks Over Knives The Cookbook Review- The Health Lover’s Favorite Cooking Guide!

  1. Hello and thanks for the detailed review. I really looking a way to start eating healthier. I like going to the gym and running but I must improve my diet.

    I have only one question. I want to buy this, it is cheap and I will probably try it. But is it easy to cook the recipes a beginner like me?

    1. Ilias, the recipes are super easy! Everything is explained in detail, the ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery shop and it is certainly not complicated! Let us know how it goes after you get the book 🙂 happy eating!

  2. There’s a lot of great information here about this book. I love finding ways to eat more healthy and eating more plant wise is definitely up my alley. I do love my meats, however I am always finding more ways to incorporate more plant based foods into my families diet.

    Hashed vegetables, stir fry, and wraps all sound delicious. I can’t wait to see these recipes have in store.

    Broccoli is man made? I had no idea!

    1. Hi Kimi, I too think it is a great idea to incorporate as much of a plant- based diet as possible. Making healthy choices does the body good. Don’t worry broccoli is still a superfood and one of the best vegetables to eat! But it was cross bred, I believe in Italy, some years ago so is one of those domesticated and human- involved plants. It is still my favorite veg of all time!

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