How to be More Attractive for Free

Hi beautiful,

Today you are going to have an extremely blissful day!

And also… we are gonna go over one of the easiest ways to be more attractive and beautiful…for free!

This ancient secret is known by every true goddess and when we unleash it, our true essence shines!

Beauty is super important as it represents our femininity!

The most beautiful woman understands her power and ALWAYS taps into the ancient secret to increase her inner beauty and thus her outward attractiveness.

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Attractiveness Comes From Within

In case you didn’t know, true beauty comes from within and here’s how it works:

Can you think of those days when you are feeling yourself?

You look in the mirror and the mirror is just living, because you’re living!

When you walk out of the house, you receive compliment after compliment because your hair is on point or your skin is shining?

You feel it. See it. It exudes outward,  and others feel and see it in real 3d life!

Now reverse that.

It’s a bad hair day or there is a nasty spot on your skin. Makeup application was a total flop and all you can see is a clown staring back.

You feel horrible. See horrible.

You look in the mirror and your mirror is literally appalled!

You go out of the house and feel like everyone is staring at you. And they are.

They feel your energy, they see what your energy exudes. It is that simple!!

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Within = Energy?

It’s energy. And ain’t we all just walking energy?!

Like (energy) attracts like (energy) and the energy we give off is all down to how we are feeling.

AND feelings come from inside.

So true beauty… truly comes… from within! FACTS!

That means that even if you are unhappy with your breasts, or have a big/flabby/mushy belly, skin issues, uncooperative hair or anything else that you feel hinders your attractiveness, you still have the power to be more and more attractive and beautiful each day, for free… and I’m gonna walk you through how.

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The Secret that Woke the Girl

I talk about this in so many of my videos and posts because once I learned the ancient secret, my whole life changed!

I had a breakthrough! And thank gawd because I value beauty as well as the knowledge of how to unlock my pure potential.

When I was just a young one I wished I had better hair and a better body and wanted things that I never thought possible.

Fast forward to when the high delivered the law of attraction into my spirit and I transformed into a woman that the 10-year old me would be so proud of.

And it wasn’t just because I grew into my body nor because I learned how to apply makeup, sort my hair or afford skincare products!

It was and is because I learned to affirm to my beauty every day and this is what every true goddess must do to keep her divinity on track.

Affirmations are the ONES!

Affirmations are the secret!

Not enough people understand that positive affirmations are more than just positive thinking/talking.

In fact, when done correctly, positive affirmations are positive feelings aka positive energy aka the pure form of the human spirit!

They enable us to power our life-force, and when said regularly, work to transform our physical selves in real 3d life!

The fabulous thing about positive affirmations is that when said over time, they can even transform elements that we thought impossible or too pricey.

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Example in My Life

A strong example for me is natural breast enhancement!

Before getting into the law of attraction I thought that the only way I would ever see an increase in my bust would be through implants.

Yet, when I began the ancient secret: ritualistically asking for bigger breasts, imagining my breasts growing, and having my girlfriends and partner notice the change, it led to something incredible.

One fortuitous day someone slid into my dm’s asking me about the noogleberry and the rest is history!

Of course, in life all takes action but it is through managing our feelings (energy) that we can propel the action to happen.

Regular positive affirmations are how we can regularly get into a feeling place where we can magnetize our wants. When it comes to beauty wants, it makes it one of the easiest ways to feel it and then to become it… for freaking free!

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How to do it

You should make your own based on your wants (obvs) but I want to remind you to not only say it but to feel it!

This will take some practice if you are a newbie but the best thing to do is really imagine what it will be like.

What will people say? What will you say when you look in the mirror? How will you feel when you see the new>insert your want here<? How shocked will your loved ones be?

Feel what it will mean to have it, see it visually, and when in doubt affirm to yourself that you will feel it:

I am so good at not only saying positive affirmations but feeling what I am saying and the proof is in my _______!

  • Make a list of all your beauty wants and say them over and over every day until you speak them into existence
  • Say them aloud or in your head, same time each day or multiple times throughout the day!
  • Have the list in a notebook or on your mirror as a visible reminder
  • When you look at yourself smile, smolder and repeat your affirmations!

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Some Things I Say

Things I affirm to myself are:

  1. I love you so much and am so thankful for you as a vessel
  2. My scalp is so happy, hydrated and clear and I get so happy every time I see its health in photos
  3. Skin you are so soft and supple and I’m taking such good care of you that I’m asked for tips daily!
  4. My curls are better than they’ve ever been, soft, healthy, big and shaped exactly like I love!

I focus on what I really want and every morning before rising out of bed I spend 15 minutes affirming to my beauty and it sets the tone for the rest of my day.

When I see myself in the mirror I remind myself to honor my vessel. I also affirm randomly throughout the day and when I feel it and see it, it pours out of me!

And the same is true for you! This is one of the powers of our kind!

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What you Need to Do

Go and affirm to your beauty today, tomorrow and for the rest of your earth walk… because you deserve it!

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Your Faveeee Show is On

In Ending

And that is the truest, most ancient, and uber free secret to being more beautiful and attractive! Now, before I go, I am affirming to you, beautiful, that you find everything you need to embrace your God-given divinity. You are all-a THAT!

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  • Take care of yourself and your GOD-given divinity ALWAYS!
  • Love ya’s 💋

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