How to Bosom Beauty Pump for Asymmetry w/o Neglecting the Bigger Sister!

Hello my beautiful dears!

Welcome to another day in this beautiful ting we call life. Now onto….Asymmetrical breasts… crazy right?

While most women have one breast that is variably smaller than the other, there are a select few of us that have one that is noticeably variant! For those of us that fit in this class, finding methodologies to support our smaller girl becomes the mission at hand!

This of course can often lead to neglect of the meatier of the two, which is not what any of us in the NBE world aim to do! BUT there is a way to focus our Bosom Beauty (BB) pumping solely on our small breast while still giving our larger one all the love and consideration necessary for her health, well-being, and growth!

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Uno: Affirmations

Remember the post about positive affirmations? Practicing these regularly (read:daily) sends powerful waves and frequencies which works to magnetize positive situations.

When our focus is on the breasts, the waves are constantly working! Meaning that regardless of if the small breast is receiving all of the pump-time, both breasts are still on the track to even out and grow just as our intention commands!

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Dos: Massage the Other

While my Zena (left/smaller one) is utilizing all her time in the BB I take full advantage of ZoraAnabelle (right/meatier one) being exposed with a healthy and nourishing massage.

This ensures that our girls are both receiving love and treatment. It also provides us with the knowledge that, while the treatment is not the same across the chest, the remedy is one that equips each girl with what she specifically needs.

Our girls are different after all and thus require a tailor made regimen! *see vid below!*

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Tres: Slap Therapy on the Other

Slap therapy is funnnnnnnnnn! Its also so easy to execute when one breast is having some ‘me-time.’

Slap therapy is huge is many Asian countries and is one of those ancient beauty regimes that is hardly talked about in the western world (read:secret/sacred and amazing!). It works in similar nodes as massage by increasing blood flow, but with the added effect of shifting fat towards the breasts.

I give my girls a good slap daily, and whenever I am pumping with just Zena, ZoraAnabelle gets some mighty solitary slaps for at least 10 minutes! *see vid below!*

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Cuatro: Targeted Exercise

Finally, whenever Zena is having her targeted time, I give ZoraAnabelle a targeted exercise to promote lift. Repeatedly, for around 10 minutes, I touch my right shoulder followed by lifting my right arm as high as I can.

I physically see ZoraAnabelle lift and can feel the subtle contractions in my chest area. Ummm yes please! *see vid below!*

*TIP* even if you don’t have severe asymmetry you can try pumping with one of your breasts at a time (as it makes the suction stronger) and can perform all of the exercises on this list for an extra boost!

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Your Faveeee Show is on!

Cinco: El Fin

So there you have it! Focusing on our smaller girl doesn’t have to mean neglecting our bigger one. When we include these exercises we bring ourselves closer and closer to our #boobiedreams without sacrificing growth for evenness. That is another ‘ummmmm yes please!’

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