How to Buy New Growth: The Natural Breast Growth Program

Hello my wonderful darlings,

Welcome to another chapter on this NBE (Natural Breast Enhancement) journey!

A big Q that I’m constantly asked in regards to New Growth is about the website and how to safely buy the program.

AND in a world where there are new scammers, phishers, and hackers daily, I completely understand why I’m constantly asked this!

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The Confusion

The New Growth (NG) program is a natural breast enhancement program created by naturo-therapist, Eric Duchaine of Montreal, Canada.

A friend of his came to him with queries about her depleted breasts due to breastfeeding and Eric offered her a few homeopathic remedies… and they WORKED!

In fact, the remedies worked so well that he began to offer the same treatment for many of his clients and thus the program was born.

Eric then began to market his program through his site, (French site), and later created an English version, 

Now here is where the confusion for many of us sets in…

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User Experience

The original site is quite well-maintained and the layout makes for ease of navigation + a user-friendly experience.

The english site, on the other hand, was built by a different developer and many complain of it:

  • being too blocky to read
  • having many typos
  • being dated 
  • not trustworthy

For many of us in the english-speaking world, going solely on might work to scare us away rather than invite us to browse more.

Fears are said to heighten when clicking the ‘buy now’ option, as it directs us straight to someone’s paypal! For the more-cautious, this feels like a red flag!

BUT this is why I’m here! For any of you interested in the NG program, I will walk you through the entire process, beginning with the beginning: buying.

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The Same Boat

First I want to let you all know that I was in the exact same boat! I detail the full story behind how I found the NG program in this post, but as a prospective new growther, I definitely had the same reservations as many of you!

By the look of the website I wasn’t sure if the company was still running and I definitely did not feel comfortable just ‘buying now’ without fully determining what I was buying and who I was buying from!

But through the consultations with Eric + through me fully trying the program, I can now fully disseminate to you the background of  NG’s… background.

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In the Lab OUT the Tech

While many of us find the digital age and all its tools to be second nature, I’ve come to learn that mr. Duchaine has a different view.

He and I had a bit of a task in determining how we would have our first virtual consultation as Eric didn’t have fb, insta, facetime, nor whatsapp and his skype couldn’t pick up my sound!

When we finally did have a chance to speak, everything became crystal clear to me.

Eric explained how the program was created only through it working for a friend, broke down how the sites were each created by a different developer, and followed with a the technical side of it all isn’t really my thing. Eureka!

With that clear, I was able to appreciate the program for the work that Eric does in his lab rather than the interface of the website.

BUT because I journeyed through NG waters, AND because many of you want clarity, I am here to tell any of you that are interested in the program, that YES is a legit site and we do have more than one option to buy!

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Option #1 Just ‘Buy now’

The first option is to go right ahead and click buy now through the website

I knowwwww it feels strange to click ‘buy now’ on a site and be redirected to a paypal account but I can assure you there is no foul play here!

While other sites have a cart or direct us to a webform where we fill in our name and address, NG goes straight to the company’s paypal and when buying, your order will be shipped to the address on your paypal and you will be contacted by the company for the delivery of your program.

In the video below I explain how we can determine the difference between a fake/malicious site and a genuine one, so be sure to check it out so you can always safeguard when online shopping!

Anytime you click the link through my site or channel, your discount is applied for you but if you do opt for buying now through the NG website just email the company after  your purchase to let them know that you should have received a discount via Manika-Nia!

Option one is totally viable, but there are better options below!

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Option #2 Reach out to MEEEEE

If buying directly through the link seems daunting, I got you!

You can reach out to me via Email, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook so that you have a real person to speak to first, rather than just sending money through a site!

All I can do is answer any Qs that I have the answer to and provide you with the discounted link or put you in touch with the company, but if you are like me, speaking to a live person feels so much more safe than sending money to a site!

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Option #3 Contact the Founder

This is probably the smartest option on the entire list! Eric is the best person to talk to about this program and will be able to answer any pressing Qs that you have.

This option will also help to better gauge if the program is suited for you + will enable you to determine what your best plan of action is.

If you do choose to reach out to him, be sure to let him know that Manika-Nia or Her Natural Living Handbook sent you and that you want your discount applied!

My Current Results

Sooooo I gained….. A lot of weight over quarantine, about 10kg (22lbs)…!

As of this post, I’ve lost 6.8kg (15lbs) BUT the interesting thing is that my breasts didn’t change with the weight gain… sigh.

Unfortunately, my bosom is unaffected by weight gain/loss!

My measurements remained the same week to week. 

BUT because I had a break from pumping with the NB and BB over most of quarantine, most of you will be happy to know that all the gains I received through my NBE journey were not lost even without pumping!

Bust: 38.83’

Right Breast: 10’

Left Breast: 10’

Band: 31’ 

Visually, in clothing, I think the girls look amazing! However, when bare I still see that difference between ZoraAnabelle (right) and her sister Zena (left), so my NBE journey don’t stop! I will update on my new routine soon and have the Naturaful review coming up, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss them!

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Time to Watch

The End for Now

Before I head off today I just want to say that in looking through old photos of my girls, I can fully appreciate how far they’ve come! It reminds me to remind you to keep going for your #boobiedreams! You got this and the gains are real!

  • Know any other non-invasive NBE systems? Let me know in the comments down below!
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  • Join our natural living circle by subscribing!
  • Check out our NBE playlist on youtube
  • Keep your booby dreams alive! Never ever give up!
  • Take care of your girls and as always TREAT YO’ SELF!
  • Love ya to bits ?

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