How to Care for the Scalp with 4 Natural Ingredients- This will Grow your Hair too!

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I am very happy to be writing about such an important topic: looking after our scalp, naturally. It all starts with the scalp! If we want healthier hair, longer hair, flake- free hair, moisturized hair, thicker hair, less oily hair, (you get the picture) then we need to start with the scalp. The best way to do this, of course, is with ingredients from the best place evaaaa!- Mother Nature’s kitchen.

Before we get into some stellar natural ingredients that you’ll have to add to your scalp- care regime, let’s go over the scalp- types. Yes, just like the skin we all have scalp types and should endeavor to care for our scalp based on where we land on the list.

Like the skin there are three scalp categories…

  1. Normal
  2. Oily
  3. Dry


If you fall in this category then you have a bit of an easier time with the care of your scalp. Those who have a normal type do not suffer from dandruff or find that their scalp (and thus hair) becomes too oily. In a word those with normal type have more of a balance (luckies!).

Tips: Use an herbal shampoo without harsh chemicals and detergents. You can try a great one here by Vaadi. Do a warm oil treatment once a month to stimulate blood circulation and help your hair to grow at a faster rate. Try one of the natural home remedy’s below.


Those with an oily scalp are most susceptible to dandruff and flaking. This is because the excess oil that the glands produce accumulate at the roots and clog the pores thus creating those unsightly flakes. Oily scalp- types often have issues with flatness and certain measures need to be taken to combat such negative effects.

Tips: Shampoo/cleanse regularly with a shampoo/cleanser that is free of harsh chemicals and detergents. This is a botanical shampoo that is said to work incredibly well for oily scalps aptly called Degrease. Your aim is for a deep cleanse! When conditioning avoid placing the product on your scalp, as this adds more oil to your scalp. Try one of the remedies listed below that works well for your scalp- type.


This is where I fall. Those with a dry scalp usually feel the effects of itching and flaking. Because the sebaceous glands secrete an insufficient amount of oil, the hair is usually left rough, frizzy and dull and it is not fun!

Tips: Apply an oil externally to provide your hair with the oil it lacks. Ease up on the washing/cleansing of your hair (stick to once a week) and when you do wash/cleanse make sure you use a shampoo/cleanser that will not strip your hair of natural oils. Check out my post here for the best products to use. Give yourself an oil treatment once a week and try leave- in conditioners for your hair. Try one or more of the natural ingredients below.

How to Care for the Scalp with 4 Natural Ingredients

Now that we know what type of scalp we have and that the care of it is necessary for healthy hair, let’s get into the natural ingredients that give us a a healthy scalp.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The scientific name for this bean is Ricinis Communis. Black Castor oil is slightly different from castor oil and this is because the process involved in creating it is different.

Black castor oil is made by roasting the bean and this is why it turns into the brown liquid that it is known for today. This oil is reported to work in ways similar to castor oil but at a much faster (better) rate.

This works on all hair types and can moisturize, thicken, strengthen and rapidly grow hair. This can also prevent hair breakage, grow eyelashes (check back for my post on the results I have had using this on my lashes daily), prevent dandruff, eczema, and fix a dry/itchy scalp.

This product is very safe for the hair and helps for the maintenance of a healthy scalp.

My favorite brand is Sunny Isle Jamaica and you can get yours here an 8oz bottle usually goes for about $12 and lasts me about 2 months. Just make sure that the main ingredient (the only ingredient) says ricinis communis.

I use an applicator bottle and apply this throughout my scalp once a week. I leave this in for about an hour before cleansing my hair. *best for dry and normal*

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you have read more than one of my posts then you will be well aware of my love affair with ACV. One of my readers rhetorically asked, “is there anything ACV can’t do?” This liquid has truly been a savior in so many elements in my life and I can attest to its bountiful power.

This baby balances the pH of the skin so it is no wonder that it does the very same thing for the scalp and the hair (they are fundamentally the same thing..). ACV helps to remove dandruff and keep our skin at its natural state.

ACV also really adds shine to the hair. My favorite brand is Bragg which you can get here.

I use a measuring cup and add ACV with some water, it is usually more parts water than ACV but this is up to you as I have surely poured ACV on my scalp without diluting and had great results. I massage this on my scalp and then rinse off. *best for all hair types but especially good for oily*


You will have to check back for my post about the powers of henna where I will show a tutorial of how I mix it and what it does for the hair, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Henna also known as Mehandi powder is a natural herbal powder. This is a stain more than anything and you have likely seen it on the hands of lovely ladies or even as a hair dye (I will cover the dye/hair features in my upcoming post).

Henna is one of the best conditioners around and it prevents dandruff, nourishes the scalp and makes the hair smooth and healthy. You can get your powder here. Make sure that it is all natural henna powder, should be green in color and the cost ranges from $5-15 and literally can last a year when using it once a month.

I mix the powder with hot water or tea infused water (to bring the color properties out), let it cool then add any oils that I have on hand like olive, coconut, jojoba, grapeseed (never essential oils), yoghurt, an egg. I keep the mix refrigerated and use this once a month. You can use this just on the scalp or throughout your whole head.

Might not be an option for those with light colored hair as its natural tint is a reddish/brownish mahogany color and it will stain your hair. For those with darker hair, this does not act as dye but rather as a tint, and if you were to apply throughout your whole head you might only notice a color change when out in the sun. My hair is black (darkest brown) and using this monthly I see no difference. *great for all scalp types*

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is derived from the shavings of the coconut and has incredible properties for the scalp and hair. This adds natural moisture to the scalp (and the hair) and is incredible for treating dry, brittle hair, and sealing split ends.

The milk of the coconut also helps for hair loss/thinning and the compound of vitamins intermixed in this liquid hydrate the scalp. In short this is a moisture magnet and when the scalp is properly moisturized, the hair has an easier time at being its luxurious self.

I bought mine for about $0.50 at my local supermarket but it might be that cheap because of location (I am in Thailand), however this milk is reasonably cheap and its best to pick up at your local. If you cannot find it, you can always buy it here.

I get a cotton pad and soak it in the milk. I ring it out only slightly and then proceed to saturate my entire scalp in the milk by pressing the soaked pad to my head. I also saturate all of my hair and leave this on for up to an hour. *best for dry types*


Caring for the scalp is fundamental when we want to have healthy hair and doing so the natural way, is the best way to go. These 4 natural ingredients have been incredible in looking after my dry scalp and I feel all the richer for having been introduced to them, and incorporating them into my hair-care regime has given me the healthy scalp needed for healthy, happy hair.

Your Turn

What did you think of this post? Have you tried any of these scalp- treatments before? What is your favorite way to take care of your scalp? Make sure to let me know by commenting below and don’t forget to hit those share buttons and check out my other posts for more natural living inspiration!

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  1. I love all of the products that you mentioned. I believe I have an oily scalp, sometimes dry. I am headed out right now to find some of these products. Looking forward to my hair growing. Thank you once again for all of your information!!!

    1. Hi again, Malaik no problem! You can akso get the items right from the post if you have any trouble finding them elsewhere, I know that JBC was difficult for me to find so I just order it each time I am running low. Thank you again for reading!

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