How to Create a Better Life #OrganizeEverything!

Hi my beauties,

A very happy today to you, the besssssst readers in the world!–(hi mommmm!)

Today is all about that magical corporeality that we call life. Beautiful thing ain’t it? And yet so many of us stifle our life-force with clutter and chaos.

AND here’s the T, we will never #neverever create a better life through repetitive chaos. BUT there is a silver lining! A lining so enchanting that all we need ever do is follow 5 simple tips to diminish disarray and live a better life.

The more we organize our lives, the more we live a happy existence. And that, my friends, is the ultimate goal for every being of light.

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Tip 1: Go Through Everything we Own Regularly

Junk. how many of us have it? Junk. We never will rely on!

I get it. We live in a consumerist society! We always need the next big thing here, a replacement of something there, an upgrade everywhere! I’m not saying that we can’t have our shopping fun, but I am saying that it is very important to keep stock of what we have.

As a responsible human being, it is our duty to go through our household items, clothing, and cosmetics on a regular basis to keep from accumulating junk. We must constantly determine what we have and if we really need it!

In the video below you will find my golden tips for organizing my kitchen, wardrobe and skincare stand, BUT with whatever method you decide to use, just ensure that you you stick to it!

Following this tip enables us to:

  • use everything that habitates our space
  • mindfully repurpose
  • not accumulate junk
  • not have items that we do not wear/cannot fit
  • prevent items from getting moldy/moth bitten/damaged
  • determine if we need everything

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Tip 2: Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

We all know that warm feeling we get when we do good for others. It’s a full circle. We help someone else which makes us feel good which adds to the light of the universe…. yeah all that good stuff!

When it comes to unwanted items, donating adds an extra layer as we are cleansing our home>thus our minds>helping another being of light>which makes us feel good>which adds to the high vibrations of our world. Ahh we do loveee the high-frequency vibes!

Following tip 1 leads easily into tip 2 which leads straight into a more cleansed us and better version of us!

Another option is to sell which, when it works, gives us the opportunity to make some extra cash! Using eBay or better, your local online buy/sell/trade app will have benefits that you might not have considered before!

Following this tip enables us to:

  • cleanse our space
  • help someone less fortunate
  • support our fave cause
  • support reusing
  • prevent adding to landfills
  • get involved with our local buy/sell/trade community

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Tip 3: Have a Place for Everything

HANDBOOKERS! This is the most important item on the list! It is vital #VITAL!

Having a place for every single thing in our home is what will prevent the clutter chaos! When we live by this tip, we ultimately are saying yes to a more peaceful, healthier and happier life.

When everything has a place, we are consciously taking care of our space and thus are consciously taking care of our selves. AND a well-cared for us is a happy us.

Following this tip enables us to:

  • not over buy
  • buy with purpose
  • rethink a purchase
  • determine where it will go
  • save money
  • maintain a peaceful home
  • choose quality over quantity
  • prevent waste
  • keep good stock of everything we own
  • reuse/repurpose items in the home
  • have a great chi in the home
  • maintain a beautiful balance

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Tip 4: Make Lists and Stick Exclusively to what is on them

Lists are everything sis! They are literally so helpful. Full stop.

Personally, I have a list for articles of clothing that I want to buy/need, household items that I want/need, my weekly grocery needs, things that need doing over time, and topics for my blog posts. ANNNND they truly help me live better!

Creating lists ensures that we don’t over buy, helps us to focus on what we actually want/need and on some real psychological type ‘ish helps us to center our minds. I like to take full advantage of the ‘notes’ in my iPhone so that I can keep track of items I want, can add when I need, and can also tick off or delete once I’ve completed the task.

Whenever I do get the urge to shop, I refer to my lists and look for items within them which prevents me from buying just for buying sake. Having something on a list for X amount of time also helps me to determine if I actually want/need it or if I am am merely being influenced by the consumerist in me.

Following this tip enables us to:

  • prevent overbuying
  • make shopping easier
  • fulfill the satisfaction of ticking off a list (its psychological)
  • keep stock of what we have
  • improve our fashion/style sense
  • prevent food waste
  • eliminate excess
  • ensure that we aren’t unnecessarily buying
  • not miss out on anything when doing our food shopping

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Tip 5: Create Schedules

Finally we have schedules. Schedules can come in many forms. From adding items to our calendar to writing them down in our planner to going full out on Excel. The important aspect for creating schedules is to refer to them to keep on track.

I like to add important dates to the calendar on my phone so that it can alert me. Weekly events like my self-given manicure and pedicure need to be added so that my beauty never suffers. I also like to schedule when it is time to swap out my toothbrush head every 3 months!

Creating a schedule is vital for my business and for the social media aspect of my site and channel and staying on track in this way truly makes me feel like a superwoman!

Following this tip enables us to:

  • organize dates
  • stay on top of our beauty and health needs
  • track our business profits
  • give important reminders
  • make life easier
  • remember who to contact and when

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Your Favorite Show is on!

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Here’s to a Better Life

Ready for another secret? You are the strongest person that you know! And you have every single thing needed to create your dream life. Life will always have variation (it’d be boring without it), but when we take the time to organize our existence we are always on track to creating a better and more beautiful life! #treatyoself

  • Did any tips from the video inspire you? Let us know in the comment section!
  • Share your top tips for creating a better life through organization
  • Treat yo’ self today and always!
  • Take great care of you!
  • Love ya’s ?

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