How to Cure Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

Hello beautiful woman,

Welcome to another day of existence! Today’s post is dedicated to female wellness and naturally curing an ailment that plagues so many women: Cervical Dysplasia.

What is Cervical Dysplasia?

Cervical Dysplasia is the term for cells on the cervix that are abnormal or precancerous. I know…. Yikes! Whenever the C word is suggested, the fear comes out.

BUT just REMEMBER that abnormal cells on the cervix do not mean you have cancer nor that you will get cancer. It does, however, mean that if not treated, there is a possibility of the dreaded C-monster.

Are there Any Symptoms?

There aren’t usually any symptoms which makes it all the more scary. If symptoms do show they are normally in the form of bleeding.

Women with regular menstrual cycles might have an easier time spotting abnormal bleeding than women with irregular cycles.

As it can not be seen with the naked eye, it must be diagnosed through a doctor-administered pap smear.

Where Does it Come From?

Cervical Dysplasia is caused by HPV, which is the Human Papillomavirus. There are many different strains and some are high risk which can turn into cancerous cells.

It’s actually the most common sexually transmitted infection in the US and can be transmitted even without penetration.

Skin to skin contact and even mutual masturbation can illicit the contraction of the virus.

Who is Most at Risk?

Women of any age can contract HPV and it’s more common than you might think.

Those at higher risk for HPV and cervical dysplasia are ladies who:

  • Have had sex before the age of 16
  • Have a high number of sexual partners or who have sex with someone whose had a high number of partners
  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Don’t use condoms during hetero sex
  • Have a weakened immune system due to medications or other factors
  • Have given birth before the age of 16

So many women can find themselves on this list and that’s what makes this such a widespread virus.

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How is Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosed?

Cervical Dysplasia is usually diagnosed by a doctor during a pap smear test or a cervix check. If they find any abnormalities, you will be on one of three levels:

  • CIN1 (mild dysplasia)
  • CIN2 (moderate dysplasia)
  • CIN3 (severe dysplasia)

What are the Treatments?

The good news is that most mild cases will clear up on their own.

6-12 months after the cervical check, if the abnormalities clear up, you’re all good to go! However, if it gets worse after your initial check, then a treatment course is what doctors will set the patient on.

Treatment options require:

  • freezing
  • burning
  • cutting out the abnormal cells

Here’s My Experience

I tick 3 out of the 6 boxes from the list mentioned above. AND before I divulge my cervix story, I want to bring awareness to something in the hope that it will encourage my young readers to take healthy steps.

While I do believe sexuality is fluid and that we as humans should enjoy our time while on this earth walk, because cervical dysplasia is a risk factor for women who have sex before 16, women who have many sexual partners (or sex with someone who has many partners), and women who don’t use protection, I want all my young girls to bear this in mind!

Take this advice:

  1. Wait a while, sex will still be there!
  2. If you are going to have many partners, protect yourself!
  3. Understand your partner’s history and make sure your partner gets checked!
  4. Protect yourself and try to keep your risk factor low!

The First Time ?

So my story really begins when I was living in Ibiza and noticed some bleeding.

As a regular menstruation girl, this was super strange! I didn’t know what the blood was + as I was living away from home, had no idea where to turn for professional help. So I called the Kaiser Permanente hotline, and after explaining was advised to see a gynecologist PRONTO.

I walked in to the only hospital that I knew in San Antonio and after explaining was told that such a query required assistance from a specialist. I was advised to see a gynecologist PRONTO.

Upon a friend’s recommendation, I ventured to my first gynecologist outside of the US.

The doc did an ultrasound, saw some polyps (which could’ve caused the bleeding) and prescribed some birth control to sort them out. I was delighted. It sounded simple enough. He said we’d need to wait for the results to come back to be certain, but I left feeling quite cheerful.

A few weeks later I was called back in and it turned out that they found abnormal cells and on the 3-CIN tier I was just before CIN1. Tear ?.

I was to come back in to have the cells cut away. It was pretty devastating. Even though the procedure was simple and outpatient, when I left, I felt that I couldn’t breathe properly.

In the taxi on the way home it felt that my skin was boiling and I wanted nothing more than to curl up in a fetal position.

When I finally got home, I made a beeline to my bed and wrapped Freckles in my arms for safety. I felt vulnerable and invaded.

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Getting Healthy

Me and Freckles

The doctor told me I needed to come back in 6 months for another check up and  if things weren’t better, the next step would be Loop excision, which did not sound fun AT ALL.

After my pity party I took a vow to heal my cervix naturally. I began to research ‘naturally healing dysplasia’ and learned about vitamins to take and foods to eat. I took on Dr. Sebi’s list of foods and began to religiously and consciously care for my body.

After six months, I went back into the gynecologist office, shaky, but ready.When the results came back NORMAL, I rejoiced in pure happiness!

The Second Time ?

Not long after, I traveled with Mick around Southeast Asia for 6 months.

As is the way when out of your normal setting, my diet and regime completely changed! No more Dr. Sebi, and unfortunately no more folic acid and vitamin c (ya’ girl was on that travelers budget!).

In 2017, within a couple weeks of moving from SEA to Ireland, I bled during sex. Once again it was nowhere near my monthly and thus the fear set in.

Fearful of impending doom and thinking I couldn’t just rock up to the closest hospital, I googled ‘gynecologist in Dublin’ and booked in with the first one that showed up.

Doctors of Earth

In all the countries I’ve lived, Ireland definitely has the most…uhhh… unique doctor’s offices.

  • US, big hospitals with different departments, fancy doctors tools, nurses, and a profesh set up (visited more than one)
  • UK, public hozzies but quite a nice set up, can have different floors/dept’s, nurses, quite profesh (visited more than one)
  • Spain, private practices for specialty doctors, nice set up, spa-like treatment (only visited one)
  • Thailand big with different departments, fancy doctors tools, nurses, and a profesh set up (visited two)
  • Ireland, private practices in offices/rooms, may or may not have receptionist, more of a DIY setup unless you are referred to a larger hospital which is more similar to the UK (visited more than one)

Back Alley Check Up

The first doctor’s office I visited in Ireland had me feeling super… uhhh… uncomfortable. There was no nurse, just a male doctor who led me to the back room of some dodgy place that smelled moldy. I nearly bolted for the exit when I saw the room he was to have me undress and lay down in.

It reminded me of the movie Hostel and I began to mentally kick myself for advising Mick to wait in the car.

But my worry for my cervix was far greater than my irrational fears, and once the doctor turned the other way I de-robed and prepared for the check.

I kept talking to the doctor out of nervousness, and his answers helped me to feel grounded.

He told me he could see a lot of blood and proceeded to show me the XL cotton swab soaked in red substance. It made my stomach turn and my heart grow heavy.

Before leaving, he told me that he suspected that I had endometriosis and to look it up on google. He said he would send the sample to the lab and let me know the results.

A few weeks later the results came…. in Lithuanian! I rushed to my google translate app to uncover my results STAT while, in a panic, begging Mick to drive me to the doctor straight away (ya’ girl only has a US licence!).

Once there, the doctor said they sent it to me in the wrong language by mistake but he translated enough to let me know that I for sure had abnormal cells. Cervical dysplasia was back.

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The Third Time ?

Once I began to settle more in Ireland, I received my Personal Public Services Number (PPSN) which enabled me to have a cervical check for free.

I registered for a new GP (my third in Dublin) and booked in for my check.

Once again it was in a weird building with a DIY office, no nurse, nor privacy when changing clothes, but it was marginally better than the first and second of the private doctor’s offices I’d visited in Dublin.

As the doctor was doing the check, I noticed another blood-soaked cotton swab. I felt dizzy.

He barely put the test sample in the vial before informing me that he would be referring me to the colposcopy clinic for specialized treatment. Oh dear.

The Colposcopy Clinic

At least for the first time in Ireland I went to a medical house that had a nice waiting room, useable toilets, and something to cover me while laying with my lower half completely bare!

I also had a female physician and all female nurses! I felt so much more comfortable.

The clinic’s initial steps were:

  1. Put a special dye on the cervix to see if there were abnormal cells
  2. Biopsy
  3. Wait for results

I was told that they could definitely see an abnormality but that the biopsy potentially removed all the infected cells. I was assuaged not to worry and to wait 6 months for the results.

Six months later a letter came. Inside held unexpected news that near devastated me.

My abnormality was now at CIN2 and I would need to have treatment to prevent it turning into CIN3 and then possibly into cancer.

I felt like a failure. I felt sad, disappointed, and afraid that I might not be able to have kids.

The clinics next steps were:

  1. Inject me with an anesthetic
  2. Put a special dye on the cervix to see the abnormal cells
  3. Burn all the abnormal cells
  4. Wait to see the results
  5. If abnormality still there after treatment, burn more

I closed my eyes the whole time and pretended Freckles was in my arms. I felt the needle go in but because my eyes were closed I was spared from the drama that sight can bring.

There were 5 health practitioners in the room + Mick. One of them continued to soothingly pat me on my leg and tell me I was doing great. I closed my eyes tighter and prayed.

Though it was the most comfortable I ever felt with a health-professional poking around in my lady parts, after the procedure I still felt vulnerable. Unlike myself.

What made things worst was the thought that if the treatment didn’t take I’d have to go through it all again!

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The Healing Process ?

AND the six week healing process was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.

I smelled of rotting flesh, and water was pouring from me constantly. I just knew everyone could smell me and no matter how tight I squeezed my legs together, the water just poured and poured. It was worst than any period I’d ever had.

During the process I kept thinking: I’m not doing this again.  I’m not.

Although I’m grateful for healthcare professionals, I couldn’t reconcile with the thought of being burned and hacked until there was nothing left.

So I took my vow-shoes out once more.

Getting Healthy Again

I once again got serious about my research, and sought out my girl who studies herbalism. Different from the first time, something clicked.

Amber let me know that cervical dysplasia is usually associated with a low immune system and recommended natural remedies that could help me keep my immunity up and thus fight off the virus.

She coached me on what herbs I could incorporate and put me on to fabulous tools and remedies to better look after my immunity.

I began to take folic acid, vitamin C, and black seed oil ritualistically and also began to positively affirm to my cervix.

  • I let go of everything that does not serve me! You are whole, healthy and perfect!

I didn’t let any fear rock me.

When I went back for my post check up, they did another cervical smear and said we would need to wait 6-9 months for the results.

For the entirety of the waiting, I took my herbs and supplements and affirmed to my cervix that she was whole and perfect every day.

February 2020, the letter came in the post:

  • Smear Test Result: Negative/NAD
  • HPV Test Result: Not detected/negative

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Can You Naturally Cure Cervical Dysplasia?

In all honesty, I don’t actually know. BUT in all that I’ve experienced, I really believe the answer is yes.

To cure cervical dysplasia naturally takes steps:

  1. Knowledge: listen to other women’s experiences and understand the facts, equip yourself!
  2. Prevention: remember the list I mentioned above? Enjoy life but take preventative measures first!
  3. Immunity: Keep your immunity up up UP! Always UP! Your body is a temple and you need to treat it with utmost reverence!
  4. Self-love: positive affirmations are one of the greatest tools. She (your cervix) is who you believe she is! You believe she is healthy, that’s what she’ll be. Self-love is power, wield it wisely!
  5. Wellness Living: when we consciously put things on our body, in our body, and surround ourselves with positive people and circumstances, the health of our body is a result!
  6.  Vitamins and Oils: the right ones will keep our immunity strong! Research and rework your body for pure wellness!

Your Faveeee Show is On

End Tings

Sisters, you got this! NEVER forget: Take care of your body, mind, and spirit and the world will work for you!

  • Are any of you out there going through something similar? Please don’t be afraid to share in the comments below!
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  • Share this post with a friend in need!
  • Treat yo’self well! Take care of your body, mind, and spirit
  • Love ya’s ?

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