How to Follow a Healthy Diet Plan in 7 Simple Steps (That Allows you to Eat Delicious Food, Too!)

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Hope your day is going fantastic- amazing! Today I wanted to write a very brief post on how you can create a healthy diet plan and stick to it. This one is dedicated to my lovely mumma because her and I often talk about healthy eating and more importantly the upkeep of it.

Some people get caught up in the indecision of what to eat and so end up eating very little because of their uncertainty (or laziness). Other people turn to junk food/processed food or a superficial health food because they do not know what constitutes as nutritious, whilst others simply get bored thinking that the healthy choices are limited. And of course there are those who have not been able to stick to a nutritious food plan to save their lives, for this reason or that. If any of these sound like you then read on because you can change all that with just a few steps in the right direction!

In my experience, the biggest thing to remember on this journey is that healthy eating is a lifestyle and you must commit to living it to have the best results. Dieting only for some upcoming event will only bring you temporary gratification whereas adopting a healthy lifestyle will give you a lifetime of happiness.

Don’t get caught up in diet fads that won’t last shortly after following them, but do get caught up in a plan that you can stick to for life; one that you enjoy and that makes you a happier, healthier person.

How to follow a healthy diet plan

1. Determine the nutrition factor

Figure out the foods that you like that are nutritious for you and your body. Once that is gleaned, discover some ways that you can incorporate these healthy foods in your day- to- day. Check out your favorite cookbook, discover a new one, or go to our Google friends to see what tasty recipes you can come up with. There are so many healthy foods out in this beautiful world, do your research on some superfoods and endeavor to get those lovely morsels into your body!

2. Make a plan

Make a plan for the wholeeeeeeeee week. Once you know the healthy food that you will include, plan out what you will eat on which day of the week. Be thorough and complete. Write out every single day of the week and under each day, what healthy food you will have on each. It doesn’t have to be gourmet meals every night and it is more than ok to repeat meals (I literally do it all the time), just make a plan. Write out everything that you will eat on each day and do not deter from your ready- made list.

3. Shop for the week

Shop for the ingredients that are on your list for the whole week. I know people who go out every day and buy what they want to eat on each, but I strongly advise against this because you can be susceptible to purchase unhealthy foods or fall into old habits (like not going shopping at all). When you have a plan and have already done the shopping with that plan in mind, then you are more likely to stick to your guns. Make sure you take your list out with you and that you buy every single thing that you need to make your healthy meals throughout the week. Don’t give in to silly temptations, you put in the time and effort to find those recipes and make your healthy list, now it is imperative that you have your own back here. You can do it!

4. Yummy healthy food

Make sure that you are eating food that you like! This is a big one. Many people are under the false impression that healthy food= unappetizing/unsavory/blah but this could not be further from the truth. When making your plan, choose healthy food that you also like, and prepare it in a way that makes it delicious for you. That way it becomes less of a chore and more of a joy to eat and eat well! Herbs and spices help in this area.

5. Look at that body… I work out!

Exercise. Seriously do this. When you are looking after your body on the inside and on the outside you are more inclined to keep doing it. Pair your healthy eating with 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise daily (give yourself rests in the week, though! Maybe 3 days on one day off or a break every Saturday) and watch how much more motivated you are to stick to your plan aka to keep living your healthy lifestyle.

6. Vitamins and more

Take supplements. Food and exercise are major keys to being healthy individuals, yes, but pairing with the right supplements means that you will be on an even healthier trajectory, and that you are giving your body all of the key nutrients it needs to be its best self. I am a vegetarian (very close to vegan except I eat milk chocolate still) and find that taking plant- based supplements such as omega- 3 and b12 helps me to stay on track with my health. Like exercise, taking supplements daily will remind you about the healthy choices you are making and will motivate you to follow your healthy diet because of it.

7. Cheat day.. but stick to it!

Have one (or 2) day(s) out of the week where you are more lenient on yourself (a cheat day) but stick to that day only. If your cheat day is on Saturday then do not give in to temptation on the Friday. Help your mind and your body get used to the discipline that you are teaching it and follow through no matter what. You can even plan your favorite dessert/treat for the day so that you do not go overboard simply because it is your cheat day. I like to have my cheat day at the very end of the week because I feel that I accomplished something in going the whole week sticking to my healthy plan. Leading up to my cheat day or days (Saturday/Sunday) I think about what treat I want to have (usually some popcorn and chocolate covered raisins) and when I make it all the way through I can balance out all my hard work with a very tasty treat indeed. If some event falls on a day outside of your cheat day, make the right choice! Do the best you can and prep enough to where you can stick to your healthy diet plan.

Last Words

This life thing is yours to live and what better way to do it than to do it right! Take care of yourself and show yourself that you can! Be good to yourself by making conscious choices. Adopt these seven steps to help you on your healthy journey and no matter what, keep choosing a lifestyle that offers you longevity. Once you get rolling you will see how easy it is to look after yourself, and you will have these skills for life. Stick to your healthy diet plan. You got this!

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14 comments on “How to Follow a Healthy Diet Plan in 7 Simple Steps (That Allows you to Eat Delicious Food, Too!)

  1. I think the most important thing is to pick what you like to eat. If you really don’t like it, chances are you won’t stick to it. But you put some very good helpful hints in this post.

    1. That is very true Ronnie! And I also think that is the reason why many people shy away from healthy eating, they think it is food that they do not like! The key is finding healthy yummy food!

  2. Well said. it is a commitment as much as the diet. if it is just a fad or something to “try” it wont work. it has to be a way of life. And vitamins and supplements are key
    to longer term health. I book marked this site and will be back.

  3. Great tips, indeed! What I really like a lot is the cheat day! Anyway, I just want to ask you if you think that it is necessary to take vitamines while you are on a diet! What do you think?
    Best wishes,

  4. Thanks so much for the info! I couldn’t agree more to what you said. There is much to be said about not dieting, but making lifestyle changes instead…if you enjoy what you eat and practice healthy living every day without totally depriving yourself, it is much easier to stick to!

  5. I know that for myself, I really need to eat leafy greens almost daily. Having a yummy salad with berries and cheese along with a grilled chicken breast has changed how I think and feel. My mind is more clear thinking when I eat quality food.

    My biggest problem is shopping. I will shop but by the time that days cooking rolls around I am not always craving those foods! Live and learn.

    Do you have any tips for bulk prep? Such as cooking the whole weeks worth of food on one day?

    1. My mister and I do the shopping once a week and to be honest eat the something different on Monday but the same meal for Tuesday- Friday and change it up on each Saturday and Sunday. We are creatures of habit, though, and are used to this routine. For those who like the spice of life a bit more I say exactly what you did “live and learn” you have to make some adjustments and when it comes to healthy eating, this is a great adjustment!

      I always suggest to my ma to bulk prep for the week because she abhors the task of cooking. I think it’s a brilliant idea to do! Maybe even prep form Monday- Thursday and have something different on Friday. That way you are still spicing it up but also staying in line with your shopping 🙂

  6. I love this article. It is so very true. I love eating healthy. I could eat just fruits and vegetables all day long. My problem is with the rest of the family. Do you have any tips or suggestions as to get them on board. It is expensive to cook 2 kinds of meals, or if I cook healthy the rest order pizza or chinese. It is very frustrating.

    1. Ahh well this can be really fun, Laurie! Here is where you can experiment and determine what foods each member likes. Try making a chart of each and place healthy items or meal ideas and determine which is the same for all members across the board. My mister used to eat very differently from me and had a different idea of what he liked versus what I did. He swore he would never try quinoa or okra or avocado but now loves all three of those. The more you make delicious healthy food, the more inclined your loved ones will be to follow suit. And hey I know that you might want to eat with the rest of the family but I say, don’t forgo your health for reasons such as those. You can eat with them but eat your own healthy meals and still be part of the loop, who knows you might just bring them all to your healthy side!

  7. Your list is the dieting plan that I try to follow, especially when I’m financial stable. No joke, this list is my actual heath routine that I follow. But, that’s the issue, financial stability. But, certainly, one can start to make adjustments to their diet to get into the habit of eating healthy, which is something that I have done. One time, in my youth, grant it, I liked soda pop. But, after following a diet to try drinking fruit drink, I’ve completely eliminated any desire for soda pop. I’ve drank soda pop here and there, usually by mistake, but, I literally phased it out of my eating routine some 15 years ago now. But, now, I must get more water drinking into my routine and phase some of the sugar out; and, my body seems prone, if I allow it. I practice eating other less healthy things in moderation, too. I’ve tuned myself into eating only healthy things. But, the main thing that I miss, that came with financial stability, were nutritional supplements and regular exercise. I’ve tried bringing them back with some success, including just some 4 months ago, but, financial instability makes it hard. But, great advice and the steps that I actually follow. My science background helps me tremendously in the area of choosing certain nutritional supplements, even low cost, for the time being.

    1. Hi David, thank you for the detailed post! I am glad that you mention finances here because I am sure that some people are curious about how to stick to a healthy plan when on a budget. There are tons or resources to look into like Farmer’s Market’s who often give away free items because they have too much. Every single week my old roommate would come in with tons of free healthy food items from the farmer’s market. It is is true that the good supplements don’t come cheap and for this I say keep cleansing your mind, body, and spirit and that will open many doors including your abundance door! Take advantage of the free resources you have in terms of exercise, there are many workout programs on youtube that are completely free that you can take advantage of. Also you can easily work out on your own in your own home. I wish you the best of luck and you let me know if you could use any help in this area!

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