How to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Naturally- Top Method of All Time!

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Let’s get to it. You want to know a quick and easy method for removing unsightly spots from your face and oh I’m gonna give it to ya…! But first let’s be clear on one important thing. Diet. If you are chowing down on greasy fried foods, overloading on junk food, and drinking sugary drinks, then the results will be a manifestation of zits/pimples/spots/acne on your face and body.

Your physical health and appearance is a reflection of the care you entreat yourself with. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise and fuel your body with goodness and your physical self will reflect this. Go the opposite way and you’ll notice your body respond in, well… undesirable ways.

That being said, spots (pimples) can occur at inopportune times and when they do, we need to understand how to stop them in their tracks so our face remains the lovely center piece that it is.

A Healthy Skin- Fanatic’s Worst Nightmare

Oh good art…!

I am a massive healthy skin fanatic, so any time I see someone with any kind of outbreak on their face I have the inclination to take them home and give them a natural treatment (or at least cry a little for their skin). It is because I believe that we have everything we need to have healthy, clear skin.. always! We must look after our selves on the inside and out, and in my opinion blemishes are just a way of our skin informing us that something is amiss, letting us know that we need to step our skincare- game up.

If you are one who is generally healthy but suffer from the occasional spot here and there (hormones..) then this method is perfect for you. It is also brilliant for anyone suffering from acne but remember my caution… take care of yourself from the inside out as a lifestyle to ensure that you have healthy, radiant skin.

*Clear Skin tips* eat your green veggies, try avocado as a daily addition to your diet or even in a blended green drink as it is superb for skin health, drink only water or fruit- infused water, choose natural products for your skin, moisturize your face daily and naturally!

Best Method for Getting Rid of Acne Fast

This remedy is tried and true and if you follow it to a tee your spots will disappear, and your skin will be all the more healthier and softer.

What you need

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Oatmeal
  • Raw Honey
  • Cotton Pad
  • Mixing Bowl

What the ingredients do

ACV- Is incredible for the skin. I’ve written countless posts on its prowess and that is because its truly a totem of all that is good and great for the body. Having a shot of this a day really keeps the doctor’s away and helps for overall health, and when it comes to the skin it works just as grand. ACV balances the pH of our skin, kills bacteria, removes dirt, excess oil, and also helps to tone the skin.

Oatmeal- Reduces inflammation and irritation of skin. When mixed with warm water, the properties that are brought out soothes the skin. It absorbs excess oil, removes toxins from clogged pores, nourishes the skin, helps with elasticity and firmness, and contains tons of vitamins that are superb for skin regeneration. This is basically made for healthy skin!

Honey- Anti-inflammatory. Manuka honey is the best honey around especially for healing wounds (and treating acne). Raw honey (not the processed stuff) has medicinal properties, antimicrobial properties and on the skin it encourages softness. I have read reports on both sides of the fence for treating acne with honey (most of them for) but speaking from personal experience, using honey on my face has enabled soft skin and any breakouts that I have had since introducing honey into my life have disappeared hastily thanks to our precious bee’s gift.

What you do

It is a three step process and if one or more spots pop up, you can be sure that this remedy will evict those baddies every time.

Step 1

Get a cotton pad and soak it in ACV. You can dilute this with water (distilled water) or use the ACV on its own depending on what you are most comfortable with. Rub the soaked pad over any visible spots.

Step 2

Use your mixing bowl and pour some oatmeal in. The amount depends on how much of your face needs treatment. Add some boiled or warm water (always best to use distilled) enough to cook the mix.

You can add your raw honey at this point. Mix it well, it will look like a bowl of porridge but I never add too much water to where is liquidy, a creamy consistency is your aim.

Once the mix is cool enough  apply it on your spots. It is always a good idea to use this as a full face mask as the properties are great for the skin. This paper mask can be used to keep the mix firmly on your face.

If a full face mask is not something you are willing to embark on in your spot- ridding ventures, then spot treating is just as effective. Keep the mix on for 15-30 minutes. Make sure you are in a position that allows the mix to stay in place.. best not to walk around/move around too much, I like to lay back and relax while the mix is doing its thing. After the time is up take a towel and remove the mix with hot water. This will open your pores. You might notice that your spot has popped or has changed after this step. These are good signs!

Step 3

Take your raw honey and massage it onto your face. Again it is always a great idea to use this on your entire face as it will treat your skin in the process (unlike traditional acne medicine that you’d hardly want touching your fingers, let alone face). Leave the honey on for 15+ minutes. Once the time is up rinse your face using your hands and cold water. As cold as you can stand. This should help to close your pores, completing the 3- step process.

Final Thoughts

This method is specifically geared for acne on the face but can surely be used if it manifests elsewhere. When suffering from acne this method is fast acting in treating it, though I would repeat it daily until the skin has fully cleared up. To prevent acne from rearing it’s ugly head again try a toner with ACV + distilled/purified water. Spritz it on daily and follow up with a raw honey treatment once a day for the maintenance of clear, healthy skin. This method is all natural and there are not usually side effects associated with it, though remember that all skin is different. ACV can be drying for some but when paired with honey and oatmeal hydration is not an issue. Overall, this is the best method for the elimination of acne fast because its 3- step process works to get rid of the spots, keep them from coming back, and encourage clear skin.

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8 comments on “How to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Naturally- Top Method of All Time!

  1. I definitely need this. Been a victim of acne since middle school lol. I’ve always used the manufactured stuff (clean and clear, neutragena, etc), but they never really worked, and sometimes dried out my skin. I’m ready to try something natural!

    1. Hi Ham! Yes try out the ACV first on every spot and then follow up with the rest, it will work! Keep it consistent though and please share your progress with us! I’ll be waiting for your update 😉

  2. ACV works wonders its something I’ve used for quite a while now especially back when I was a teenager and had tonnes of acne! But like you said what you eat defiantly affects it, as soon as my diet cleaned up I stopped getting as many breakouts. The honey is interesting I never knew that I could help with your skin especially making it soft. I will have to try it because judging by your skin it definitely works!

    1. Hi Kourtney, thanks so much for your comment! Definitely agree with you about the junk food and linking it with breakouts. Processed foods do nothing for our health and while the indulgence often feels good, our body pays for it! Honey is really my secret treasure within beauty regimes, I love this for all elements, even as a main ingredient in my body wash and I can tell you that it has made my skin soft and clear for years!

    1. Hi Kayla, great question. This can be quite messy because of the oatmeal. The best thing to do is use a strainer or cheesecloth over your drain and when you are rinsing it off it will catch it all so you can easily dispose of it. You can also use a towel to remove the oatmeal and throw it away straight from the towel. I let mine go straight down the sink and do not usually have any clogging issues. Does this answer your question?

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