How to Get the Body you Want, and Keep it!

First off, let me begin by saying to you that without a doubt, you can have the exact body you want, bar nothing. Here’s how I know:

I was never a particularly heavy child, yet from the ripe age of 10, I can remember being body conscious. I was heavier than most of my friends and it gave me a real complex that my sister’s who were only 2 and 3 years older than me weighed substantially less than me. I wondered why my legs rubbed together so much that my inner thighs would get this terrible rash, and why I had this big sturdy belly while my sister’s looked like skinny minis.

My ‘Ideal’ Body Drove Me

Long before I turned into a teen I incorporated crunches on a daily basis. At the time, all I wanted was a flat tummy so that I could look as pretty in a bikini as my sisters. But, alas, all the crunches in the world couldn’t help my situation. Little did I know, I was missing the most important component….

Sooooo I went on to middle school and high school, longing for a body that seemed unrealistic. As is normal, my body fluctuated and some days were better than others. BUT it was like I could never achieve that break through.

I saw people who were once plump and then miraculously scaled down and I wondered how I, too, could accomplish such a feat.


Despite my “trying endeavors,” I cannot remember losing more than 5 pounds total, and after that Freshman 15 hit in college, I was in a rising state of frustration.

Eating Errors

I was under the impression that eating less would help and I had some strange ideas of what healthy eating actually was ?.

Some days I would eat a subway sandwich with white bread (you know Jared and all that) with a side of sour cream and onion chips and an energy drink/soda or juice, probably have a large portion of fries a bit later, then something like cup of noodles for dinner…and wonder why I wasn’t losing weight!

That’s not a lot of food! I often ranted to myself.

I know now that it matters less how big or small your portion is, but more what your portion consists of ?.

My problem was that I was wishing and hoping for my dream body without taking the most crucial step.

I thought 6176_1031374724037_4524369_n-3doing tons of crunches and wrapping my stomach would be enough to get me there. I didn’t understand proper diet.

Don’t get me wrong, I did try so many different diets, but of course they never got me to my goal.

Friends and family did what they do best, encouraged me, told me that I “looked great,”  “didn’t need to lose weight” and that I was “trippin” (being crazy).

Despite their assurances, I could see her in my head and if I could just find some way to bring her out I knew they’d cheer me on even more.

The Transformation

Fast forward to the year 2010. I went to a bar which was opposite my university and ordered this enormous batch of chips (french fries), as I had always done after rehearsal. I was on my way home, munching, and as I raised a ketchup-ed spud (potato) to my mouth, something clicked. I knew what I had to do.

On that day I swore that I would cut fries out for good.

I soon extended my pledge to cutting out bread and also only eating sweets on the weekend. At the time I still ate meat and began to cook a daily meal of baked chicken, broccoli and rice. My body transformed. I finally broke through and became her: the woman I had always envisioned.


Healthy Lifestyles Trump all Diets

This is when I began to understand that the way to get the body you want is not by dieting or doing a multitude of crunches each day, but by living a healthy lifestyle. Making a healthy lifestyle the choice.

Since 2010 so much has changed. I am now a happy vegetarian who is slowly heading towards vegan life- this is happening naturally as I’m paying attention to what my body wants and does not want.

I go to the gym and work out hard 5x a week, drink a blended juice of leafy greens with avocado and orange daily, eat home cooked healthy meals 5x a week and only allow myself a cheat day on Saturday (Sunday too if I’m being extra naughty).

I have a better understanding of nutritional values of food and have cut out processed foods and sugary drinks.

I like my food to be as natural as possible, especially after watching an incredible talk by the late Dr. Sebi about eating to live or eating to die.

Even though I finally achieved one of the largest goals that I set for myself, I want to share with you pictures of my journey since 2010 because I feel its important to show you what can be done with drive and determination, and also what happens when you resort back to your old ways.

Photographic Body Journey




Cheat day on Sunday’s only. No bread or Fries but loads of veg.

2011. Cheat day on Sunday's only. No bread or Fries.


Strict diet, working out daily plus dancing every weekend.

2012 strict diet, working out daily plus dancing all weekend.


LOL at the orange hair. Was eating a consistent diet of fish and chips, back to breads and pastries LOADS and this photo is day 1 back in the gym.

2013. Was eating a consistent diet of fish and chips, back to breads and pastries and this photo is day 1 back in the gym.


I decided to get serious again and really dedicated myself to working out and this is when I first began juicing.

2014. I decided to get serious again and really dedicated myself to working out and this is when I first began juicing.


Enjoying ‘naughty’ food a bit much. I had no regime in place, took nearly the full summer off from working out, back to breads and fries, loads.

2015. Enjoying naughty food a bit much. I had no regime in place, took nearly the full summer off (in working out), ate breads and fries, loads.


🙁 It was my best friend’s hen do (bachelorette party) and all the bridesmaids came all the way from Cali and NY to Ibiza to spend it with me. I was eating junk food every dayAND felt super uncomfortable in my skin, especially next to all the beautiful bm’s (who look fab in the fuller version of this photo). I dropped the ball here, this was not the body I wanted.

2016. :( It was my best friend's hen do (bachelorette party) and all the bridesmaids came to Ibiza to visit me. I was being treated out to food constantly by my wonderful partner and I felt so uncomfortable in my skin, especially next to all the beautiful bm's (who look fab in the fuller version of this photo)


Wake up call. I knew what I had to do to get my body back where I feel happiest. This is a a picture over the span of 3 weeks. I became a full vegetarian (from being a previous pescetarian) on the day the far left pic was taken, back to the gym and eating alkaline foods as per Dr. Sebi’s approved list.

2016. I knew how to get my body back. This is a a picture over the span of 3 weeks. I became a vegetarian on the day the 134 pic was taken.

Jan 28, 2017

That’s today! Have been doing 95 treadmill squats a day for 4 weeks now, juice daily, eat healthy all week, cut out chips (fries) and bread again (kryptonite food) and only have a cheat day on the weekend. (popcorn and chocolate raisins are my guilty treat)

Jan 28, 2017. That's today! Have been doing 95 treadmill squats a day, juice, eat healthy, cut out chips and bread and only have a cheat day on the weekend. (popcorn and chocolate raisins are my guilty treat)

June 2014

This is my ideal body, what I envision whilst working towards my goal.

June 2014. This is my ideal body.

The Main Point

What can we glean from this information and these photos?

Having the body that you want is attainable! Remember, the most important thing is having the body that YOU want. Not being skinny, looking like someone else, nor doing it for someone else, BUT being happy in your own skin, by making healthy choices and living a healthy lifestyle.

How to get the body you want and keep it?

  • Cut out a non-nutritious food that you eat in excess. Whether it be dairy, fried foods, sugary drinks, or fast food. Make a commitment to yourself to eliminate it completely! You saw how I finally reached my goal through changing my lifestyle and how I reverted back once I adopted my old ways again. Cut it out and leave it out.
  • You want the fit you to emerge? Cut out the processed foods. Stick to foods that are natural because they regenerate your body like nothing else and truly help you to achieve your fit goals.
  • Eat those greens! I’ll always say this because it will always be true when it comes to the body and skin. Green Vegetables are life savers. They help to burn fat and are likely low in calories so more greens= more fit. They fight against all sorts of diseases including cancers and we really cannot afford to live without these nutritious plants! Can’t find enough time to incorporate all those greens in your day? Try juicing. I love the Nutribullet to make my green drinks.

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  • Drink water! At least 2 litres a day. Mix it up in the cold months and drink hot water with lemon. (Some studies show that drinking cold or hot water aids in weight loss as our body works extra to either cool or warm whatever we put in it to match our body temp, burning more calories) Whether that info is right or wrong, there are tons of weight loss benefits in drinking water, plus we literally need this stuff to be alive! Read more about water- weight loss here.
  • Exercise. At home, the gym, the park… wherever. Work that body! Do not give up. Do not stop! I read somewhere that it takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and family, and 12 for the rest of the world. You want that dream body? Only you can get yourself there! Work out regularly and give it your all when you do.

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  • Stay Consistent. It is so easy to get your body and then say “wooo I made it! Now I can eat whatever I want, I can eat whatever you want!” NO! You saw my pitfalls. Try not to fall in them yourself. A healthy lifestyle is something to live by always. Stay consistent in your healthy choices and if you fall off, get back on, this time with even more fire and determination! It helps to keep track of your progress. I have found it useful to take before and after photos, mark progress in a calendar or journal, and create a weight chart.

Last Words

Your body is your garden and you can make it look exactly as you desire, and maintain it, so long as you keep tending to it. You got this!

Your Turn

  • Talk to me, my lovelies! Tell me your body highs and lows, what has made you give up and what gives you the motivation to keep going, and be sure to tell me what you’d like to see more of 🙂
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23 comments on “How to Get the Body you Want, and Keep it!

  1. Omg!!!! This was soooo helpful!!!!! Even though im studying this stuff… i appreciate you taking us through your journey….absolutely Amazing…i will be sharing this page with all my clients!!!!!

  2. I’ve always thought u looked great but I know it’s about how u see yourself. I would have never known u had body issues. Im happy that u took charge and made the changes u needed too. Healthy eating and consistency is key. Thanks for sharing. You’ve inspired me to get this 6m post baby body n2 shape. ? Seriously. Perfect post at the perfect time

  3. Inspirational story. Thanks for sharing! Nutrition and laziness has always been my pitfall. Like I just want someone to meal prep for me and keep filling up my water bottles so I have no excuse…I know, life doesn’t work like that (unless ur filthy rich!!). Anyway, I think I just need better organization – grocery list, planned meals, reminders around the house lol. You let me know I can do it!!

  4. This article was so remarkable and I definitely can relate I work out but my eating habits are not lining up with the body image that I want in my life gaining a little weight during the holidays so trying to get rid of it thank you for the wonderful advice wonderful article beautiful photos keep up the good work

  5. I’m speechless, your a blessing you have the blueprint you put time and effort and hard work and everything is paying off! Your truly an inspiration to us all. You are one in a million.

    1. Wow, what a lovely thing to say 🙂 thank you so much for the support and for reading! There is so much more for me to learn but it just makes me so happy to share my experiences with everyone here 🙂

  6. Wow! Very inspirational! I love your journey! I too have had weight issues all of my life and I am trying to find out how to be healthy and happy with my body. I have been a pecetarian for almost 3 months now and I am leaning toward becoming a vegetarian and then vegan! I stopped eating beef and pork in 2007 and felt a lot better about my body. I am looking forward to my journey of treating my body like it deserves to be treated!! Thank you for all of your information

  7. Congrats on the huge transformations. You look incredible. I do need some of your advice.

    I live a healthy lifestyle and work out 5 times a week.

    My problem is that mon-fri I am awesome. Eat clean. eat 5-6 meals. But come friday night, I cannot help myself and I crave pizza or something greasy so bad.

    What do you do to prevent these cravings? Is there a way I can crush it past these cravings and continue being awesome all the time haha

    1. Kurtis, I read this and had to do a double take because I half thought that it was my boyfriend commenting here!Lol. He eats well all week but then goes absolutely mad on the weekends.The thing is, it is surely ok to balance out your healthy eating with something that might not be up to scratch (nutrition- wise) but the key is balance, not to go overboard.

      I have also found that finding a healthier alternative for something that we crave helps. For example, I do not eat bread anymore but there is a type of dough (called black dough crust) that is said to aid in digestion and is a healthy alternative to normal dough. When I want to have a vegan pizza I go to the place that offers this. Also if you fancy eating out on the weekends, choose places that are concerned with health and nutrition but who also are passionate about culinary arts. When these two are combined we can eat great tasting food that fills our craving but doesn’t make us feel bad afterwards.

      The more we commit to the lifestyle, the easier it is to prevent these cravings, as we start to crave something else. At the moment I’m wanting black grapes on the weekend, for my cheat day! So weird, I know but our bodies start to want the things we put in it, so we just have to feed it the right things. Kurtis, I love your comment! Thank you so much for getting involved, and if there is anything more I can do to help you on your journey, please just ask! 🙂

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