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Welcome welcome to your handbook!, and because you opened it today, here’s a big dose of love from meeeeee!

Today we are going to delve deep into my absolute best tip for growing nails long, strong and beautiful AND in like the shortest time everrrrrr!

Before we get into this incomparable tip, I must remind you that for full nail health it is imperative that our bodies are looked after from the inside.

This of course includes eating nutritious food like fruits and green veg, and adding a daily hair & nail supplement.

Unlike the age old adage, beauty is not only skin deep! Instead, beauty is health deep, and the more we take care of our health from the inside out, the more beautiful we become. Seriously!

We see it in our skin, hair, eyes, fitness, teeth and yes of course in our nails! So remember!, although the tip below is megaaaaaa, if you are serious about natural nail beauty you must work from within!

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Still the Nail Girl

I’ve pretty much been the nail girl for as long as I can remember. I was that young thing who owned hundreds of polishes, changed my color weekly, and always kept my nails freshly manicured and expertly shaped.

I was also the one whom all my girls would come to to get a mani with french tips.

Some time in 2015, though, back when I was tutoring English, a student of mine got to telling me about the toxicity of polish and it kinda ruined polish for me…

Much to the surprise of everyone that ever knew me growing up, I eliminated polish from my life (save for the special occasion that warrants polish on my toesies ?)

I thought that once all the colorful fixings had gone I’d no longer be noticed for the hardened keratin attached to my fingers, but oh oh oh was I wrong.

Turns out, folks still dig my nails ?! And the absolute cool-as-Fonz thing about it is, without polish the health (beauty) of my nails shines through. Plus I totes crush on the natural look!

So even though I’m totally out of the running for best painted natural nails, I still am the nail girl– just in a more organic kind of way.

What’s my secret, you ask? It’s all in the routine and my special ingredient.

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Nail Routine

To grow long healthy nails, aside from proper nutrition, we need to have a workable regime in place.

For me it is giving myself a mani/pedi weekly. This includes:

  1. pushing the cuticles back
  2. cutting off excess cuticles
  3. filing/shaping

Pushing back the cuticles encourages growth and cutting maintains the cuticles. Much like scalp health is essential for beautiful hair, cuticle health is essential for beautiful nails.

Keeping a similar practice in place will keep your nails looking their best too!

How to Grow Long Nails Quickly

Yeah but I know! You came here to learn how to grow your natural nails quick quick quick and luckily for us, to do so requires only one ingredient!: Jamaican Black Castor Oil!

Cue the angel music please…

Many people know about this oil from hair bloggers and vloggers who have testified to its strength. It is equally hailed as brilliant for eyelash growth and somewhat less known for its prowess when used on the skin.

BUT what many people don’t know is that this thick oil is beyond incredible for cuticle health and thus nail growth.

Just before Thanksgiving 2019 my nails were lonnnnng, baby.

After Thanksgiving 2019 (29 Nov), though, my pointer’s nail did what nails do and broke!

Soon after my middle finger’s nail followed suit, and then each nail on each hand had to be filed down to match with their sister.

Though my nails were short short, within a little over a month they shot up up thanks to IQ Natural’s JBC oil!

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How to Apply

I use IQ Natural’s JBCO daily on my nails as well as my hands, lips, heels and feet. It moisturizes deeply and keeps all five soft and youthful!

  • For the nails I use a pipette and put about a drop on each nail
  • I massage each cuticle for 10 counts and then rub the oil over the entire nail
  • After finishing I use more oil to massage my hands and by the end they feel just like butta!

Brand to Use

There are many JBC oils that we can choose from and while I have tried a handful, my favourite brands are IQ Natural and Sunny Isle. IQ Natural has a great feel and isn’t as thick as some of the others that I have tried which is why its my ace boon koon.

Where to Buy

I buy both online from Amazon 😉

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