How to Make a Legitimate Income Online, Working for Yourself!

Think it’s impossible?

Here’s my journey thus far:

I jumped into the workforce when I was about 15, and though I couldn’t have been more excited to land my first job, I soon learned how unhappy I was in a traditional 9 to 5.

Regardless of if the money was good or the people were great, my soul would always whisper, “not for me, not for me.”

Something about all the jobs I ever had felt confining, and I longed for a career that I was passionate about, that I made decent money from, and that gave me freedom!


Most of the people that I told this to, scoffed at my “naivety”, and told me to come back to the real world. And I always did, until the day that I didn’t.

I was off to do my second season in Ibiza, and because I had toiled and near- slaved during my first summer there, I vowed that my second season would be different; I would be my own boss, see!

I have been working online since that time, and by that I mean, I have been finding ways to make money from the comforts of my home, using a little thing called the world wide web.

I have tried freelance writing, tutoring English, hits on Amazon’s Mturk, evaluating calls on Humantics, matched betting, Fiverr.. all sorts!

I’ll give you a brief overview of the ones that I have made the most consistent money with, but before I do, I find it prudent to tell you that hands down, the best way to make consistent income online, is with the tools offered by the number one recommended system to profit online, Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll get back to that…

Ways I have made Consistent Moolah Online

Freelance Writing


With freelance writing, I felt that I lost something each time a proprietor bought the rights to my words AND most times I wasn’t even credited as the author.

Still, my favorite of all that I have written for is Blogmutt. From what I remember, you just sign up and you choose who you want to write for, whether it is accepted by the buyer is another story and it can be competitive with all the other freelancers out there.

Still, I have had great success with Blogmutt and I believe I was paid $8-15 per piece that was bought. The payment is through PayPal, which we love!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

I have spent countless hours taking hits with mturk and it was the very first online venture that I tried.

  • You must be a US resident (possibly Canadian is ok as well) and after being approved by Amazon you log on and take on human intelligence tasks aka HITS aka things that computers/technology cannot do

These are anything from taking surveys to playing games, clicking through photos, being involved in a study, and even transcibing from audio.

The highest paying ones are transcription ($10-100 a hit) but I personally never was qualified to do those. My favorite tasks were games and short surveys, some of the best hits paid a dollar to five but the good ones go quick, as other turkers are always on the prowl.

  • I was making on average 10- 30 dollars a day by spending about 3-6 hours online. All transactions were easily trackable, showing which hits I completed and how much I was paid for them.

Payments were transferred straight to my bank account and I could transfer the money made any time I wanted.



On the surface this side earner seemed amazing! I was super excited about the freedom that came with it.

It is a company that uses us people-folk to listen in to recorded calls that were either incoming sales calls or outgoing sales calls.

You know when you hear, “this call might be recorded for quality assurance purposes”? Well, humantics workers listen to calls and rate them, for quality assurance.!

You can go in and listen to calls whenever you have the time, the more accurate you are in your ratings, the more opportunities you are allotted within the system.

Use a laptop to do this. I did this in tandem with mturk and though it was really fun, it pays literal pennies!

  • I was making $5-10 a day and they pay through Paypal.

Certainly not something you could replace your income with, as is the case with what you can do with Wealthy Affiliate.

Match Betting

Ever heard of match betting? This gem is really lucrative, but you must be in the UK or Europe (or have a VPN) and have to have an English bank account to do so.

Don’t worry folks, this isn’t gambling, it takes advantage of the offers that are made by bookies. For example, “bet 10 with us and we will give you a 20 pound free bet”. Well, there is a way where you can do that without spending any of your own money.

In fact, with this you are extracting free money from the bet. Confusing? Yes it is to most of us at first, check out this guide for a better understanding, and if you would like to make this your next venture and want some help, let me know and I’ll do my best to explain.

  • I was probably making between 50-100 British pounds a day, but the welcome offers are the most lucrative and after they run out, it becomes more of a task to find offers to make free money on.

English Tutoring

I tutored English for a few companies but my most cherished one was, PalFish.

So long as I was online, students would call me straight to my mobile phone (need an internet connection), to get help with their English.

Most of my students were from China, and I learned a great deal speaking with them. At the time that I tutored there, you could set your own price per minute and available hours, and there is even the opportunity to host a live class and be paid per student who attends.

  • I was making between $30-65 a day. They pay through PayPal every week or every other week.

My First Website

Although I found a way to make an ok/decent living from some of my ventures, none were truly what I was seeking.

So I scoured the net for other lucrative online opportunities and what always cropped up in threads and blogs alike was something called affiliate marketing (?????).

I looked into it and it seemed like the perfect match for me. It was not a get rich quick scheme, or even a way to make side money, but a means to make consistent income, by being your own boss, and growing your online business.

After reading a bit about the process of becoming an internet marketer and how you could help others make informed decisions on products, I eagerly jumped in.

I signed up with WordPress, purchased a domain name, chose a layout, and began to produce content about natural living (what I know most about).

I told all my friends and family about it and asked them to spread the word. This is it! I thought, my dream is going to come true! But nothing really happened.

I wasn’t ranked in google, had no idea what a plugin was or how I could tell if I had one or not. My content was too wordy/blocky, I didn’t understand where to find photos that I could legally use, and was getting no traffic.

I basically didn’t know what I was doing, and though I did my usual google search to find the answer, it was too technical for me to grasp. I felt completely disheartened. I gave up.


Possible Scam that Led to the Real Deal

2 months later I learned about this company called Digital Altitude and it seemed too good to be true. They were offering a 2-week $1 trial to try out their program with the promise of vast riches, entrepreneurial skills, and a work from anywhere opportunity.

I signed up for the trial but something was not sitting right in my gut.

So I did some further research and came across tons of information that discredited what the company was claiming (my stomach churned). I then ran across a blog where the writer reviewed said company.

He offered a great review but also wrote something along the lines of “the number 1 recommended system to profit online is available to you for a fraction of Digital Altitude..”

I was intrigued. It made it all the more intriguing reading all of the comments on the site about how helpful Wealthy Affiliate had been and that it was this amazing platform that could teach anyone to have a successful business online for free.

Wealthy Affiliate

I kept researching WA and all I could find was the most positive information. I had a different feeling in my gut this time. I signed up for free but became a premium member after sitting through the very first lesson.

It has been about three months since I’ve joined, and seeing what I have accomplished in that span of time is astounding. I say this because I worked on my first site for ages and yet I never seemed to get anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me all the tools necessary to make legitimate money online on a consistent basis.

The best part about it, is it is a platform that truly holds your hand through the process, which has made a world of difference to this technically-challenged gal. The forum is unbelievable, and I don’t believe that I have ever been part of a more helpful community in my life.

I feel like I am finally on track with something that I am passionate about, that I’m good at, and that enables me to live free, as I’ve always wanted. What’s more, is that I am using what I have learned in life to help others on their path, and I feel so fulfilled.

If you are anything like me and dream of replacing your income with something that fuels your flame and allows you to work for yourself, then you have to check WA out! You can sign up with WA for free here.

My ultimate goal is to be on $10,000 a month for services rendered in natural beauty and hair. Think I can make it? My next update will be very soon!

  • Share your passions with the world by joining the WA fam!
  • Join our love circle by subscribing
  • Take care of your career!
  • Love ya’s! ?

7 comments on “How to Make a Legitimate Income Online, Working for Yourself!

  1. Honestly, I can relate to you. I have had lots of jobs over the years. The 9 to 5 job work life isn’t for me, though. I hate having to do what my boss tells me to do. I too started my internet marketing business 9 years ago so I can relate to you.

    But, people don’t get that running an online business does take a lot of work. You have to be motivated and have to be persistent. However, the money will not come quickly with internet marketing. It took at good two years before I started earning real decent income.

    Do you still do writing jobs, though? There is always a market for content for websites.

    Also, what are some of the biggest mistakes you have made over the years?

    1. Hi Garen, thank you for your comment! You are very right, it takes motivation and persistence. I think that with those and a strong passion, anyone can make it happen. I solely work on my blog now 🙂 I would say that the biggest mistakes I have made over the years has been not reaching out for help from those more qualified. The more we involve ourselves in a community, in my opinion, the more successful we will be. How about you?

  2. Hi Manika,
    God loves a trier! Nobody can fault you for trying. I have also tried many different things to break away from the tedium of corporate and 9 to 5. I thought I has stumbled on a good system called Google Sniper about 2 years ago and I thought I was going to make it big.
    Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and I ended up spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of my time. Since then, like you, I have found Wealthy Affiliate and I am now well on the way to establishing my online business. Interesting that you have tried match betting and more interesting that you know about VPNs. They actually form quite a big part of my business and also allow me to connect to my betting accounts in UK, from here in Malaysia (betting sites are blocked here).
    Thanks for a great article and I would also recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone reading this.

    1. Hi Craig, I love your comment! Thanks so much for sharing in detail! It’s great that you are having great success with wealthy affiliate as well! It is a brilliant platform and is helping me to help others.

  3. Hi manika!! Keep up the amazing work!!! I love that you always push your self and keep going and looking for what feels right!!!! Good luck!!! And I too would like to work from home, so thank you for all of your information!!!

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