How to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality With 3 Fun Steps

Hello friends,

Hope your day is going really amazing! Right now I want to give you everything necessary to create the reality that you truly want. It’s really simple and achievable in three easy steps:

  1. Identify what you want
  2. Imagine/ focus on your wants
  3. Wait for (and expect) the universe to deliver

That’s it!

First step: Identify What you Want

Ok believe it or not this step is the most difficult part for most adults! We believe that we can’t have it all so our wants are often blocked with BUT’s meaning we associate them with things that will never come true.

“I want a new car.. But” “I want to quit my job and travel the world.. But” “I want to open my own bakery.. But.” That big BUT is fear and within each is really a don’t want in disguise. Let’s explore that.

I want to move from my apartment. Ok that’s a don’t want hiding there, you don’t want to live in your apartment. So what do you want? Maybe you want to live in an apartment that is in a nicer neighborhood, that has more natural light, that has a bath instead of shower, a garden… well you get the point!

The first step involves distinguishing between a want and a don’t want. How do we do that exactly when it seems like a don’t want can easily hide in a want? Ah well this is the easy part! You can distinguish a don’t want from a want based on how it makes you feel!

I can say I want more money but what I’m really saying is I don’t want to be broke/I don’t have enough now. Which is one of those hiding don’t wants. How can I tell? If I am thinking about wanting more money and feeling bad about it, then I am focusing on the lack of money that I see, and since lack of money is not a desire, this is categorized as a big fat don’t want.

Now if I were to say I want abundance, or I want financial freedom then we can see a shift. If I am focusing on abundance and the thought of it is making me feel excited, joyous, and positive then I can be assured it is a true want.

To identify what you truly want you must tune into how you feel about the want. I want to leave my job versus I want a job that (fill in the blank) are on two opposite sides of a coin. The former will evoke feelings of dread, frustration (or plenty of other negative emotions) while the latter will allow you to fill in the blank with what you really desire thus evoking feelings of joy, pleasure (and plenty of other positive emotions). You see the difference?

Your wants will make you feel good when you think about them! Now you just need to figure out what it is you want. Don’t limit yourself while you do your figuring, either! Consider all of the things that make you excited when you think of having them in your life. Remember that wants can (and will) grow and as you see your deepest desires coming into fruition, you will be able to identify even more wants.

Second Step: Imagine/Focus on Having Your Wants

This is the fun part! Now that you know what you want, start thinking about what it will be like once you have them. What will it feel like to be in your brand new car? What color is it? What does it smell like? What is the first thing you will do when you are behind the wheel? Think about it like it’s happening or has already happened and be specific.

This goes for every one of those wants that you can think up! Ex. I finally found the partner who is my best friend. He is kind and hilarious and treats me so well. I love how he surprises me and makes me laugh all throughout the day. He helps to balance my days and I feel so happy whenever we spend time together. You get the point!

Whatever you want, begin to fuel it by focusing on it at every opportunity that you can. Every morning to get my day started I sit and think about my wants (I call it flowing energy). I imagine my life as I want it, think about my wants as if they are already happening and how I feel in having those wants in my life.

I have been doing this since 2012 and I almost cannot believe how many of my dreams have become a reality. It’s a simple thing.

This is physics and the only law of the universe.. like attracts like! Stay on a high vibration with your thoughts and feelings and lay witness to them manifesting in the physical realm.

Ask yourself why you want that want and keep answering the why until you are filled with all this excitement, the universe will respond by giving you what you focus on. It works in reverse as well! So if you continue to focus on the lack of something you will in turn keep getting more lack of something.

If you focus on having what you want sometimes and what you don’t want at other times then that will be matched as well. Here is the key: become a deliberate creator. Pull your dreams into reality by focusing on the things that you want.

I have heard some brilliant stories about manifestation over the years but will only mention three here. The first is a man who speaks on the film (based on the book) the Secret. He made a dream board and cut out many magazine cuttings of things he wanted to manifest into his life. Some time after this he ended up in a beautiful house, he pulled out his old dream board only to realize that the house he had just purchased was the same (exact same) as the one cut out and pasted onto his board years before.

The same is true of the musician Drake. Long before fame and fortune he searched online for the best pools ever and found one that he really liked and set it as his screensaver. Today he lives in the house that has that exact pool in the yard. He did not model the pool to be like the screensaver, he happened to purchase the house with that exact pool in the back.

The final is about actor Jim Carrey. He wrote a check to himself in the amount of $10,000,000 and dated it Thanksgiving 1995 for services rendered in acting. He kept the check in his wallet for a long time, so long in fact that it disintegrated inside. No matter the state of the check, just before Thanksgiving 1995 he discovered that he would be making $10,000,000 for the movie Dumb and Dumber. Check him talking about setting intention here.

Visualization, folks! Whatever you want is within your power to have, no matter how big or small!

Step Three: Wait for and Expect the Universe to Deliver

Now for the final step. Just wait!

The three examples above did not happen overnight, but they happened. Keep flowing energy, thinking those good thoughts, fueling your desire and then wait with the knowledge that it is on its way.

Because you have opened yourself up to your wants and set yourself on the frequency to receive them, and because the universe (God) responds to you by matching what you give off, all you have to do is know its coming and wait for it, wait for it!

It’s imperative, however, that you do not give up on fueling your desires during the waiting process. Look out for little coincidences that show you that your dreams are coming true and keep asking for what you want by thinking about it, talking about it, and visualizing it.

When I think of my wants each day, most are repeated from the day before and even from months before. I continue to picture my life exactly as I want it and can tell you that I have watched my bank account fill up, my natural hair become what I always dreamed, and my partner/best friend/love of my life walk right into my life, among other things that I have been wanting/asking for/manifesting.

It’s awesome to understand that I am in control of my reality. You are in control of yours. Contrary to what is generally accepted (someone else controls your destiny), these steps are all it takes to manifest your dreams into reality.

I learned about the law of attraction in 2012 and credit my awakening to a book by Lynn Grabhorn. She explains all of this and more in this groundbreaking, easy to grasp read and if you really want to delve into the simple science of the law of attraction, then no other book can take you there like this one. It changed my life in the most profound way and helped me to transition from a lady on autopilot to a conscious creator.

Last Thoughts

Most of us on the planet are in the dark about this simple science. I hope you aren’t. I hope you realize who is at the helm of your ship and hope you steer it into your deepest aspirations. Life is yours to create, so create it in a way that makes you happy!

Your Turn

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4 comments on “How to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality With 3 Fun Steps

  1. Hi Manika-Nia,

    This is a great post. I have been trying to manifest money or abundance for the last 6 months and it’s not happening for me. I can visualize myself living the life that I want but I can only “feel” it for a few minutes at a time. How do I make the feeling aspect of
    it last longer? I think my subconscious thoughts are too strong! LOL!!

    1. Hi Phylliss, the biggest thing is to keep it consistent. Keep thinking about it everyday and if you want to really fuel your wants try a dream board, dream box (treasure box), and affirmations. Try something like “Money is no longer an issue for me, I have more money than I will ever need, I am financially free, and I am generous with what I have” or “I am ready to accept abundance, money comes easily to me, I attract new income streams, I choose to accept prosperity” remember to keep it up and now that it is on its way. Don’t get caught up in when and do not let negative thoughts override your desires. It will happen when its meant to by you being open to it and steadily attracting it into your life. Any negative thoughts or uncertain ones disrupt the flow so keep that in mind. Another trick is to say a figure in your head like “I have just received $10,000” Once you have that figure begin to rattle off what you have used that money for. Do not worry about where the money is coming from or get caught up in those details just imagine that you already have it and what you are using it for. That figure can increase and maybe next time is that you wake up with $50,000 in your bank account. Also read this book, I promise you it will help you to magnetize in all the money that you are after.

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