How to Naturally Increase Breast Size + Make your Breasts Symmetrical!

Hey dears!

Sooooo here’s the coffee: many of us want curvier, symmetrical, fatter breasts!

Breasts are a symbol of beauty and femininity; and this is why sooooo many of us are willing to go to extreme measures to attain better breasts.

In our current world view we are told that the only sure fire way to achieve bigger and better breasts is through breast implants. This is held as the standard, leaving Natural Breast Enhancement (NBE) to be viewed as both a waste of time and money.

Thankfully, and through the grace of the Boobie Goddess, I’ve come to learn that naturally increasing breast size is oh so in the realm of reality.

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The World of Breast Enhancement

I had never entertained the possibility to enhance my breasts until I moved to Ibiza.  My Aussie mate talked determinedly of her inevitable boob job.

The more she spoke about her reasoning behind her sought-after tots, the more it made me take a long hard look at my girls.

Most of the women in my family have bazingas! I’d always hoped that it would happen for me at some point too. But there I was in my mid-twenties without the slightest fluctuation in my breast size.

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And funnily enough, there I also was in a land where breast augmentation was really no biggie. Sooooo, I couldn’t help but take notice of the boob game all around me.

Growing up in California I’d known only a couple people to have a boob job, and when I lived in London, I can’t remember implants being a thing at all. Ibiza, though, had a wider spectrum! Big boobs, small boobs, augmented boobs.

And they looked wonderful!

For the first time ever I was seriously thinking about what it would be like to change my breasts. And it wasn’t only the fake tiggol biddies that got me seriously thinking either, it was ALL the amazing breasts around me! The roundness, cleavage, under boob, and side boob– gawd how can I get some of that?!

Silicone Leads to NBE

When looking at my own naked breasts I saw under-development, lack of cleavage, triangular rather than round shape, and most importantly– what I like to call– wonky-eyed tits. For me that was the worst. Sigh. One looked straight on and the other looked to the left. Sigh.

Sooooo implants became a serious thought. I spoke to loads of my #SiliconeSisters about their surgeries, was recommended an ample amount of doctors from the UK to Belgium, and even asked Mick for €6000 every time he asked me if I wanted anything from the shop. I was serious too.

But I’m a natural living lover!.. So it weighed heavily on me.

While I believe beauty enhancement is a beautiful thing, something unnatural in my body didn’t seem like me; didn’t feel like me.

So I did what I do. Stated my wants to the universe and sat back and let the divine lead me to the way. In doing so I understood what I wanted: the results but naturally.

Most of you will know the story from this point. The breast pump from Noogleberry fell into my ether and lo and behold NBE became not only attainable, but my reality.

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My Disproportionate Breasts

At first I pumped both breasts together and was truly shell-shocked when I gained a substantial amount of inches in my bust. That success was everything!

BUT the more I looked at both in photos and in video footage, the more I realized that my left boob was sooooo much smaller than the right. It looked very different too!

When I pumped with both breasts my right one, ZoraAnabelle, would swell up so much that she would overfill the cones! But the left, Zena, would consistently and noticeably fall short.

When I eventually constructed a way to measure each boob separately I discovered that Zena was indeed 0.5″ smaller than ZoraAnabelle.

Because I was so happy that the breast pump systems, massage, and exercise were actually working I was hesitant to stop doing what I was doing.

BUT, while editing a video about the girls on my channel I realized that it was time to give Zena her shot; alone.

How I Increased Breast Size in My Smaller Boob

While I still massage both breasts daily and do exercises that target both, I now pump solely with Zena and let ZoraAnabelle hang out solo.

  • For 1h+ a day I pump Zena with my Bosom Beauty system
  • At night for as long as possible I sleep with my Noogleberry solely on Zena
  • I say affirmations to the girls: “You are round, even, healthy and perfect and I loveeee the way you look!” or “Zena, wow you have grown so much, you and ZoraAnabelle aren’t just twins, you are identical!”

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The Results

I have been pumping in this way for about 2+ months. In all honesty when it came time to do the weigh-in on camera I wasn’t expecting a big change.

However, the measurement evinced that my new method helped Zena gain 0.25″ making her only 0.25″ smaller than ZoraAnabelle!

When I look at them now I still see that wonky-eyed ting but the measurements don’t lie. I am happy to see that the one-on-one care given to Zena has helped her to gain a bit more volume.

Final Thoughts

I still have a long way to go. I would love to reach a D-cup! Most importantly, though I want roundness and evenness! I want the girls to totally TiaTamera. The incredible thing, though, is that pumping my breasts has naturally increased my breast size and has helped me to have more symmetrical breasts. At the time of this post I have begun a new program in lieu with my breast pump systems. I am beyond excited to share my results with you all! Subscribe so you do not miss them 😉

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  • Massage, say affirmations and be good to yourself and your girls!

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  1. I find it difficult to sleep with noggleberry as once I move the cups fall down easily. I am only A cup and my small boobs can’t hold the cups! What’s your recommendation? Thanks!

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