How to Naturally Tan and Brown the Skin

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Today we are going to go over a natural way to brown, bronze, tan, warm, and all-round glow up your skin all while keeping it expertly cared for with a beautiful finish that lasts all week long!

This is especially useful for any naturally tanned or brown skinned hunny who lives outside of their natural environment and inside of a colder climate like the UK or Ireland.. or most places in Europe.

This method is how I manage to keep at least some of my color during my sun-less life here in Ireland and during the stay-indoors theme of 2020!

The Tip that Sorted My Color

My most loyal of readers will know that I am a California-native who has lived in Europe for about 10 years. Aside from when I lived in Spain, my European life has been spent in the UK and in Dublin and…. need I say more?

Sun is not a thing either places does very well and because of it my skin has really glowed-down.

Summer in Ireland COMPARED to


Winter in California… mind you I do not wear foundation! So that color is just me.

My skin remained glowed-down, up until I learned a little tip that surely helps!

The tip that I’m sharing today, I learned from watching a, surpriseSURPRISE, youtube video. Since adopting it as a ritualistic practice in my life it has come in handy in retaining my natural color as much as possible under the circumstances.

A wonderful facet of this tip is that it keeps my under bikini zone more uniform, and in comparison with the color on my body pre-this tip, I have to thank the high for aligning me with this practice!

Before adopting this remedy my breasts, and specifically my bum, were always white on white on not cute! The difference was so noticeable and not in a good way (like when you have lovely tan lines), specifically because it is in stark contrast to the color that I am in my normal environment!

But thankfully, now, even during the coldest most sun-less months, I can maintain uniformity all thanks to this weekly practice.

What you Need

All you need is:

Why you Need

If you don’t know, coffee has a natural browning ability, and so when used regularly it can work its natural ability on the skin.

Coffee also promotes blood flow and that adds some color too!

Aside from the browning, though, coffee is a great scrub and when used with sugar and oil can make the skin shine from being both exfoliated and oiled! WinWIN Combo!

What to Do

What I do is:

  1. mix equal parts coffee and sugar and enough oil to make it just right
  2. Then I apply over my entire body while in the shower

Personally, I focus on my face, bikini zone (specifically my pale A$$ BUM!), and let the coffee stimulate blood flow while allowing the browning effect to encompass my body.

I leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off for a stronger effect.

You can also add coffee and oil to your bath and bathe in it daily for a more permanent effect!

What you Need to Know/Tips

  • use coffee grinds not freeze dried nor beans
  • it can brown your tub/shower so endeavor to clean your space regularly
  • NEVER scrub too hard on your face! Gentle exfoliation is key
  • the scrub is MUCH too much as a daily treatment on the face, so when scrubbing your face do it weekly at most!
  • avoid areas that you don’t want darker, eg if you have dark underarms or dark scars/stains
  • use water mixed with remnants of your mix in the mixing bowl as a rinse for your entire body 😉

See it in Action

That’s the Truth Ruth

And that is it! This very simple remedy is how I keep SOME color in the winter and  maintain it through living in a place that is not my natural habitat… and thank goodness for it! I love that the remedy is chemical-free and doubles as a skin treatment for my most cherished organ! Because 2020 saw me miss my normal holidaying over the summer, my coffee treatment has truly prevented me from turning into a marshmallow and you can only estimate how joyful that makes me!

  • What about you? Do you know a better way to maintain your natural glow? Share with your sisters in the comments!
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  • Take care of yourself and your GOD-given divinity ALWAYS!
  • Love ya’s 💋

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