How to Protect Your Hair From the Elements: Three Golden Rules

Hola hair hotties, and a very happy Natural Hair Friday to ya! On this fabulous NHF we are going to go over the rules that you absolutely must follow to protect your hair from all of the elements!

Rule #1

Never go outside! Nope, never! There are tons of crazy things outside your front door! Things like sun, rain, wind, humidity, and not to mention humans! The best way to protect your luscious locks is to stay away from that which is beyond your front door.

Rule #2

Rule number one leads us easily into rule number 2. If you have humans lurking about in your abode then you must have a means to combat the “can I touch your hair” moments. For the second rule you must learn a sacred art. If someone dares to touch your hair  you must give them a Bruce Lee kick followed by Ed Wuncler the Second’s “kee ya… *****.” Rule number 2 is very important!

Rule #3

Sleep sitting up. Even if you have a satin scarf or silk pillowcase, the only sure fire way to protect your hair is to sit upright whilst snoozing.

  • Follow these three golden rules and your hair will be protected from all elements forever and ever. Ok, I realize that there are a small few who would find it difficult to follow one or more of these very important guidelines. If you have trouble following these rules because you are one of those types who have to leave home to go to work or even one of those people who likes to sleep comfortably, then read on, I’ve got you covered as well!

How to Protect Your Hair From the Elements

How to Protect Your Hair in Cold Weather

Cold weather can have a negative impact on the hair. It can make your hair more brittle which, of course, can cause breakage. Best way to protect against this is to leave home when your hair is fully dry. Us curlies need to make sure that we use our diffusers on days that the weather is at its coldest. Having a large satin scarf handy is another fab way to protect your hair in the cold, ensuring that cold does not penetrate the tresses.

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How to Protect Your Hair When it’s Windy Out

Ever heard of a bobble? Hair tie/hair thing/scrunchie… whatever you want to call it, make sure there is always one on your wrist or else somewhere on your person! The wind can seriously mess up a do and it is so very important to put your hair up when out on a windy day. Make sure your hair tie is made of fabric rather than rubber to prevent tearing and tangling. Another great way to protect your hair in windy weather is to have that satin or silk scarf on hand. Throw your hair in a pineapple and wrap the scarf around your head and neck until you get out of the blowing wind. Those who look after their hair garden are always prepared!

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How to Protect Your Hair in High Humidity

This is probably the worst element for all hair types, specifically those of us who fall in types 2-4 (type one is straight, two is wavy, 3 through 4 is curly/kinky). For the 2-4’s our hair thrives on moisture and frizz is a symptom of not having enough moisture. Whenever it is rainy or humid, our precious garden atop our head spreads out in the hopes of reaching the water in the air. In short, our hair is ridiculously thirsty. When it comes to humid days the best medicine is conditioner. Make sure you have a botanical conditioner or leave in conditioner fully saturated in your hair before facing the elements on humid days. You can also use a light oil like coconut or jojoba to seal and lock in moisture (after it dries) on treacherously humid days. Conditioner is your best friend every day but specifically on humid days!







How to Protect Your Hair on Rainy Days

Like humid days, rainy days can be problematic for us dames who wear our natural hair. Our hair just wants to drink and drink and if we do not protect it from the rain then we can be sure that our hairstyles will run into issues by trying to drink all the rain/air water. Rain can be unpredictable and sometimes we are caught unaware. When that happens make sure that you have your bobble on hand and put your hair up in a pineapple or high bun so that your curls (hair) stays in close together, relying on the water in the hair rather than that which is in the air. During seasons where rain is more predictable bring your umbrella, wear a hood, or keep a satin/silk scarf in your bag to give your hair super protection. *remember that satin/silk also makes your hair shinier and smoother as the delicate fibers collide with the hair*

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How to Protect Your Hair on Hot, Sunny Days

When your hair is really healthy, the sun shining on it can be a wonderful thing. But being out in the hot sun for a long period can yield sun- damaged results. In those summer months we want to give our hair extra protection by incorporating a weekly hair mask. You can buy an all natural one or elect to make your own with natural ingredients and even items from your kitchen. A deep conditioning mask will give your hair a nice layer of protection plus will penetrate the cuticles allowing for protection to work from the inside as well. You also want to have a botanical conditioner left on your hair when out in the sunny sun. That fabric bobble will save your neck sweat from seeping onto your hair so never ever leave without one!

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Last Words

Hair is fun. Healthy hair is fun, beautiful, and easy to deal with. Regardless of what the three golden rules state, most of us are in contact with the elements on a daily basis. There is no use fighting them, but there are important steps we can all take to prepare ourselves for everything that the elements have to throw at us! Remember that the natural hair wearer is always prepared! Keep your fabric hair tie with you always and take some time to look at the weather forecast to get an idea of what you can bring or do to protect them gorgeous fibers. Keep your hair conditioned, and up the deep conditioning mask when the weather calls for it. As always listen to your hair and you’ll always know what to do. It’s still worth it to practice your Bruce Lee kicks (or at least chops) for those people who don’t understand hair boundaries 😉

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6 comments on “How to Protect Your Hair From the Elements: Three Golden Rules

  1. Hi Manika-Nia,
    when I started reading, I had to laugh so hard. Really…. so funny.
    I have really thin hair and for me it would be best to sleep sitting. I have one side I use to sleep on and there almost all my hair is broken. Horrible. But what to do. I give my hair every now and then some coconut oil mask and I took, after the recommendation of my hair dresser, Biotin. So it got a bit better, but still. My hair is super sensitive and easy to break.
    Thank you for your tips. I will try to take care a bit more and see how it will work out for me.

    1. Hi Uta! No fear there your hair just needs very regular treatment to help its strength. Try one of these recipes on a weekly basis and keep a leave- in in it to help the strength. Please let me know how your progress goes, and good luck 🙂

      1. Hi Manika-Nia!
        Oh I will have to do it. Can you recommend me one? I am really lost when choosing things for my hair. I usually use just coconut oil, but there might be something that gives more strength.

        1. Hi Uta, try Aztec Indian Healing Clay. This is a very special treat for the hair and can also be used as a face mask and for teeth health and whitening. It is a secret beauty trick that has so many benefits. Mix it with apple cider vinegar (or water) until it becomes a paste and apply it for up to minutes. Rinse out then add conditioner to get any of the clay that is left out. Rinse again and do this each week to strengthen, protect, and look after your hair! I will write a post and include a video on how I do this very soon! Good luck and let me know how it all goes!

  2. This made me laugh so much! I get so fed up I tend to always tie my hair back in a ponytail as a ‘go to’ as I can’t seem to do anything else with it. Also I ALWAYS have a bobble on my wrist. I love your writing style, I can relate to you so much! Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks so much, I am glad that you enjoyed 🙂 ponytails are a nice way to keep your hair out of the elements. Just make sure that you condition regularly and let you hair have some time to be free as well to prevent tearing and receding your hairline. Loose ponytails are the best and yes a bobble on hand saves so many hair days!

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