How to Refresh Naturally Curly Hair- Farewell Frizz!

Hey Petites,

Manika- Nia here and it’s Fridayyyyyyy! So that means it is natural hair day babay! This one is going to be quick quick, however, because it takes quick quick to do! Also this one is for those of you with wavy/curly/kinky hair  (enjoy!) 😉

This is how you natural beauties can look after your curls in between cleanses (washes). Now if your routine is anything like mine then you probably designate one day out of the week to cleanse/co- wash and style your hair all in the hopes that your pretty swirls will last until your next wash day.

The only problem with that theory is that curls have a mind of their own and often (in fact certainly) many of the curls can become quite unruly and frizzy in a way that we would prefer them not to be.

The good news is, we can sort this simply, quickly and with the bare minimum of materials!

What You’ll Need

  • spray bottle
  • your favorite conditioner
  • purified water
  • your favorite gel

How You Do It

What you do is fill your spray bottle with water and conditioner and you can even add in your favorite gel or leave this out of the mix and only apply it when you need. This is up to you and vary dependent on your hair type. I am a type 3a/3b (my curl pattern) with a dry type scalp so I need a little extra boost aside from water and conditioner which is why I use gel or jelly.

Once you have all your materials get ready to whip those lovely curls into shape. Examine your curls and pinpoint which ones need moisture and re-curling. If your hair has a little more frizzies than curls, you can gently section the hair and begin with the back first.

Use your fingers as a guide for the curls that you cannot see but try to ensure that you have great visual so you know what is going on and what you need to do.

Take the curls that feel frizzy or that look out of whack and spritz your mixture onto the strands in need. If the curls are really in need and you haven’t already added the gel to your mix, then take a small amount of gel and rub it onto your saturated curl.

Rub well so that the curl can reform locked together, then twirl your curl around your finger beginning from the end up. Roll it all the way up to your scalp, keep it there for up to a minute, then release going down the same way you went up, ⇔ but in reverse.

Section the next bit of your hair without disrupting your curl pattern or pulling apart curls that want to stay together (pay attention to what your curls want and you will have beautiful, happy curls!).

Do this throughout your whole head until your curls are as refreshed as the day you cleansed and can be maintained until the day you cleanse again!

How Long it Takes

It takes about 10- 15 minutes to do and that’s it life is good again and your hair is wow amazing!

Not Wasting but Saving

Sometimes when my hair looks pretty refreshed I just work on the bits that are frizzy on the canopy (the parts that are more visible) and the parts that frame my face. I cleanse and co-wash my hair once a week so those seven days in between can get pretty unruly. I usually have to refresh my curls using this method on day 3, day 5 and day 6.

What I love most about this is that I do not have to re-wet my entire head meaning that am not rinsing out the conditioner and other products that are already in my hair (wasting) and also means that I do not have to use more products and conditioner than necessary (saving).

How to Refresh Your Curls

Final Thoughts

This is my favorite way to refresh my curls and the only way that I have tried that is so simple, quick and really works! As a lady who needs to learn more patience, I love techniques that are not too time- consuming but allow me to have purrrty curls all week long, and in that this method is the perfect match! Hope it works as well for you as it does for me! If you are having trouble with frizz check out my post here and change your curl life! What is your favorite thing about wearing your natural hair? Let me know by commenting below! It has been another amazing Friday, until next time, Handbookers!

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8 comments on “How to Refresh Naturally Curly Hair- Farewell Frizz!

  1. Hi, Manika- Nia
    Very useful article especially for women with curly hair.
    I am happy that I have straight hair and I don’t need to do anything at all. I appreciate what I have. Curly hair looks beautiful too and I hope you appreciate it too even if it needs a little work.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the comment. No mater what type of hair we have it takes work (fun work) to have healthy and happy tresses and I’ll always appreciate this garden atop my head because of the work I put in to look after it. I hope you appreciate yours too x

  2. hi Manika-Nia, another great article of yours. I know someone who will benefit from it so I just shared your link =) Also, it is great to watch the video. Though I love reading, having your personal video is a visual feast because not only we get to see you, you personified the article. Thanks for this =)

  3. Your curls are beautiful!!! I’ve been wearing my hair naturally. I’ve been using Jamaican black castor oil shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and sometimes I get a little frizz the next day. I am definitely going to try this method with the gel and spray bottle. I’m definitely starting to appreciate my curls thanks to you!

    1. That makes my heart smile like you wouldn’t believe! I love when a fellow curly comes over to the natural side. It’s a beautiful thing to embrace and those ingredients that you are using on your hair will really help you to achieve the hair health that you are after. Definitely worth trying this method when you need to refresh your curls 🙂 thank you so much Malaika for your amazing comments!

  4. That’s amazing that your curls can last a whole week from taking about 15 minutes to prep it. I’m thinking the products you are using are also important because I have heard horror stories from many friends with naturally curly hair. I’m going to try this on my type 4 curl pattern and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing. I will pass this information along to my friends.

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