My 4 Week Update| New Growth Breast Enhancement Program Tips and Tricks

Hi Dears!,

Happy today to you, with a big dose of light, love and good energy from me!… now on to the update.

This New Growth program has got me feeling so close to my #boobiedreams and today I am here to share with you my update thus far as well as some tips and tricks I’ve learned in these 4 weeks.

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Before New Growth

Before starting NG I was 38″ and in anticipation of the end of the 4 weeks, I wasn’t expecting a dramatic change– if any change at all. That is mostly because New Growth founder and naturo-therapist, Eric Duchaine, let me know that I should expect to see results at the 8-week mark.

Week 1

After Week 1

By the end of the first week my breasts looked great! They were full and I was measuring at 38.5″ BUTTTT I was at that time of the month… During this time of my cycle full breasts sometimes come but woman oh woman do they always go ?. Though my breasts looked amazing at the end of the first week, I attributed it as more of a hormonal thing.

Week 2

The Sunday that marked the close of my second week let me know that my attribution was correct as I reverted back to my original 38” ?

After Week 2

Week 3

By the end of week 3 I felt that I could see a definitive line where cleavage wanted to form! I measured in at 38.3” in the bust.

After Week 3

Week 4

Finally by week 4 I was a whopping 39”– a full inch from before starting the NG program! Also, when I measured from armpit to the cleavage line of each breast, they were both 10”! Equal for the first time ever. Yeah I’m still stunned.

After Week 4

My Thoughts

Though those numbers look great—and they are!—I still do see a difference between my left (Zena) and right (ZoraAnabelle). It’s as if Zena strays close to the armpit while ZoraAnabelle looks straight on. My nipples definitely don’t look to the same focal point lol ?.

It might be that this is something that can never change but only time will tell. Eric did inform me that while this program cannot guarantee a D’cup as I hope, it can guarantee my breasts becoming symmetrical. So I am opening myself to that reality! ?‍♀️

Additionally, I could do with more fullness on the bottom and top, and cleavage would make me beyond ecstatic ?.

This program takes a lot of discipline but I am hoping that when I finish the 16-week course that I will have attained my second boobie breakthrough! Here’s to 43”, symmetrical tatas, cleavage, fullness and breasteses health!

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My Current Method

At the moment I am following the NG regime daily: capsules twice a day, homeopathic spray twice a day, electric therapy pen, massage twice a day, and audio visualization. Additionally, I am using the Bosom Beauty (BB) to pump Zena for a minimum of 1 hr and then sleeping with Noogleberry (NB) on Zena at night.

Because the girls are now measuring at the same inch, I am going to switch to pumping both girls with BB and then sleep solely with Zena with my NB in the hopes of identical twinning her with ZoraAnabelle

Tips and Tricks

Before beginning NG I had an idea of what the program would entail. But, naturally, only true experience can give real knowledge! Through the 4 weeks that I’ve been New Growthing it, I’ve learned some vital tings that need to be shared with my favorite readers in the world! (sidebar you all are amahhhhzing!)

1. Measure every week and take photos

Everyone who is on a NBE journey should be doing this anyway, but with the NG program I cannot stress enough how important it is to document what is going on with our bodies.

Every Sunday I stand in the same place and ask Mick to snap a few pictures of me whilst he is standing in the same place he took the photos from the week before. I ask him to snap front on, from above, below, and both sides so that I can review and notate how the girls are developing.

I also measure every Sunday and input the data into my boobie sheet– oh yeah have a boobie journal or even better a boobie excel sheet!

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2. Keep a picture of your dream boobs on your mirror

Have a photo of your boobie goals somewhere visible. Even a photo of your face/body with the breasts you want added on works. Make it look realistic or even opt for an app that can expand them naturally. Print and look at that photo regularly! Having that somewhere that you can see daily will get those juices flowing and that will ultimately manifest them in the physical!

3. Keep note of if your menstrual cycle affects your breast size

Factor in your monthly moon time and hormonal changes. I realized that week 1’s information might have been skewed because of my moon time. I noted this in my boobie book aka boobie excel file and advise that you do the same if your breast size changes during certain times of your cycle.

4. Diet—your diet might change whilst on this course!

Raw foods are to be avoided completely. This means fruits and raw veg are out of the question. You should include pasta, dairy, and certain grains daily to complement the program.

For me this has been a challenge! I am a vegetarian, hateeeeee cheese, do not drink cow’s milk, don’t like yoghurt and make attempts at not eating too much carbs like pasta (because I tend to go overboard lol).

For this program I have been eating soups and pastas and milk chocolate on the weekend. Eric recommended a book, Food and Healing, and if you are veggie I would definitely give it a whirl!

5. Capsules– do not miss any day!

My spirit feels that the capsules are the secret ingredient to giving my breasts the necessary stuff to allow mother nature to finish her work ie developing my breasts.

On a daily basis I take one in the morning and one when I get home. I would recommend taking both at the same time only if you are in a crunch. Eric might correct me if I am wrong but I think it is better to have taken both then to forget one repeatedly. While I was away on holiday I took both at the same time to save forgetting!

6. Homeopathic Spray, spray on one wrist then hold both wrists together so it absorbs into your skin 😉

This spray is another that I feel is really important and shouldn’t be missed. The instructions are to spray under your tongue or on your wrist. I have been a little chicken to try under my tongue for fear of a bad taste, but spraying on the wrist works in the same manner.

When using on the wrist, spray then hold your wrists together so all the contents are absorbed.

You might consider switching up and spraying both tongue and wrist in a single day if you like making your days a little interesting.

7. Get the correct progesterone cream!

This cream is the only item that does not come within the NG box and that is because in Canada it needs a prescription. In certain places, like sweet ole America, you can pick it up right on the shelf, but in other places you will have to order it online.

The only cream to get is the one with natural progesterone USP grade. The one that I use is from Now Solutions. Like the spray you apply through the wrist. BUT unlike the other items within the program this is only to be done the last 12-14 days of your cycle. I use mine on the last 13 days just to be random ?.

8. Don’t use the Electric Pen on too high of a setting!

This pen takes some getting used to so make sure it is on the lowest setting when you first begin! Move up as you feel comfortable but take care not to shock yourself!

9. Be careful with the massage serum if you have sensitive skin

This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give: dilute properly!

I mix the NG serum with my homemade breast oil and a breast firming cream. BUTTT when I first mixed all together, I used way more of the serum than I should have and the result was x2 small spots of eczema that I am still trying to treat.

I recommend dosing correctly as per instructions in the booklet and using shea butter as a primer  so as to fully protect your skin from troubles; especially if you have sensitive skin like me.

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10. Don’t slack on the visualization and make sure you have full access to the files on the go!

As mentioned in my previous post, the program comes with a DVD. On the disk we have massage examples and audio visualization. The visualization works with our subconscious to get us into that state we were in during puberty; Thus readying our bodies to continue their development path.

The visualization is great. I love it because it is very much in line with my daily practice of flowing energy. I believe stating my wants to the universe, envisioning my life as I want it, and lifting my vibration to a place where blessings can move into, is vital in manifesting my dreams.

BUT in this digital age the DVD might be problematic. Facts.

I recommend uploading onto a machine and sticking all the files on a usb and also recommend emailing yourself all the files. Because of the latter I am able to listen straight from my phone.

I listen to the hypnosis twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I have also added this video onto my daily playlist and would recommend listening to it to further accommodate your breast growth.

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11. My final tip.

I know you all think I am going to write massage right? Haha well, though massage is my ultimate tip, this one is something I have not said before. And that’s because I have only begun doing it.

Performing this tip gives my breasts a boost and reminds me to honor them. If you are a sloucher, like me, remember to sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and jut your chest forward ever so slightly– tits up as Midge and Susie (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) would say.

This presents your glorious girls to the world, lets your girls know that you are proud of them–thus enabling them the space to become more and more of what you desire, and is great for posture.

Video Results

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4 Week Summation

And there you have it my lovelies, my 4-week update and all the tips and tricksies that I have to offer thus far.  I am looking forward to my #boobiedreams becoming a reality and I hope that you are closer than ever to your boobie goals too! Make sure to subscribe so that you won’t miss these NG updates and if you are on this NG journey with me, be sure to comment below! ??

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  • Love ya’s ?


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