My Areolas After 3 Weeks with the Noogleberry and Bosom Beauty + 24-Week Update

Hey Queens,

After ask on top of ask… on top of ask ? about nipple growth, your girl finally went forth and did a little experiment, solely for the purpose of educating the homies (I see you sis!).

Before we jump straight in, remember that I first began pumping with a breast enhancement pump in the early months of 2018. I didn’t measure my areolas from the start so it is near impossible for me to know if they have in fact stretched since day 1 ? (sorrrrry!).

With that being said, I can tell you how they’ve shifted after pumping for 3 full weeks! So, if you are one of those who is overly concerned about nipple growth due to a breast pump system like Noogleberry or Bosom Beauty read on.


I said it before, I’ll say it again: Your Nipples won’t Grow from the Pumps, but your Areolas (skin around the nipple) can Possibly Stretch.

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The Most Important Tool

Faithful NBE’rs know that when it comes to natural breast enhancement, there is only one tool she gotta have on lock. Measuring tape is the greatest tool imaginable while undertaking breast enhancement and it is important to have at least one of great quality.

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How to Measure

Measuring areolas is extremely easy and I recommend measuring immediately (like I mean right now) to ensure the most accurate results.

* For the best results, measure when your body is warm to prevent the skin from hardening and skewing your data.

  1. Take the tape and line up the edge with the left side of your areola
  2. Pull the tape all the way to the edge of the right side of your areola. Whether in inches or centimetres, mark down exactly what you see.
  3. Next measure from the edge of the top part of your areola
  4. Pull the tape straight down to the edge of the bottom part of your areola. Mark this down in your BoobJournal. Follow the same steps with your right breast (though more than likely it is exactly the same).

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My Results

In following the measurement procedure, On the first Sunday I weighed in at 1.5 inches all around. This was mirrored on the second Sunday and was an exact replica on the final Sunday. After 3 weeks of pumping for 1+ hours a day, my areolas stayed the same in diameter!

To be completely honest, I care less about my areolas expanding and more about my breasts evening and rounding out more and more while on my NBE journey, BUT it is still nice to know that the pumps don’t seem to be stretching out the skin around my nipples. It’s not to say that they will stay 1.5 inches forever!, but at least we have some definitive data to work with 😉

*Today they are still measuring at 1.5 inches up/down and left/right

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My 24-Week Update

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with my NBE series here on HNLH and on my Youtube channel, you’ll know I took a 5-month break from pumping. Happily, my growth remained through all that time and I came back to pumping ready for even more achievements.

11-weeks was the stopping point so what I did was minus the 5-month break that I took and added the weeks from when I started back up again– 11-weeks (not including break) + 13-weeks–meaning that this post is my 24-week update. Quick maths!

I now have both the Noogleberry and the Bosom Beauty. One is a manual hand pump and the other is an electronic one. I use the Bosom Beauty control unit with the Noogleberry cone on my smaller breast for 1-2 hours a day then I sleep with my Noogleberry solely on the smaller one.

Some days I pump both breasts but my main aim is to flesh out Zena, the left one. I massage both of them every single day for 30 minutes– this is vital!

At 11-weeks I weighed in at 37.75inches and at 24-weeks, your girl is at 38.5inches! So happy and ready for the next landmark 🙂

  • What is your biggest achievement on your NBE journey? Let us know by commenting below
  • Get your own Noogleberry or Bosom Beauty and use NHL10 on N for a 10% discount and ManikaNia on B for a 10% discount
  • Please pray for ZenaandZoraAnabelle and don’t forget to massage ErrrrryDay!
  • Love ya’s x


2 comments on “My Areolas After 3 Weeks with the Noogleberry and Bosom Beauty + 24-Week Update

  1. Hi! New to noogling, and just after some tips please if poss! Apologies in advance for all the questions!

    Firstly, you mention massage in your post, do you feel this has helped with progress, and how often do you do this ? Before /after you noogle?

    Also, do you find any specific creams or oils useful for this? There are lots of “breast enlargment” claims on certain creams online but I’m doubtful- is there anything you would recommend?

    Finally, are you taking any herbs/supplements to help you on your journey? I need all the help I can get, so any advice would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance, and also, amazing work reviewing these devices and sharing your experience. It’s been vital in my choice to try NBE with noogleberry and opened my eyes to less invasive methods of enhancement- thank you very mch!
    Laura X

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for the comment :). No problem about questions as as many as you need! Massage is vital and I do this daily both before and after noogling (1). At the moment I use an oil that I make myself, I have filmed a vid about it and will be posting soon (2). I have a vid about the herbs and supplement I use, would you mind checking this link from my youtube channel and if you still have more questions let me know by commenting here ? 🙂 Welcome onboard I hope your NBE journey goes amazing and yields incredible results! What is your biggest goal?x

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