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Hello my beauties!

Welcome to another NBE post! We love natural breast enhancement because it promotes self-care/love AND, with the right amount of blessings, helps us reach our BeautyBoobie goals!

Today is allllll about the T! T-T-Technique that is, as I will be giving you the lowdown on my current Breast Pump Technique.

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When it comes to both the Noogleberry (NB) and Bosom Beauty (BB), there are tons on tons on TONS of different techniques that we NBE’rs undertake. Throughout my 3-year journey, my technique has updated, reverted back, tacked on something new, etc.. and I don’t imagine that the variations will ever cease!

BUT, since you lovelies have asked, you know I gots to answer! 

* REMEMBER though, this is solely my routine and method, and does not mean it is the only way nor the correct way. As always, find what is best for you and do it, boo!*

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My Daily Technique

Morning time:
  1. Rise and shine!
  2. While giving thanks and flowing energy, I pump Zena (the right one) with the NB for about 30 minutes to an hour. I usually only pump Zena, but sometimes do both girls. I use the pump, airlock and hold method
  3. Release air, remove cup(s)
  4. Tidy the flat, shower, and ensure that both girls receive a good burst of extra warm water
  5. Massage in the shower
  6. Once I get out, I pump both girls with the BB while I look after my skin. During this I continually press boost (the Orange Button!) which lasts for 5 minutes each time. My bathrobe has a pocket where I leave my control unit, which allows me to move around while the BB is pumping. However, when the robe must come off– when I’m buttering my body, the control unit and tubing can get in the way so I usually just throw the unit over my shoulders and it stays in place just fine! (See video below)
  7. Once my face is cared for and my body is buttered, I remove the cups and massage! It’s the perfect time to massage as the blood flow is stimulated at this time
  8. I apply shea butter as a base then massage with my cream/oil and do a lymphatic massage followed by slap therapy! 

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Night Time:
  1. Before bed I put on audio visualization and put the BB on both girls
  2. The visualization lasts for up to 30 minutes
  3. The BB automatically stops at 30 minutes but I leave the cones on until they naturally come off from either loss of suction or from me breaking suction

In total, I use both systems for between one to three hours a day + however long the BB stays on during my slumber.

Technical Technique Terms

To be technical, the two techniques I use are: 

  • Press and Release 
  • Pump and Hold

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Press and Release

Press and release is a method that is favorited by many NBE’rs and involves pumping the girls and then releasing the air. Pump and release can be used by both the Noogleberry and the Bosom Beauty. For Bosom Beauty, pump and release is the natural ebb and flow of the system, as air is constantly filled and released without the need to manually make it so. For press and release to work with the NB, we are required to push the air release button and pump repeating both again and again.

Pump and Hold

Pump and hold is a favorite for me because I caution on the side of…. lazy ?! Pumping and holding means that the air fills and, well, holds! For the NB, I have the airlock tubing which allows an added step of pump, lock, and hold. This keeps the air in longer without the inevitable escape and has helped me expedite the stimulation of blood flow. For the BB, once the control unit stops working, the air is locked in for a period of time but is slowly and steadily losing air. While pump and hold can be achieved through BB, it is on a smaller scale.

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Your Favorite Show is ON!

End Tings

And that, dear readers, is my Breast Pump routine #explained! I find that it fits in very nicely with my lifestyle and because I bundle– skincare routine while pumping, flowing energy while pumping, pumped while asleep– I don’t feel that the pumping is a chore!… Which is something I can always get behind!

  • Is your routine different from mine? How so? Comment below your NBE routine, sis!
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  • Take care of your girls with massage, positive affirmations and lalalalalove!
  • Speaking of LOVE…Love ya’s ?

12 comments on “My Breast Pump Technique | All Natural Breast Enhancement

  1. Hi Manika! I have been reading in some NBE forums about the risks of nerve damage from pumping. Have you ever experienced any numbness, tingling during or after pumping? I’ve been curious about trying this out but pretty worried reading about the very serious health issues some women have developed 🙁

    1. Hi Penny, messaged you up above re this LOL, I haven’t had any, no, and also haven’t encountered anyone who has but I would love to know more if you point me in the right direction?

  2. Do you still use the overnight technique or did you stop after 3 weeks? If you stopped did they reduce in size? Is this method what you do every day now? I’m starting noogleberry and want to try doing the overnight one because GIRL your results were crazy

    1. Hi dear, yes they were so crazy! Here is the NBE playlist on YT, let me know if it helps! I definitely think sleeping with them is super helpful but you can see more of my results and my routine on the playlist. Let me know if you have more Qs! 🙂

  3. Hi Manika! You have quieted my fears a little bit about the nerve damage since you have been doing it for so long and not had any trouble. Maybe it has to do with how hard those girls were pumping. How much pressure do you use? Do you pump until just before it starts to feel uncomfortable? Do you leave enough room that your breasts can still wiggle a little if you were to jump around? (Just trying to get a sense for what I should be shooting for) Have you been making any gains recently or do you feel like your growth has plateaued for a bit? Thanks for your guidance!

    1. Hi Penny dear, you also have helped me to be very cautious and to pay great attention to what is going on with my body. I never feel discomfort when pumping, I pump until I feel a good pull and where I can see that the girls are pumped but not to where I’m uncomfy. I do a vid about it on my YT channel. It is here let me know if it helps!x

  4. Hi Manika! I want to say that I think that you are a beautiful person, love your videos and site. I do have some questions that I’m hoping that you can help me with. I have the BB, I purchased the L and XL cones, I had to start using the XL cones because I was filling up the L cones and my nipple would hit the tip on the cone, now I’m having the same issue with XL cones. I do feel some fuller but I can’t say that the ladies have grown that much that I would be having this issue. Is this normal? Do the Noogleberry cones work with BB?, and are the Noogleberry cones bigger than the BB XL cones? Any help with these questions would be great. Thank.

    1. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. The BB cups are quite small which is unfortunate. Definitely try with the NB cones as they are much larger and better for this! Let me know how it goes. Did you see any growth?

  5. Hi Manika, I have been following you and watching you on YouTube, thanks for all the work you do. I’m thinking of trying the noogleberry system. I was wondering if you can tell me if the results are permanent or is it that the results go away when you stop pumping. I’m looking to grow my breasts and not have to pump daily forever to have the results. If there is a maintenance of 1-3times a week that is cool and understandable.
    Also I see you have two systems do you think having both is important or one is good enough.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Manika,

    I am wondering, if you were me and waiting for both the Noogleberry airlock contour system AND new growth system from Eric D, what is your recommendation for the most impressive results, bearing in mind that I want to look sexy for a beach holiday in August 2023 (6+ months away)? Should I do both at the same time or start with one or the other? One of your videos said Dr Eric said pumping might not be ideal during the new growth program? Given that the new growth program is shorter, would I obtain better results by doing New Growth for the four months and then doing Noogleberry for 4 months and then some, or should I do Noogleberry for 4 months, switch to only NG, then finish NG and go back to Noogleberry?

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