My Menstrual Cup Got Stuck- A Foolproof Way to Remove Any Menstrual Cup

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I am super happy to be writing once more about reusable period apparatuses– specifically the menstrual cup. Now, before I delve deep into my “how the menstrual cup got stuck up in me and how I now use it monthly without ever having any kind-of hitch” story, I invite you to read my introductory piece on reusable menstrual pads and cups. In it I explain why using one or the other can positively impact our health, pockets, and the environment.

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I’ve been a reusable girl for many years and pride myself on making cloth pads that I can use during my moon cycle. However, I have to admit that the more I used my bulky bleeding-cloths, the more I wondered if the cups might be a more suitable option.

So, needless to say, one moon I decided I would go menstrual cup all the way. I read about the Diva cup, Juju Cup, and Lunette Cup, among others, but did what economical Money (that’s me) normally does and opted for three different (cheaper) brands found on the handy-dandy eBay and Amazon.

I made sure they were medical-grade silicone but wasn’t too concerned about the brand. From eBay I bought iCare and a brand-less cup and from Amazon Blossom. I bought two in small and one in large.

By the time my period came round I couldn’t be more excited to try out the new design. Call it fate or something else but when moonie came calling I proceeded to wear my reusable pads for the first 3 days, rather than cupping it up. By day 4, though, when things were just as light as they wanted to be, I went in for the cup and decided to try the bigger one.

How to Insert

(1) To use, I pinched

(2) Made into a U by bringing ends together


(3) Then slid it on up until it locked in.


…. Then it Got Stuck

I went about my day and it was positively amazing! I didn’t feel like something was up in me, there was no discomfort, and best of all no leaks! Brilliant! Because it was one of my lighter days I didn’t even need to remove it to discard and rinse whilst at work.

By the time I arrived to my humble abode I decided it was time to remove the cuppy cup, rinse and replace it for the night. I proceeded to find the stem only to discover that it wasn’t where I left it! Oh gawd. I tried a squatting position and tried to feel for the thing that would make removing easy.

But no luck. Ok, breathe girl, breathe. No worries. Surely one of the YouTube gurus has made a video about this very problem with the easiest solution on how to get it out.

So I did what the modern human does and pulled out my phone and typed in Help ME Please My Menstrual Cup is Stuck!!!! There were plenty of videos and I watched 7. Despite the ladies’ reassurances that the cup can’t get stuck because it has no place to go and how you just have to be patient and practice, put your finger in a certain place to break suction then ease it out etc etc, it just wouldn’t work for me.

After 30 minutes I was really panicking. The thought of having to go to a doctor made me groan, as my carefully mapped out night included Netflix and couch rather than an emergency room. I also didn’t want to ask Mick to rummage around my bleeding lady and plus he wasn’t even home yet! After more videos and an entire hour passing I was on the verge of tears! Whose idea was it to make these horror-cups!

Mick finally came home and I had to ask him to do it. And he did with no complaints– good man. But even for him it wasn’t easy. He definitely had to rummage and it took him a hot minute before finally getting it in a position where it could sidle on out.

I will never ever use one of them again! Reusable pads will just have to do for me, I assured myself. But, as miss moon was fast approaching again, all I could think about was giving it another go. But there had to be a way, some foolproof way where I could remove it, on my own, and as frequently as I needed. Aha!

Foolproof Way to Remove Any Menstrual Cup

You see, once I had a yeast infection and I wanted to treat it naturally and read about inserting garlic. Hmm, thought I, sounds interesting. So I tried it! But it got stuck (sigh). This was circa 2011, before the advent of youtube galore, so I turned to the internet to figure out how to get the already huge garlic out.

Don’t panic, they said, there’s nowhere for it to go, they assured, it will eventually come out, blah blah blah. Easy for them to say, they weren’t the ones oozing garlic from all of their pores!

But one lady did truly save the day. She wrote that anytime she used garlic to keep the bad yeast at bay she would sew through the clove with a needle and thread, that way it could always come out right on time. While I would not recommend garlic in the lady part even with a string– seriously just opt for yoghurt– I used her same principal when menstrual cupping it up.

This time I went for the smaller cup. I took a stronger-than-normal cotton thread and sewed it through the stem ensuring that it was long enough to where it wouldn’t get lost but not too long to where it would fall free from my knickers.

I inserted and hoped to the almighty that this time I could pull it out. I used it on day one with a full day of work ahead of me and no Mick in any proximity for 7 hours!

When it came time to remove, I went into the single bathroom in my office, felt for the string, gave the slightest of tugs, felt the suction release and it literally came out just like that. Hazaa! I now use my menstrual cup every moon and have not had to ask for help from the chico once.

Things You Should Know About the Cups + The Video

Does it last all day?

Go with your flow! If you are having a particularly heavy day you might need to empty and rinse 2-3 times in the day. I have found that I pretty much have to empty between 1-2 times in the beginning of my cycle and not so much on the end.

Will it Leak?

Mine did once and it was a signal to me that I should have changed it sooner.

How Often Should You change?

It is not recommended to be left in for longer than 8 hours at a time, but this of course depends on your heaviness to lightness. On a heavy day try emptying every 4 hours or whenever you go for a wee. Make sure to empty before bed so that you are protected all night!

Do You Need a Liner Overnight?

I personally like to sleep with both my cup and reusable cloth at night on the heavy days just so I don’t ruin my sheets and cute jammy jams.

The YouTube Story-time Version

Is it Messy?

No more mess than usual. I do not find this to be any more messy than any other kind of period apparatus. When I pull out to empty, I am over a toilet and it’s easy to pour out. However, I do have the fortune of being in a single bathroom whilst at work with a sink right next to the toilet so am able to rinse before inserting again. If you are in a public vicinity and need to rinse you have options!

Firstly, though menstrual cups are fairly new compared to things like tampons and pads, remember that we are all women. I highly doubt that if a woman saw you rinsing a cup in the bathroom that she would look at you like you just committed an unforgivable act.

That being said, I personally feel best when I rinse the cup after removing it and before inserting again. If you want to rinse but are also embarrassed/shy about the thought of say a coworker seeing you rinsing in the sink, I’d suggest wiping down your cup as much as possible then giving it a little rinse in the sink so you feel happy about re-inserting and also comfortable that your bathroom-mate didn’t see any red in “whatever it was you were rinsing”– again nobody would really be watching that closely!

Another option that many women use is to release, pour out, wipe down with loo (toilet) roll, and insert again, and that way you never have to leave your stall if you don’t want!

The outside of my cup never gets messy anyway but I do find that the inside needs a little rinse even after pouring everything out. I find the cleanup to be very manageable which is very important to me because even messy eating frustrates and stresses me out!– why hasn’t someone invented a vegan burger that doesn’t fall out of the bun!

Which Brand Should You use?

Well many people will tell you that the top brands are Diva Cup, MeLuna, Lunette, Lena and even Moon Cup. The name-brand cups seem to be staples for most ladies cycles but I say it is up to you. I really like iCup and Blossom equally so would say pick one and give it a try!

What Size?

Ermm, you know your lady! But as most things in this original life, try it out for yourself until you know the best answer for you! Most brands have just two sizes anyway, I don’t reckon it hurts to get one in each size!

Where to Buy and How Much?

Ebay or Amazon, babies. The well-known, well loved ones can cost you anywhere from $20-25 and ones like iCare $5 and Blossom $14.

Dee End

Overall this cup has been the best thing that I have used for my moon-time and now that my cups have been upgraded and decked out with the latest strings I feel so comfortable and confident that I can flow in peace and harmony!

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  • Here’s some big love from your girl, keep it you, boos!xx

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