Natural Deodorant Reviews- Schmidt’s Deodorant Destroyed My Underarms

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Welcome to another in the Natural Deodorant Chronicles! Today its all about Schmidts the deo for natural pits!

What is Schmidts?

Let me copy and paste and then sprinkle their Humble Beginnings on ya real quick: “Schmidt’s started in Portland, Oregon in 2010 when the Maker Movement inspired Jaime Schmidt to DIY her way to developing a plant-based natural deodorant formula that helped keep her family fresh and smell amazing. Fast forward to 2015, Schmidt’s viral success caught the attention of entrepreneur Michael Cammarata, and together, the unlikely power duo built Schmidt’s into a natural products empire. Today, Schmidt’s Naturals’ plant- and mineral-based personal care products are available all around the world.”

Why Should we Care?

If you peruse their site you will find that these product-makers are truly innovative and proactive in creating and sustaining quality plant-based products that are affordable and that live out their purpose. For the natural-living lover, a company like Schmidt’s is important because it is not false.

Remember in 2012 how the human race entered a collective consciousness because of the procession of the equinox? This enabled many of us to wake up and thus erupted all these yogi’s, natural-living lovers, vegans, health-conscious people etc.

Although it is fab that so many people have been awakened, the truth of the matter is that collective consciousness has not eliminated capitalism. Meaning there are tons upon tons of individuals and companies who love nothing more than to capitalize on movements and hypes. Many products whose labels say “natural” and “organic” are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. Schmidt’s, however, is not one of those companies and the proof is in the pudding.. well in the ingredients at least (ingredient list in the video below).

Natural DEO is what I D.O!

All the handbookers will be well aware of my natural deodorant story already, but for those just tuning in let me say it has been a journey! I’ve tried so many natural deodorants trying to find one that is pure, long-lasting, and non-irritating. Trying out natural deo is totally what I do and here is my take on Schmidts Bergamot and Lime.

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The Smell

When reading up on Schmidts and deciding which one I should opt for, the scent that was getting the most air time was bergamot and lime. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many people gushing over a smell like that before. When I went to get my own and sniffed Bergamot and Lime, I said to myself, I totally get it! The smell is divine and though there were x3 other choices in front of me in Berkeley Bowl, I knew I would be taking the Bergamot and Lime home with me!

The Packaging

For me this is an important element because most natural-deo wearers will tell you that you must carry the product with you as a just-in-case kind of thing. That being said if the packaging is the type that causes the product to run out in your purse… then it isn’t on the good list! My Jason deodorant peeled off inside my bag and I didn’t love that! Schmidts stays together quite well, though. The only irritating part– which happens even with traditional stick-deodorants, is when I apply, if I put the cap on without wiping, some of the product gets on the outside of the stick when I place the cap back on. This is always problematic for the deo-toting gal as it can mean getting unwanted product in your purse! It is easily fixed with wiping but still noteworthy to know in my opinion.

The Texture

When I make my own deodorant it is creamy which I love! It glides on just like shea butter does (shea butter is the main ingredient) and so I prefer a deodorant that gives me the same feel. Schmidts is creamy BUT there is that indisputable granuley feel, the same as if you were to get baking soda and a little water and run that between your fingers.

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The Usability

Again, with natural deodorants, if it is difficult to apply when on the go it doesn’t make the good list! This includes if you have to use your fingers, or wet it first or if it isn’t easy to get under your clothes! The Schmidts product that I tried is the stick version and applying it is very simple. It isn’t messy and doesn’t leave a residue on my clothes which is major for me!

The Durability

Potentially the most important aspect of natural deodorant: How long will it last? Back in the day, you know before the collective awakening, the natural products available were scarce and the ones around were not all that effective. I used Tom’s of Maine back then and seriously if I got two hours without smelling then I would be lucky! Schmidts lasts all day. If I put it on at 8.30am by the time I get home at 5pm I am still smelling fresh!

So What’s the Problem?

These all sound like positive things don’t they? Well they are! And for the first 4 or so months of using my stick everything was heaven. The last two months however were problematic. At first I thought it was because I was shaving so swapped to waxing with a natural wax thinking this would solve the problem. I’ve always had dark underarms but they were steadily growing darker, I’d have itchy spells and then they just became completely red and raw. When I swapped to wax it didn’t change anything. I stopped shaving and waxing and the problem still persisted. My underarms were literally destroyed! Finally I realized that the only other thing I was using on my arms was my deodorant. Since not using it regularly, all of the symptoms have subsided.

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The Vlog

Manika-Nia’s Rating

Overall, I rate this product a 7 out of 10. I really think it is a lovely product, it is just a shame that I developed a sensitivity to it after using it for while.

Would you Recommend?

I honestly would recommend it. As you know I am not a wasteful Wendy and still keep the stick in my purse as a backup. I don’t use it everyday anymore because my body alerted me that it wasn’t best practice but at the moment it is still the deodorant that I throw on if any odors try to catch me on the creep up. I think that the baking soda in the product is what causes a reaction in me but so far nothing but baking soda has given me long-lasting odor-free days. That being said I think this product is definitely worth a shot if you are looking for a non-toxic, plant-based product that will work. If you have had trouble with baking soda in a deodorant before then you can still try this to see if it works for you but keep in mind that you may develop sensitivity after a while of use. Some say that the original which comes in a jar is better and that might be next on my list!

Where to Buy

I bought mine from Berkeley Bowl in California but I’d say give your local health food store a shot and if not try eBay or Amazon.


I still haven’t found the ONE natural deodorant. So far the only one that has been extremely perfect is the one that I make myself. I still would like to find one deodorant that ticks all the boxes but until then… the Natural Deodorant Chronicles continues!

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  1. Try the Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin formula. It doesn’t have baking soda and eliminated my irritation issues I had with Native’s natural deodorant.

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