Natural Makeup

For the modern woman, makeup is quite essential. And why shouldn’t it be? It enhances our features and makes us feel more confident, and sexy!

It is also an art form, and when the true artists take their positions, most of us look on in wonderment at what they can accomplish. I am a huge fan of makeup. I’m not a makeup artist, but I can appreciate the history of makeup and why it is an important facet in human culture; it is transformative.

What I don’t appreciate (slanty eyes) is the harsh chemicals that go into far too many products. No surprise there, this is her natural living handbook. This is why I have spent the last few years doing my due diligence in scouring for the best natural makeup available. Some of the products have been a flop, but my staples include cosmetics that are not only NOT harmful to the skin, but are actually beneficial in the long run.

I love my skin dearly- it is the largest organ on my body- and I want to make sure that it is healthy, soft, and radiant for as long as I occupy this physical form.

This, truthfully, cannot be achieved through the use of many popular cosmetics. How do I know? My skin don’t tell lies.

As I have gotten older, I have learned a thing or two about myself. My body is an indicator of when something is right and by that extension, also when something is wrong. All of ours is! It is only a question of whether we are in tune, whether we pay attention to the signs we receive. I believe that there are signs that indicate when something is amiss and these signs communicate through intuition or our body’s reaction.

In terms of makeup, I have broken out in rashes and spots from so many popular brands. My eyes have near burned out from irritation of mascaras and eyeliners and my lips have often done that unsightly peeling thing due to lipsticks, glosses, and even certain chapsticks (not cute).

None of these symptoms were ideal, and though many might attest that my issues stemmed from not prepping my skin before application, I saw something more sinister at work. My skin was reacting because it did not like something in what I was putting on.

So I made a commitment to choose products whose makers had a natural approach, and within the pages of this site, I’ll be sharing my findings with you natural beauties.

I become excited when I find a product that works great, smells great, and leaves out the most dangerous ingredients. It can be a challenge deciding which product to choose based on our wants, and let’s face it, we do not want to waste our hard earned bucks (that’s real).

This is where the handbook begins to fulfill its name. Check in regularly for natural makeup shouts and tips. Remember, if there are ever natural products that you would like to know about but want me to try out first, be sure to request via a comment and I will get to it ASAP. The natural makeup world awaits, and we can journey through together.