Natural Ways to have Healthy, Glowing Skin

Ok so as you all know, makeup is all the rage! With women left and right, highlighting, contouring, and baking.. you know, the works!

So many women apply their makeup so well that I often gawk at the flawlessness of their execution.

True Beauty, Though…

I watch tons of makeup tutorials on Instagram and my absolute favourites are those that apply makeup fabulously, but when they remove the gunk, their skin looks even better than with the makeup on!

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That being said,  it makes me super sad when I see women who look stunning when they cover their face, but underneath have troubled skin. For the most part they use makeup as a cover up of what’s going on underneath, and many times their makeup use only worsens the skin.

Importance of Healthy Skin

I feel extremely happy seeing people with healthy skin because it makes me feel that they are loving themselves in the way that they deserve, and tending to their garden as they should.

It seriously makes my heart smile and inspires me to match their pedigree. It also emboldens me to help any woman out there who wants to have flawless skin with or without makeup, and believe me Mother Nature has us covered there.

Those Instabeauties who can work the halleloo out of their makeup, but who still have healthy skin underneath, understand something about skincare that those who use makeup as a cover up might not fully grasp.

We must take care of our skin ALWAYS and use makeup as a means to enhance our beauty, not cover our problems. But how do we fix the problems in the first place?! Well like mumma always says, “it takes work.”

The good news is, this kind of work is fun!

Tending to our Skin Garden

A large theme within this site is recognizing that our body is our garden, and whether you are interested in horticulture or not, tending to your body as you would a beloved garden will only allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This is because you’ll see a transformation in yourself and can take pride in the fact that you loved yourself enough to make it happen, cap’n.

Natural Ways to have Healthy Skin

This kind of gardening is super easy, cheap and of course… all natural baby! Remember we all have different skin, and you might have to try different techniques that work best for you, but here are some excellent natural tips to head you in the direction of healthy skin.

  • Diet. Duh! What you put in your body is reflected in your hair, skin, and nails. Nourish your body with plenty of greens, fruits and other vegetables. Try juicing or blending together fruits and veg (especially avocado) to add to your daily intake and watch how your skin thanks you!

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  • Water. You know dis! Need I go in to how life saving, life-saving water can be? This liquid love hydrates the skin like no other and its absolutely necessary to choose water as your beverage of choice when you want to have healthy glowing skin.

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  • Homemade face scrub. You don’t even need to shell out big bucks for it. What I use is some olive oil, sugar, honey, oatmeal, and grapeseed oil. I mix these together and use it to gently scrub my face daily. The granules help to remove dirt and exfoliate my skin while the other ingredients soften and hydrate my face. I also use this on different parts of my body mixed with my natural body wash, for a nice body scrub.  
  • Tamarind. Tamarindo. Tamarindeeeee. Ever heard of this unusual fruit? If you haven’t, then it is time to make its acquaintance because it is fab on fab for the skin. What I do is remove the shell from the Tamarind, remove the vines. Boil until soft. Take the fruit out of the boiled water. Remove the seeds. Put what is left on my face for about 20 minutes, then rinse it off. I do this once a week and I love this method. Tamarind has anti-aging properties, it removes unsightly bumps, has antioxidants, and gives the skin a youthful look. DIY Queen, Fara Dhukai saves the leftover water/tamarind juice as a toner for the skin.

It's all About the Tamarind, Baby

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  • Moisturizer. For my body I use shea butter melted with coconut oil and a bit of lemon essential oil and my skin looks and feels fresh and soft. I also shave my legs and underarms using coconut oil instead of a shaving cream.

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There are tons of nature’s gifts that can aid us in achieving that sought after healthy skin. If you want a wider scope, I would recommend checking out this book as it gives valuable information on natural skin care with organic formulas to keep that skin cared for.

Your Turn

Natural skincare can be a strange phenomena, especially when the majority of the population is accustomed to NAUGHTY products BUT natural skincare is, like you, so worth it!

  • What is the most bizarre natural skincare routine you know? Make sure to get involved in discussion below and hit those share buttons!
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27 comments on “Natural Ways to have Healthy, Glowing Skin

  1. I like the tidbit about water. I think it is the simplest and most basic form of hydration and health overall. People don’t drink enough of it! I always try to drink at least 2L a day, and ideally folks should aim for more. I am a health nut when it comes to skin & body..
    Feel free to check out my website and offer your own insight on my pages on aromatherapy and essential oils soaps:


    1. Hi Gina!

      I checked out your site, you have some amazing info and a great posts and pages! I’ll definitely be checking in with you regularly and yes I share your passion for the skin and body! It is so very important for us all to look after ourselves and one such key element is that good ole H20 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I don’t know why but I feel worse with make up on my skin. Maybe I don’t know how to apply it well. It looks fake.
    Pretty much the quality of your skin depends also on your genetics. Let’s say I do nothing about it and it looks better than most people. Maybe the reason is that I didn’t use excessive make up through the teen years like most girls do.

    1. Hi Dreamgirl,

      I, too, have felt weird with certain makeup on my face. I have felt like a clown and like it just did not look right on me. I had to learn the types of makeup that work on my skin and which looks just don’t work. Have you ever tried BareMinerals? They are my absolute favourite and most of the products are actually good for your skin. Anyway it sounds as if your natural skin is fab! Do you do anything particular with your skin to keep it healthy?

  3. I like the tidbit about water. I think it is the simplest and most basic form of hydration and health overall. People don’t drink enough of it! I always try to drink at least 2L a day, and ideally folks should aim for more. I am a health nut when it comes to skin & body..

    great site!


  4. Hi Manika-Nia,

    I looked over your website and liked it very much.
    I did not see anything that stands out as needing improvement.

    The only thing I would change is put your about “Manika-Nia” page over to the just left of your “Privacy” Page. There is also an extra space in your “About Manika-Nia”. (Manika- Nia)

    It looks like you have put a lot of work into it and it has paid off.

    Very nice looking site, keep up the good work!

  5. My skin is pretty soft and smooth and I do not use any lotion. ever. I think I have a good diet but that’s more for my body building.

    How much water should I be drinking a day for healthy skin? I want to make sure I am getting the right amount daily.

    1. Hey Curtis, great question. Some say that we should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day (2L) but this varies depending on the person as some might need more to hydrate themselves. As a rule of thumb, I think this amount is great and the way I stay on track is to make sure that any time I am thirst or drinking, water is my choice. I also make a fruit water weekly with lemon, cucumber, a strawberry, and sometimes a slice of orange. That is super helpful for the skin as well and is still water intake. Also great job with your soft skin and good diet! Keep it up! 🙂

      1. Even though I drink water and prefer it, I feel as though I do not drink enough in a day. Is there any advice you can give on how to stay on track with drinking as much water as the body needs a day?

        1. Hi Kiana,
          Thanks so much for the comment. I struggled with this myself because I find that I’m not a very thirsty person, so i literally have to force myself to drink for the most part. To stay on track I’d recommend guzzling one to two glasses when you wake up, two after every meal and the final ones a bit before bed. Also, if you are into hot beverages, you could try hot water with lemon throughout the day to get all the water you need. It is challenging for me, but in this I just have to make myself or else I’ll just go without! Have you got any tips on how you stay on track?

  6. I really enjoyed reading this!!! I am going to start doing all of this!! I want great skin and I want to be healthy!!! Thank you for all of the information

    1. Hi Malaika, thanks so much for your comment! You can definitely have everything you want and I’m right here for any help you might need. 🙂

  7. Okay, so I struggle with the dryness of my face, and been hunting for the solution to my dry face. I am trying the tamarind regimen starting tomorrow along with the melted shea butter and coconut oil to put that moistness back in my face! Thanks for the tips!!! Also, I find a lot of makeup to be drying. I use MAC foundation religiously, but when I take off my make I find it a bit drier 🙁 Any tips on how to keep my face moist underneath my makeup?

    1. Kiana,
      please please let me know how the tamarind regimen goes for you! I absolutely love it, it has made my skin glow and I just can’t believe how amazing it is. Do this once a week and I think your skin will glow as well. Now for pre- makeup I’d recommend applying rosewater. It smells so nice and can aid in moisturizing the skin in the long run. I use a cotton pad and apply this over my entire face every day before applying makeup and even use it when I don’t wear makeup. Also what do you use to remove your makeup? Ever tried coconut oil? It hydrates the face, removes all (any type) of makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh and looking good until the next application. I’ve heard tale that MAC is the holy grail for many women, but if you’re ever willing to try something new, I love the BareMinerals line 🙂

      1. I will let you know in a week to share my skin progress and water intake as well! Cant wait to feel and look healthier.

          1. Update: I been drinking water before bed and waking up and in between. I mix hot and cold water throughout the day. I haven’t seen much of a difference yet but my body is getting used to the change. I will continue to drink and see what happens!

  8. I enjoyed reading this post. You know tamarind is a very common fruit in my country and I never knew it could also help your skin. So right there, I learned something new. Having healthy looking skin has been a problem for me for a long time. I have acne and its really difficult to combat it (even with diet and drinking lots of water). I’m also allergic to several make up products and currently I am using a mineral make up (not whole cover up). One thing that I know helps is taking all make up off but I have to be honest sometimes I’m so tired I’m just forget and go to sleep or I just use make up wipes.

  9. Actually Shea butter makes me allergy however I really want something to use as a natural moisturizer. Do you have any suggestions?

  10. This is so awesome. Unfortunately I have pretty bad skin (thanks genes!), so I get pretty bad acne and scars from hormonal acne. Drinking water helps a lot, but I really need to force myself to drink it sometimes. I’ve been infusing my water with fruit recently to make it more appealing, and it usually works!

    1. Hi Lauren, have you tried rosewater? It is so good for the skin and to remove any scars and also prevents acne. Make sure you get pure rosewater, though, not concentrated or with unnatural ingredients. Message me if you want any help in helping your skin!

  11. This is a very useful article! My skin is not really prone to acnes or other skin problems mainly because I have really tiny pores that no amount of makeup may cause such drastic change to my face. But I realized that when I don’t take care of my skin properly after wearing makeup, my skin looked dull and I looked like a zombie! I have always been using moisturizing cream from Korean brands like Innisfree and shea butter as well.

    You pointed out that diet is one of the natural ways to have healthy skin and I agree with you. I started to see a change in my skin when I make the right diet choices and start to pay attention to my body!

    1. I love your spirit Rab! Paying attention and getting to know your body is some of the best advice I’ve received and certainly some of the best that I can give! Thanks for your comment keep taking care of your vehicle 🙂

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