Noogleberry Before and After- I Grew Over 1.5 Inches in 7 Weeks!

Hey Handbookers and Nooglers!

So I’m buzzing! Absolutely over-the-moon with my Noogleberry results. I have been sleeping with my Noogleberry system every single night for 7 weeks now and almost can’t believe how much my girls have grown.

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ZoraAnabelle and Zena

My girls are called #ZoraAnabelleandZena from right to left (Zena is the small one) and while they are stars in their own right and I appreciate and love them to bits, I have trouble with a few of their qualities including their unevenness. Zena is the runt of the family and can’t yet seem to match her sisters fly. Both girls suffer from non-cleavage-itis (totally made that up…) and could each use a little, what the doctors call, somethin-somethin in the under-boob area. So, 7 weeks ago, I decided to give my girls a little edge with sleeping with the Noogleberry system overnight.

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In my other post’s in this series I explain what the Noogleberry breast pump is, who it’s for, how it works, and also mention that it takes a considerable amount of time before most users see results. I’d even read on countless forums how most women didn’t see any difference until 5+ months after using the system!– that’s including those who slept with them on ?.

Needless to say, even though I embarked on more uncomfortable sleeps in the name of #ZoraAnabelleandZena’s well-being, I didn’t expect to see anything major so soon. Yet in the first 3-weeks I went from 36″ to 36.5″ and was astounded and damn near blown away!

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When it came to the next month of Noogling, I continued only measuring at the end of each week, revealing the results to myself at the same time as I revealed them on camera.

4 Weeks

I went from 36.5″ to 36.75″

5 Weeks

I went from 36.75″ to 37.125″

6 Weeks

From 37.125″ to 37.5″

7 Weeks

From 37.5″ to 37.625″

In Total

I went from 36″ to 37.625″ meaning I gained 1.625″ in 7 short weeks! Wowza

I’m still a little in disbelief at how fast I am seeing results and in how well this system is working. It certainly gives me motivation to keep going and makes me excited for the future. At this point I feel like I just might reach my boobie goals!

Thoughts on the Current State of my Breasts

I am very obviously happy about the growth of my breasts. However, I still see a large disparity from the left and right and as this is my primary concern, I realize I still have a long way to go before I can say that all my dreams are coming true.

Although I have proof of them growing, I don’t see much of a difference when I look at them. They have this wonky quality to them and it doesn’t make me jump for joy at this point to see them quite unchanged when I look in the mirror or in photos. I’m hoping all this can be sorted out.

My tops do not currently fit any differently and I still don’t find that I have natural cleavage in most outfits that I wear.

The under-boob game has not yet stepped up and the girls still have quite a gap between them (they truly aren’t identical twins yet).

ZoraAnabelle is huge! It’s like she just won’t stop growing! She looks great and I can only pray that Zena follows suit.

Week 7 Update

For this past month, I massaged the ladies each with flaxseed oil for about 20 seconds a day. The wise lady might do this act for much longer as it really stimulates the breast tissue, promotes growth and overall breast health, but as I am lazy, I only rub for 20 seconds each before putting my jammy shirt on and going to chill on the couch!

I didn’t find that my breasts were super itchy this month and there weren’t really any other physical signs of growth that I could point out.

I still have some scarring under my breasts where the cones pressed into my skin too tight but thanks to the wonderful Lucy of Noogleberry, have the silicone cups coming to me very soon which will prevent the hard plastic from torturing my skin.

I am having an easier time sleeping with the Noogleberry as I am quite used to them now and have added pumping whilst chilling on the couch to also sleeping with the cones when I go to bed.

I am still pumping about 3-5 hours every single day!

I have no pain or discomfort from using the system, aside from if I pump too hard and the plastic digs into my skin. It is easy to release when this happens, so long as I am awake!

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7-Week Video Results

At This Point…

At this point I couldn’t be more excited for the future with the Noogleberry system. My breast growth dreams are totally coming true and I just hope that my other major goals– primarily evenness and cleavage– can be made a reality as well. If you are looking to enlarge your breasts naturally then I would definitely, completely, and fully recommend this system as for 7-weeks it has proven itself to be effective in that area. I can only hope that I can say the same for the other areas of my boobie dreams by the next update in one month! My 11-week update will be by the 17th June 2018!

  • What do you think about this system and the results I’ve been having?! Let me know by commenting below
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  • Make sure to treat your breasts right by giving them a daily massage and loving them regardless of the stage they are currently at!

34 comments on “Noogleberry Before and After- I Grew Over 1.5 Inches in 7 Weeks!

  1. Hi Manika, do you use contour rings or airlock system? Because I have the normal cups and when I lied down in bed, it hurts. I have been using the noogleberry for almost 3 weeks but haven’t seen any change yet. I think almost 2 hours a day. So I am thinking about doing this when I am sleeping. Thank you for all your posts! 🙂

    1. Hi Thu! Thanks for your message. Don’t worry about not seeing any changes just yet, keep going and give yourself at least 5 months before you see whether the system is working for growth. I had issues with the plastic digging into my skin but the foam rings really help me to not have pain. I don’t use an airlock system but am thinking of getting it for my next Noogleberry accessory. What are your boobie goals?

      1. Thanks Manika. After I breastfed two baby, my boobies are really flat right now. I would say AA size. I would love just to get full B cup.

    1. Large contour system. But before you buy yours, just send your measurements to Lucy of Noogleberry and her ask her what her recommendation is for yours, tell her that I sent you as well and she will sort you out 🙂

  2. Crikey, I need something to do the opposite. Can you suggest something. I’m not large, just a bit larger on top than i’d like to be. I must, I must, I must improve my bust…..

  3. hello!! I just found your youtube videos online and I am very excited for your next video!! I actually started using the noogleberry system about 2 and a half weeks ago and I’m already seeing changes. After a couple hours, those changes do decrease, but nonetheless, I feel as though this is going to work. I have a good feeling about it. I am excited to know how you are doing these past weeks with the system:)

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for your comment. I am super excited about the system as well because I feel like I’ve finally found something that will help me reach my #boobiegoals naturally! I’ll be posting here on the handbook and on youtube on the third week of each month so my next post will be by the end of this week 🙂 what are your #boobiegoals?

      1. I’m starting out very very small pretty much completely flat or at least around an AA. I go to college so I’m not sure if I will be able to pump that much after the summer. Right now, I’m trying to pump around 2-3 hours a day if possible and then I just massage with flaxseed oil. my changes are not as noticeable but I feel as though it’s working as my breasts feel more full 🙂 I hope I can reach a full B throughout this journey as I have always been very flat chested haha. I look forward to the end of the week to see your updates:)

        1. Julia you keep going girl and you will get there! I can show you a wonderful exercise as well. Grab each of your forearms with the opposite hand and pull the arms close to you in a pulsing manner this will build your muscles! If you have trouble visualizing, then don’t worry I can show you how its done in my next video 🙂 keep up the work and you will get there!

  4. Hi Manika! Firstly, thank you so so much for sharing your progress. I’m on only week 1 of noogling and you’re literally the only person with video guidance I can find on the whole internet.

    I just watched your week 11 update video, and noticed that since you have some ups and downs during your measurement, would it be too much to ask if you could also let us viewers know around which stage of your menstrual cycle you are on and how your girls typically inflate/deflate during that time of the cycle? It will greatly help to understand more accurately if the measurements are so due to any hormonal factors.
    E.g. for me my girls usually swell the week before my period, until about 5 days into my period, and between my cycle they are usually the smallest, and it would be so helpful to base your measurement results also on your understanding of how your girls might be at that time of the month naturally.
    If you could do that it would be so appreciated!! thanks

  5. Hello! I am an Italian girl, I’m sorry for mistakes I will make but my English is not very good.
    Can you give me advice on how to keep aspiration during the night with the noogleberry? I have a medium cup recommended by Lucy with airlock system. I do not have plastic rubber though. If I don’t continuously pump the system is deflated if I’m lying down and then suction during the night lasts for 15 minutes at most after I falling asleep. How can I solve?
    my final goal is to get a breast like yours .. hahaha
    the breast measures 31 inches and underbust 26 inches …
    I also wrote you on your facebook profile, I hope you will answer me

    1. Hello darling,

      Your English is wonderful! Now losing suction is common especially when first starting out. What I find helpful is massaging my breasts with oil first and that way when I put the cones on it has an easier time sticking. You might also try laying on your back and pumping until the breast are expanded. Stay in that position for as long as you can and the cones should stay in place without coming off. If you find that you keep losing suction while you sleep then try pumping while you are awake so that you can correct any problem that you have. I will do a video on how I pump to show you what I mean. Keep going with the system and you will reach your goal!

  6. hey Manika! Just curious if you will be continuing reviewing the noogleberry? I look forward to hearing about your journey!:)

  7. I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if anyone already suggested this, but to pump just one at a time, try disconnecting the hose that connects the pump to the second hose that splits in 2, and remove the split hose from the cup. Now connect the single hose running from the pump directly to the cup, which should allow you to pump one at a time. I too suffer from one that is smaller than the other!

  8. Hi, I am looking for a youtube video that shows application of the domes, but can’t find one. Do you have an instructional video showing application and if so, can you reply back with the link? Thank you.

  9. Hi Manika, very inspiring, i think you have to do side by side photos, i been looking at the starting point and 11 weeks, huge difference, but just needed to go back and front to compare and to understand the difference. Keep it up, cant wait to see how far it takes you. I am planning too, but with husband its so weird to have them on :DDD

    1. Hi Didi,

      Apologies that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I use mine in front of my husband lol, he laughs at the noise it makes but overall its pretty easygoing in front of him. I definitely will put the side by side photos in my next post so it is easier to see the journey. Have you started yet? How’s things going for you?

  10. Hi 🙂 can I ask where you got your bulk breast petals? I’m going to be starting the noogle soon and I’m so excited! Thank you so much for doing a progress update / review, I was looking for one of these for a long time! Hope you’re getting the results you want!

    1. Hello dear,

      Yes of course. I bought the better quality ones from eBay, though you can get them in bulk on Very best of luck with your noogling journey, please ask me anything you need at anytime! And share your success 🙂

  11. Hi there!
    Been following all the way from Nigeri????
    Anyways I’m kinda worried about getting the right size
    Also,how’s it looking now,and please what creams do you use for massage?

    1. Hi Ola!

      So happy to have you all the way from Nigeria! Can I ask you to measure both your band size and bust size, then I can help you with ordering the right size. I have just posted a video that you might find helpful here and will also be posting soon about how I massage and the creams I use. Let me know if this helps, ok?x

      1. Hi!
        reading on the NB forum I thought they were needed to not grow the nipple too much, and I seemed to have seen a video of yours where you showed the patches that came off with the pumping. (I just started with NB, I put cotton in the tips of the cups to stimulate the breast to grow wider, as I have seen in some photos of some users of the forum) 🙂
        anyway congratulations for your results, I hope to get to a third of your 🙂 I’m very flat …

        1. Hi dear thanks for the comment! It is your prerogative if you want to use th nipple covers or not. If you want them to stay on just stick them on a few hours before you wear the system! Hope that helps dear 🙂 Keep us updated with your progress!

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