Noogleberry Breast Enhancement: What Add-ons to Buy and Not to Buy

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The Good Tools

When it comes to NBE, us women’s love to buybuybuy! In fact, one of the top Qs I’m asked is which add-ons should be added when buying a Noogleberry system. While I’m no advocate for spending for the sake of spending, I am all for buying tools that make our lives easier and help us reach our goals.

Sooooo in typical HNLH fashion, here are the top Noogleberry add-ons that you should definitely consider adding to your pumping-repertoire, followed by what you defo should leave out!

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Airlock Tubing or Airlock Cups

The Airlock mechanism is legendary! I like to pump and leave for a good amount of time, and having the airlock mechanism allows me to do so with ease.

The mechanism is particularly helpful when I sleep with my Noogleberry, and honestly the retention of the cones is so much stronger when going down the airlock route.

The airlock tubing and airlock cups are pretty much the same thing! For me, I already had the Large Contoured system, so instead of  going for a new set of cones with airlock capacity, I went for the tubing.

  • If you have a contoured system go for the tubing (£9/$12)
  • If you have an Original NB System (with no contouring) go ahead and get the airlock cups (from £33.99/$42) as they are naturally contoured!

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Silicone Rings

Haven’t got the silicone rings yet? Tsktsk! You really don’t know what you’re missing! They are just perfect! I’ve already extensively covered these babies in the aptly titled post: Best Noogleberry Add on Everrrrrr but as this post is about the top NB add ons, it certainly could not be left off the list.

These rings are the best cushions I have tried on my NBE journey and I literally could not imagine pumping without them!

  • These rings are currently compatible with L+ systems but will soon be available for the small and medium systems as well!

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Where to Buy

Everything on this list can be purchased on and all come with a discount when typing in NHL10 @ checkout ? I got you sis!

What you Might Consider (but isn’t Necessary)


The site also offers oils and creams which you might find helpful. I was not a fan of the Palmer’s Bust Cream nor the Cocoa Butter but the Bio Oil and Skin Therapy oil might be of good use.

However, I would recommend sourcing these from your local first and/or Amazon to see if you can find it cheaper. Bear in mind that you do get that discount, BUT if you find that the oils/creams are cheaper in spite of the discount then remember: economical first!

Silicone Nipple Covers

Try them if you want! I don’t find that nipple covers stay on during pumping, but this might be because I always oil massage before placing the cones.

I simply don’t use nipple covers at all during pumping, but if I do (say for demonstration-purposes), it is the fabric ones that I always gravitate towards rather than the silicone ones. That being said, you might have a different experience, so try them if you wants!

Cost: £7.49/$9.44

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What Not to Buy

Finally, we have to be aware of what absolutely NOT to buy! aka The Breast Enhancer Massager. I know I know, I fell into this buy myself.

Theoretically it sounds great! Theoretically it makes us think that we will have less massaging to do! BUT the apparatus is pretty much unforgivable ?. It just feels like a million shocks!, horrible, awful shocks! I thought it would be a nice electronic massage but nope… its just wrong.

Many times the expression ‘no pain no gain’ is applicable, but regarding this shock-inducing “massager,” the pain is not worth it and the gain seems to be minimal if at all existent.

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Your Favorite Show is ON.

Last Words

The NB system is pretty banging on its own and doesn’t require too much more to get amazing results. However, the aforementioned add ons are truly useful and make pumping that much more easier and comfortable. So I and we @ HNLH definitely recommend!

  • What is your favorite add on?
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