Noogleberry Cups with the Silicone Rings in Action

Hi my beautiful darling,

Wishing you the absolute best on this ‘nother day of our earth walk! Today we are back back again with NBE (natural breast enhancement) and this time it is about seeing, the favourite, Noogleberry silicone ring in action!

For us to survey the ring in live-action, of course, we need the video evidence supplied below so be sure to see the glory in all its glory!

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Silicone Rings?

In case you randomly happened to stumble across this post and aren’t already part of our circle, you might want to check out the preceding posts about the Noogleberry (NB) and all its tools so you don’t get lost in the NBE jargon!

BUT if you are still reading on, I assume it is because you are already a well-informed noogler who wants more info on the how the rings work on a real life person.

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The Best on the Market

Anyone who has been a noogler, or even a nbe-pumper, pre this silicone ring knows the struggle with pumping for multiple hours and the discomfort of the hard plastic pushing into the skin!

Thankfully, though, NB, as they do, answered the call of us nooglers and manufactured the silicone version of their foam product which has made pumping so much easier!… and comfortable!

The NB silicone ring is really the best one on the market and I now wonder how I even got by without it!

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The brilliant part of the cushion is that it:

  • does not pull in even after hours of wear
  • protects our skin
  • doesn’t affect the suction or air
  • can be used on other similar systems

The ring is pretty much everything any of us in the pumping world always hoped it would be, and because it works so beautifully, I genuinely believe EVERY pumper needs to possess a pair!

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Where to Buy

As with any NB product, the best place to purchase is through and you can use my discount code NHL10 to cop it for less ;).

The Rings in Action

The Summation

The rings are currently unrivaled and because they work so well are a must-have for me!  Whether you are pumping with BB (Bosom Beauty), NB or any other comparable brands, I think the silicone ring is superior and I highly recommend it for all my NBE-pumping sisters.

  • What is your favorite way to comfortably pump?
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  • Take care of yourself!
  • Love ya’s 💋

6 comments on “Noogleberry Cups with the Silicone Rings in Action

  1. I need your assistance, I watched you on youtube and was sold…..I want fuller larger breast then what I have. I ordered mine through Ebay, I know not through the website was not the smartest choice but I dont got lots of money to throw around. I just got my noogleberry system in the mail. I fallowed the size chart, and guess what i think they are too big. I measure at a 37 which puts me at a full c to a small d. Am I maybe doing something wrong. The just dont seem to hold. I can barley get in suction going…..i cant return them. I have silicon rings the should be here any day. IM so disappointed. I dont have the money to spend on smaller cups. Would you know of anyone who is looking for ex large cups, maybe who’d be willing to trade for there large size cups?

  2. I’ve been noogling for 2.5 weeks with a noogleberry pump and bosom beauty cups! I keep getting dark red/purple boobies as I do it. Is this bad? I think I read it was. I can’t keep suction if I pump any less to prevent the discoloration.
    I don’t want to cause harm but I don’t want to give up my efforts. Thanks!

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