Noogleberry Pump Review- Sleeping with the Noogleberry for 3 Weeks +Video Update

Boobie Goals!

Hola handbookers and nooglers!

I know its been a while since my last Noogleberry update, and you’ve probably been wondering what’s been up with my progress. The thing is, I was so stoked to get my Noogleberry. I read the most incredible stories and felt the support of the happy users in the Noogleberry forum. When it finally came- we all know the story I overpumped and learned a valuable lesson. I steadied on, pumping for up to an hour each day for about two and half weeks. I didn’t see much difference, which I didn’t really expect, but what halted my progress was my busy schedule. I was finishing my degree, working, balancing home life and I found it very difficult to fit in Noogling. To be honest, I find it difficult to laugh while wearing the Noogleberry let alone cook, clean, study, and work at my laptop. It was the suction! Too much moving around and that horrible farting noise would occur and all the air would come out (sigh). By the time I finished all my work, I was so tired that I just, well, would fall asleep! So I packed my Noogleberry away, deciding to get back in full effect once my schedule freed up. Which, thanks to finally finishing my degree program, it has!

In thinking about my start back into the world of Noogling, I opted to Noogle for an hour a day once I came home from work and while my food was cooking in the oven. That all changed after reading a singular post in a forum. I was reading different stories and techniques about the pumps and stumbled across a lady who wrote about her major increase through sleeping with the Noogleberry for about 5 months. She let all her readers know that it was tough, that you have to sleep on your back and be consistent but over time you will see fuller breasts. So, I vowed, I’ll join her on her potentially uncomfortable sleeps and see just what results it yields for me. Before I get into my thoughts on sleeping with the pumps, here is my update on the pumps thus far.

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Noogleberry Pump Review

The Good
  • It freaking works!
  • Strong materials
  • Pressing the pump is super easy
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to store
The Bad
  • The farting noise when air escapes
  • The material pressing into the skin is uncomfortable (I’d suggest getting the silicone fixings here to make it more comfortable)
  • Not easy to do other things while the cones are in place
  • Tubes bend sometimes, close to the cone, and I have to straighten them for air to pump properly

Sleeping with the Noogleberry

Ok, I’m not going to lie, it isn’t easy! But it’s also not that hard either. I lay on my back (which makes the cones sticking like 50 billion times easier than any other position I’ve tried) and pump until I feel the pull but not too much to where I feel discomfort. I then pull the blankies over the cones and up to my shoulders and fall asleep in that position. Throughout the night I might pump more as needed and I do shift position to get more comfortable. I go to sleep around 11pm each night and the cones come off anywhere between 3-5am (I sleepily check the time). When I shift to my side, the air releases and I’ll either get in position to put them on again and re-pump or take them off and place them on my nightstand and continue with my slumber.

Is it Worth it?

Well… I love my sleep! Like love it, though.. so to consider something that might interrupt it seems a bit crazy! But to be honest, it is very worth it in my opinion. Sleeping with my Noogleberry is a gamechanger for me because for three weeks now, I haven’t missed a day. It is now part of my sleeping routine and because I’m asleep during the noogling time, I don’t go through those restrictive periods. I also feel that it gives me more time with increasing blood flow to my mammary glands and promoting tissue growth. Instead of an hour a day, I’m getting between 4 to 6 hours of circulation.

Is it Safe?

Remember my second post in these series? So long as you are not overpumping, the Noogleberry is safe to use without any adverse reactions. if you overpump you can scar your skin or have red marks. Other breast pump systems call for pumping for many hours a day, and while the Noogleberry maintains that 20 minutes to an hour a day will yield desirable results, so long as you don’t overpump, it is ok to use the system for more hours in a day and to sleep with your cups on. Many women do so and have done so and have curvy breasts to show for it.

Does it Work?

OMG. omg. So I’m a little in disbelief. Like I know that loads of ladies have success stories but its when you see a change in your own body that you to start to recognize oh S*%^! This product is the truth.

Will it Last?

Only time will tell, my friends, so stay tuned!

Weekly Updates

Week 1

At the end of week 1 I didn’t see too much of a change at all. I was still 36″ (which I started at) and my left boob was still falling short of my right one. As I transitioned to week 2 my breast were so itchy and each time I had to scratch, I had to smile! Itchy means growth, omg they are growing!

Week 2

Visible changes. My Right boob, Zora Anabelle, was meaty! she was hanging down in this glorious way and it was like I could bounce her. Zena looked like she had plumped up as well but sadly not as much as her sister. When I did the weigh in I was 36 1/2″ whaaaat! To help Zena out and bring the warrior princess out of her, I am pumping her alone for 20 minutes to an hour each day and still pump with both while I sleep. They were itchy for all of week two and Anabelle was just as bouncy as she wanted to be.

Week 3

For the first time the girls looked quite even. I didn’t see as dramatic of a change as I had seen in week 2 but while filming I was shocked at how alike the two looked. I didn’t feel as much itching leading to the end of week 3 but the bounciness in both were felt in full effect.

Because I record my progress, I forget to take pictures, these are screenshots of my video from Week 1 and then Week 2 I will start taking photos for weeks 4 through 7

Video Update

Final Thoughts

I am completely buzzing with the progress that I have made in these short weeks. Many say that they see results after 5 months so I am looking forward to continuing on and seeing my girls with cleavage, fullness, and roundness underneath. I knew Noogleberry was special before I set out on a journey with them, but now I can say with certainty that its working something special! Right, I will be back the third week of each month with my Noogleberry updates so be sure to check back by the 20th May 2018 for my 7-week update! Pray for our girls! #growZena&ZoraAnabelle

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16 comments on “Noogleberry Pump Review- Sleeping with the Noogleberry for 3 Weeks +Video Update

  1. I didn’t know something like this even existed. What limitations are there on growth? I know someone who always talks about getting surgery who is a 32. Maybe I should recommend this to them.

    1. Hi Jamie,

      I didn’t know something like this existed for a long time, myself. From my own experience I can’t say that I know the limitations but from what I have read from other users, we are talking 1-3 cup sizes achieved! I hope to join these lucky ladies and if your friend is looking for an alternative way to achieve breast goals, I would definitely recommend it. Please let her know to join us here at the Handbook and to check the other posts in this series. Thanks!

  2. Wow, thanks for putting yourself out there! As a fellow small boober (mines are way smaller than yours), I am totally inspired!

  3. Hello Manika,
    Thank you for posting your updates! I’ve been trying to find some reviews and your post is the most useful for me. I’ve been using the Noogleberry at night for a few weeks but I put it away after about 2-4 hours into my sleep. How long do you keep yours on during your sleep?

    1. Hi Tiffany, my sleep-noogling time varies as well. What I do is put the cones on while relaxing on the couch for about 2-3 hours then sleep with it and they stay on anywhere from 1-4 hours. It did really help me achieve growth sleeping with them but as of now I am trying on my smaller breast to see if it will even out!

  4. Hi Manika!!
    It’s so crazy because I’ve been doing all this research on the Noogleberry and what inspired me was YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I had no idea you had a site going on I LOVE IT! I’m like a 32b and I feel like I will never grow I’m like the runt of my family both side of my family are super thick and heavy chested I’m 25 with 2 children and my 11 year old sister is a 32c smh that is EXTREMELY depressing. My 31 yr old fiancé don’t complain but I know he would love more cus he works with what I have now it’s just as a woman, you want to be ALL FULL WOMAN. I’m in love with myself but to grow my bust line I would really be satisfied. PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED! I love your videos girlfriend!!:)

    1. Wow Courtney! First off I want to say that I apologize for responding so late but thank you so much for the motivation with your comment and I completely understand that struggle. I hope that we can make it naturally so that we can join the curvy busted ladies in our family. My mumma is rocking like a D or E haha and I’m here just trying my darndest to get a C! I think that the women in my family who were blessed with lovely breasts look amazing and while I am right there with you in loving myself as I was made, it will be a truly beautiful thing to see some fabulous growth! I’ve just posted a new video and will definitely be back every month with more updates please keep me in the loop with your progress as well!xx

  5. Hey did you try any growing breast creams or any pills while you did the noogle and what size cup did you opt for ? X

    1. Hi Lauren, I use saw palmetto and fenugreek and fennel in my oil. Also use a bust cream and an oil that I make with puararia mirifica. I opted for the Large Contour system. Do you know which size you need?x

  6. Hi I’m so excited got my noogleberry in the mail today. Thank you for all your content and information. You made it easy to make a decision to get the noogleberry.
    Now just working out the kinks and learning the ins and outs with my system.

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