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Hey NBE Chicas,

Welcome back to your handbook ❤️?. As you are accustomed, you ask, me answer! Many of you have wondered about the similarities and differences between the two forerunners of Natural Breast Enhancement Pumps and I am here to give you my knowledge on the systems when compared to one another. Let’s jump in!


Noogleberry wins here m’dears.

In the beginning it used to be that they each had their highs and their lows and I would’ve easily deemed this category a tie.

The Bosom Beauty (BB) full system made one of my nipples tingle after an extended period of time and the sensation went right through me. But the padding/cushions were so superior and better than anything else I’d found on the market that they kinda cancelled one another out.

The Noogleberry (NB) on the other hand had no cushions that ever worked, so while the pump and cone were fine, extended use meant exposure to extreme cutting into my skin.

However, NB has recently launched a new line of cushions that are out of this world in the comfort department! They are silicone, fit on great, and do not come off nor get sucked into the cone while pumping.

Because of this update… Noogleberry totally wins in the comfort department!

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Style and Design

This one is more of a tie!

Large Bosom Beauty and Large Noogleberry

Bosom Beauty

The BB’s low is the cones are just too small (see photo above). They also are shaped more like the breast, making the breast feel stifled within its realm. I bought my BB after I had already grown a substantial amount in the bust area and even with my new measurements, the recommended system that arrived on my doorstep was considerably smaller than that of my NB even though they are both large.  The BB cups are so small for me that when I use the cones for multiple sessions, my nipple eventually continues to hit the top of the cone with every pulse.. yeah its doesn’t for a happy nipple make!

The high, though, is that the air pumps in from the side of the cone. I think this is fab, smart and so handy! It makes it more difficult to dislodge the tubing meaning a smooth process. This design makes it easy to wear a bra/shirt and to pull up blankies when cold and pumping.

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The NB’s low is that the air flows into the front of the cone– think milking machine.

When I sleep, and pull the cover over me, too many times have I knocked the tubing from the cone meaning I have to reconnect and pump up again. Sigh. It is also a major effort to wear something over the NB because airflow can get stopped up if the tubing is bent and shirts/bras help to knock the tubing off. Sigh.

The NB’s high is that the design of the cone is well thought out. It’s shaped wider than the breast and gives the breast more room to expand and fill. I also love how the contoured system was made specifically for contouring to our rib cage and breast.

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Because they both have noteworthy ups and downs in this department… they both win.

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Overall it goes to Noogleberry.

NB goes that extra mile further than most other NBE systems. The materials used are superb; from the hard plastic to the silicone tubing to the versatility of the tubing– can use the tubing for two breasts or one ;). BB is by no means cheap in its infrastructure but if I had to give it to one over the other in this department it would have to be NB.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Near neck and neck.

The only reason NB wins the race here is because with BB we have to charge up the control unit every 2 or 3 days. Both systems require little attention for upkeep and are extremely easy to clean so this category is near neck and neck.


Again its a tie!

Both systems allow you to move around and each are easy enough to deal with when being mobile. With the NB, so long as it is latched on I can walk hither and thither and with the BB so long as my control unit is secured I can move with relative ease.

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Price and Necessary Addons

NB is cheapest to begin with and cheapest in the long run.

The NB system costs from $58 (price depends on the sizing) and the BB system goes for from $150 (pricing increases depending on the size).


For the NB you will definitely want to get the silicone rings ($28) for comfort but you won’t need anything in addition unless you want to buy something further.

NB options for the full system– complete with hand pump and cups/cones– are original ($58+), contoured ($69+), airlock ($73+) and airlock contour system ($77+).

I recommend going for either the airlock contoured system or contoured system and if you want the airlock mechanism to purchase additional airlock tubing ($10).

If you were to order a large airlock contour system with the silicone rings and including shipping you are looking at nearly $140… use my discount code (NHL10) when clicking here and you’ll pay $126 :). You only will need to purchase more cones if your breasts outgrow your current cones; medium ($31), large ($36), extra large ($45).

Bosom Beauty

The BB has x5 systems. They are small ($150), medium ($160), large ($170), extra large ($180), XXL ($185). Much like the NB, you will need to purchase further cups/cones if your breasts outgrow your current ones. I started with a L and now have graduated to XL hooray! Additional cups on their own are as follows: small ($50), medium ($60), large ($70), XL ($80), XXL ($90)– there are also deals if you purchase the system with two types of cups eg. L+XL cups 😉

Unlike NB, BB comes with cushions already installed on them so you won’t need to purchase these.

Unfortunately, though, if you have uneven breasts– like me– and are hoping to even them out– like me– then you will have to purchase an add on. The single tube connector ($22) is the only way you will be able to pump one breast on its own.

For BB if you were to buy a large system– comes with control unit, cups, cushions, bra and tubing for both cups– with the single tube connector and including shipping you are looking at $192.. of course you know I got you and if you use my discount (ManikaNia) on you’ll be looking at $173.

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Best to Sleep with

This is a hard one but NB wins currently.

This is as it stands as of now so do check back in case there is an update. When sleeping with the BB, when the system turns off after 30 minutes the suction goes away fairly quickly so I don’t find that I can sleep with my breast pumped for too long. However, because of the design of BB there is less of a chance for the tubing to become disconnected due to my duvet rubbing over it which is so much better!

Soooooo… the jury is out on this one and here’s why. Currently my BB cones are too small for me so I have only been using my NB cones with my BB control unit in the day. When I sleep at night I use my full NB system (hand pump and NB cone) on my smaller breast.

BUT Mark of BB has recently sent me the XL cones so as soon as they arrive I will be sleeping with my BB cone at night. This might make this category a tie as if it succeeds I will be using my BB cone (with the more sensible side apparatus) with my NB hand pump. Joy!

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BB totally takes the cake.

It isn’t that hand pumping is hard, its just that it is so much easier when my control unit does all the pumping and releasing for me. I like to use the NB at night when I don’t need to worry about pumping and releasing but when I am in my waking hours its really nice to have my BB let me relax while it does all the work. This honestly makes my BB so worth it and makes me proud to be a Bosom Beaut (mwah).


They totes both win.

Both systems ship worldwide so are a cinch to get!

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Tune in to the Best Channel Around! ⇓

Which do you Prefer?

Sorry lovelies I might not be the best help here. For me the two are perfect systems to have together. I love mixing and matching and find that there are qualities that one has the other doesn’t making them a super system together. Using them in tandem has seriously made my NBE journey that much easier. For that reason I genuinely prefer to have the both of them working together to help me reach my goals.

  • Which do you think is best? Comment below to let us know!
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4 comments on “Noogleberry vs Bosom Beauty

  1. Hi, Manika-Nia.
    What are your thoughts on the breast massager that Noogleberry offers on their site? Just wondering if I should add it to my order. Lucy *might* have some silicone rings that have a slight imperfection that she will sell but are not on their site. Super excited! Can’t wait to get my order in!

    1. Hi Sharon, I was hoping the breast massager would be amazing! But it actually is painful and not effective lol it feels like you are being shocked! I’ll keep my eye out though because if there is an effective electronic massager out there it would save a lazy woman like me!

  2. Hello Manika,

    I used Noogleberry for quite some time (two years). I noogle for 1-3 hours on most day, but the result is not obvious. I do it in daytime, not while I sleep. Do you think I should noogle when I am sleeping?

    1. Hi dear, I don’t think it would hurt to try sleeping with it. And if you don’t see results it is time to go back to the drawing board! NBE is hard and I know the struggle! Let me know how it goes ok?

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