Reusable Menstrual Cup V. Reusable Pads

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Welcome to another beautiful day! I’ve got three words for ya: Reusable. Menstrual. Apparatuses. They’re the future henni and that’s FACTS!

The Case of Menstrual Pad V Menstrual Cup

Many of you have already seen my videos on menstrual cups and that which I patented, the moonstring (not really trademarked), but in addition to the menstrual cup, I am constantly asked about reusable menstrual pads and which one is better between the two.

To be one hunnit, I prefer the pads, BUT both choices are heavy hitters and below we will go over why ??.

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Menstrual Cups

Like I explain here, menstrual cups are fabulous!

They’re a great replacement for tampons, are healthier for our bodies, are more economic, AND BONUS are environmentally friendly.

My thoughts on the menstrual cups today are the same as they were when I first tried one:

  • they’re handy
  • they work to prevent leaks
  • easy to clean
  • they save money, promote better health, and aren’t burdensome to the planet

But on top of that they can be worn with any outfit!

If you are someone who has to have a photoshoot during your period, has to wear a certain type of clothing for work during your period, or ANYTHING else, the menstrual cup is a seamless way to wear ANY outfit without worrying about string slip nor leaks!

A fab tip that I swear by is to get some NO VPL (visible panty line) period panties and use it with the menstrual cup to ensure no leaks and no lines!

The menstrual cup is really handy for those of us with active lifestyles and it is always my go-to if I’m wearing certain outfits where a pad might be too bulky/noticeable. 

There are soooooooooooo many brands to choose from and I’m quite confident that there is a fitting cup for every reusable gal out there!

It might take some trial and error to get a hang of and some research to decide on the best cup for your needs, but the cup has benefits not to be ignored!

Reusable Pads

The cups are definitely necessary for every reusable lady BUT, for me, if I don’t have to stick something UP there… I just ain’t gonna! This is where the reusable pads float nicely into my life.

Like the cups they are:

  • safer to use
  • free from chemicals
  • nice on the pockets
  • not burdensome to our mumma Earth
  • preventative of leaks
  • easy to clean

In addition, they are:

  • easy to use + remove

Another amazing aspect of reusable pads are that there are soooo many creatives out there who have made ultra cute designs AND we can literally get handmade ones in varying sizes to suit our specific flow day!

I love how most reusable pads are hand-crafted rather than factory-line produced as it gives a special touch to the product and makes me feel even less burdensome on the planet!

I love how much more secure I feel on my two heaviest days with sleeping with my reusable pad and it’s made my monthly so much more manageable!

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What I Use 

I get my reusable pads handmade from Ebay by a lady called Lucy Davies and I live for her line.

She makes so many cool designs in different patterns and sizes. They’re really cute, have buttons that close over the knickers and they’re just perfect! Check out the video below to see what they’re like! 

They’re a bit expensive buuut they last really long, so one purchase can last 5 years! I’ve had mine for about two years and they’re still going strong!

For the cups I have tried Blossom, iCare, and Lena and have not found too much of a difference between them. I will be trialing more and will update on my findings when I do!

The Verdict 

To be for real for real with you: it all comes down to PREFERENCE! As well as flow day, activity and outfit!

Despite my preference for the reusable pads, menstrual cups are still fabulous to have for certain days/outfits.

I find that both apparatuses are essential for my moon time and fully feel that I will require both to get me through the moon years. I love the hybrid version of menstrual pad, cup, and period panties together and find that there is no Moon day that these, in some combination, can NOT handle.

Therefore it really does all come down to YOU: what you like, what you are comfortable with, what you are wearing, and ultimately what works best for YOU!

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Your Faveeeee Show is On

Court Adjourned

And that’s my ruling! What about yours? Stir up your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • As always, take care of yo’ self and yo’ Mama ?
  • Love ya’s ?


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