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Hey Bosom Beauts,

On this beautiful day us handbookers are back into the NBE world, ahhh ain’t that sweet! Thanks to questions and requests from my incredible viewers and readers (I’m talking ’bout you!), alongside being a happy Noogler I am now a full time Bosom Beaut.

Natural breast enhancement pumps have given me something that I never thought was possible and I love seeing my breasts fuller and more shapely. As most of you know, the greatest development in my breasts came after sleeping with the Noogleberry (NB) every single night.

With that being said, it is no wonder that all my NBE girls wanted to know the tea about sleeping with the Bosom Beauty (BB) overnight. And because I love ya’s so much, I went forth and trialed the system: for one night only.

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Can it Be Done?

Yes. BUT!, not easily, my friends. Not easily. Every BB system comes with a control unit. The control unit is what makes the BB different from our manually-operated NB.

The BB operates with a pull and release method thus circulating blood flow to our breast tissue which stimulates growth.

Now as cool as that is, every control unit comes with a factory set, unchangeable timer: 30 minutes.

This makes sleeping with BB a bit of a challenge. That is unless you are one who wakes up every half hour anyway ?.

BUT, technically it can be done. For my one night only show, I prepped Zena and ZoraAnabelle with a massage using my homemade breast oil. I popped on a movie on Netflix, positioned my cones and laid on my back ready to fall asleep at any moment.

I remained awake for the first 30-minute session meaning I was able to press the power button again for the second. I was drifting during the second session but still awake enough to press on again after it finished. I pressed on 3 more times after that and I was definitely in a sleep-dream state.

In total I was able to sleep with the BB for 2.5 hours. Compared with the NB where I was able to sleep with it for up to 6 hours, it definitely wasn’t as successful. BUT seeing as  I only really use the BB for about 1.5-2 hours when awake anyway, it was at least one session more!

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Is it Too Noisy?

Ehhh. Noise is certainly a contributing factor with the BB. In all honesty, it doesn’t bother me that much but for my one night show, I went to the bedroom an hour and a half early so as not to disturb Micky.

Because I was falling asleep with  A Night with Beverly Luff Linn– unfortunately not the best movie even though I loveeees Craig Robinson– I didn’t really register the sound as being disturbing. The sound is more like sleeping with a fan on to me but Mick says it vibrates the bed and he also doesn’t like it being next to him when we are watching a movie on the couch ?. FYI!

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Did it Interrupt your Sleep?

Nooooo. Weirdly it didn’t. What I remember is being conscious of it not being on and pressing the button until I felt that it was on again, then going right back into my sleep state.

Ok so obviously I wasn’t in a deep REM sleep but for the purposes of this trial I at least didn’t have an awful slumber. It was pleasant, well, as pleasant as sleeping with a contraption sucking your breasts can be.

Was it Uncomfortable?

News flassssssh. NBE is not in the business of comfort! Sleeping with NBE breast pumps is never going to compare with sleeping cuddled up to your perfectly plush pillow. But surprisingly, sleeping with the Bosom wasn’t as bad as sleeping with the Noogle when I first started.

Maybe it was something to do with the press and release motion feeling slightly massage-y and therapeutic, but I found that I drifted off relatively easily. When trying to sleep on either of my sides, though, I ran into issues, but again not as many as I had when sleeping with both cones on with the NB.

To Sleep or Wake?

In all honesty lades, I do prefer BBing it in my waking hours. I feel that I am able to have maximal time with the system because I can consciously turn it on again and again without sleep-delay.

Does it Yield Results?

I don’t know. Unfortunately because it was a one-night only show I cannot say for sure if it yields results. In my opinion if you want to sleep with a NBE breast pump system because you know that pumping during our sleep (because of the length of time) presents optimal and quicker results, my best advice would be to use the BB for a few hours in the day and sleep with the NB at night.

Currently I pump with the BB for one hour on both, then I use the BB control unit with my NB cone only on my smaller breast for 1-2 hours. Finally I sleep with just the NB on my smaller breast for as lonnnnng as the cup stays on.

Would you Recommend it?

I certainly recommend giving it a go and here’s why: We. is. in. this. for the gainz! Trying out all possible avenues might just be your ticket to the NBE hall of fame. While my venture into sleeping with the BB was what it was, yours might evince something totally different and spectacular.

BUT you never know until you try. If you do give it a go, make sure that you are documenting your progress and sharing with your NBE sisters, like me!x

I Slept with the Bosom Beauty

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